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Mariella P
my grandfather is dying, he can't eat, what can we feed him?
He has kidney failure and its really a matter of time before he passes away, he'll eat a little soup but nothing else can anyone help with other suggestions we could try?

Any chance of being able to have adoctor put in a "G-Tube"? It's a tube that goes into the stomach that can be used to help feed him.
It should be a day procedure - in&out - then you can use the "ensure" to feed him.

First of I am sorry to hear that, but when my nan was really ill and could not eat my mum used to give her complan, it is available from most chemists it is suitable for people to build them up after major operations etc.

I hope this doesn't sound terribly hard, Mariella, but maybe it's just his time to go. It may very well be that what he really craves right now is the love of his dear ones, rather than special food that will keep him here for a short while longer. Perhaps just being with him and letting him know that you love him is the very best thing you could do.
I hope things go well for you.
Jon C

You could try the build up drinks which are fluid but high in calories.
Vegetable juice
Make sure there is lots of calories in the soup, plenty of cream etc
You could puree down other meals too so he get the flavour without having to chew.

Good luck, hope you can make his remaining time as nice as poss. Best wishes.

try blending some food up into a puree i know it sounds yuk but just try.

if that fails just make sure he is comfortable and give him plenty of drinks.
sorry i cannot be of more help.

Try peanut butter

Try the supplement Ensure his insurance should pay for it if his doctor writes a prescription for it. Also baby food is nutritious, my mother has problems swallowing after radiations for mouth cancer and those are the 2 things we've found she can eat. Hope this helps.

My best advise would be to talk to the renal dietitian who will know what advise to give you.

Loss of appetite is normal but remember that adding extra fluid is not always the best solution as the kidney is not flushing away extra liquid rather like having a blocked waste pipe.
If you are able protein in small amounts or drinking milk can help.

Just be there with him and make his last days comfortable.
Take Care of yourself and try to enjoy the time spent with your grandfather.

Probably soups and broths are what taste best to him. But, what about yogurt, ice cream, maybe the new high nutrition drinks. I used to like hamburger gravy on mashed potatoes when my kidneys were bad. I really liked campbell's scotch broth soup and also like my soup made with only half can of water. There's really no harm in giving him nothing but soup if that's all that tastes good to him. Toast with butter on it?

Yes "Ensure" or similar.
Try it with a straw for him.

Also....baby food fruit.
The early stage kind...will be easier to swallow and maybe
the 'fruit' flaver will make eating more pleasurable for him.

Good Luck. My heart and prayers are with you.
I, too, have grandparents that I love dearly.

how about fruit smoothies, they taste nice and would be easier to swallow.

Im very sorry to hear that! i think its called complan! it has all nuitriants in a liquid form! smoothies might be an idea ?? i hope this helps! i hope he is comfortable in his last hours!.. be strong

If he is a diabetic, let him drink Glucerna. (found with the Ensure in stores) This is loaded with nutrition and taste great. It is also good for maintain blood sugars. - You can also mix it well with sugar free icecream and it is yummy.

Otherwise, drinking Ensure has a lot of nutrition. It will probably get to the point were he won't want to eat and it will be easier for him to eat than to drink.

If he want's something, let him have it. He deserves to choose what might sound good. (Unless he has swallowing problems.. You wouln't want him to choke.)

Sorry to hear about his illness. Make sure you talk to him and tell him how much you love him. Even when he gets to the point were he is sleeping all the time, go ahead and still talk to him. He can probably still hear you.

I will say a prayer for you and your grandfather and the rest of your family. God Bless.

jane c
try loading the soup with cream, to add calories for energy.

try getting him to drink ensure or a supplement that has vitamins in it

sometimes dexamethasone can help improve the appetite also a tot of his favourite tipple as an aperitif can help eg sherry whiskey 30mins b4 food

good luck

um.. how about porridge soup? i'm not really sure it would help but porridge soup is great for patients. there isn't any msg.. yup.

you should be able to a nutrition drink from your doctors

Ensure and other nutrient rich drinks like it would help. If he is to the point where he is to weak to eat you could get him a peg tube placement and have him tube fed with "TPN"

2 good 2 miss
Ask a doctor.... i think they will have a better idea than people on here... unless they are doctors. Best wishes to your grandfather by the way

have u tried the build up drinks like ensure? they are milkshake type drinks with loads of nutrients in. lots of different flavours to choose.

Low Pro
its usually his favorite food.

nevermind the diets that the doctors have provided. let him eat all the stuff he wanted.

How about icecream. I remember when my mother passed away, anything she wanted chocolates etc. even just a little bit would put a smile on her face. At those times the deepest pain in my heart would go away.

Spend time with him and talk about things, read the news and all that.

Trust me the time that you devote to your grandfather will always be worth it.

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