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Morgan Taylor
my friend megan. . . has an eating disorder . how can i help her ?
she is fifteen and weighs 88 pounds .

A Bboy's Flow
give her cake and lock her in the room

tell that ***** to eat

Give her some food

Mike Jones
take her to McDonald's

luv ya ; )
talk some frikin sense into her

You need to talk her into talking to her parents or a school counselor. If she will not, then you need to be a friend and alert her parents to it. She may be very angry with you for awhile, but once she gets the help she needs she will thank you. Anorexia and Bulemia are deadly disorders and can cause her organs to shut down. It's not just about "not eating" or "purging". She could die if she does not get help.

Do her parents know? Maybe you should talk to an adult or a teacher at school about this. They keep everything confidential so you would not have to worry about them telling her that you told them. Are you sure she has an eating disorder? Some people are just naturally thin.
My best advice would be to talk to her parents first so they can get her some help. Eating disorders are a very serious thing and will eventually shut your body down. She needs to get help asap.

My friend is the same. It doesn't mean she has a eating disorder. My friend is really small. You need to provide more details. Have you seen how she eats? Does she separate her food? Does she ever talk to you about her weight?

she will probably hate you if you try to help but. get her going by having her eat healthy and excersise more and more with each time

Peter J
very thin ice here, she may need professional help.
they do not see things in the same way and to them even when their bones are sticking out they think they look great.
she is sick, get her help.

she doesnt have an eating dissorder unless she is
forcing herself to puke after eating, taking laxitives to poo or just
not eating at all.

maybe shes just a little underweight.

like me.
(im 14 and weigh 75)

no one is perfect.

Tell someone.

Tell a councelor, her parents, anyone.
She needs to see a doctor, or she could DIE.

She might get angry at first, but it's for the best.

Try sitting her down and really speak to her about this

Talk to her school counselor and tell her you want to remain annonymous

When you are around people and she doesnt eat, offer her loud enough for other to hear and when she says "Ahh..No thanks. ." go " Why NOT MEGAN?! You haven't eaten for almost 2 days!"...it will work...lol

Or when you go to get food, get extra and SAY "HERE, I SAW YOU DIDNT HAVE ANY FOOD, YOU LOOK HUNGRY GIRL!" and press it to her aggressively... lol

have one of those things where everyone that is closest to her gets together and like suprises her and tells her that she has a problem and they know about it and she needs some help

Buy her a Big Mac!

Tell a teacher QUICK!!!!, Tell here that it does not matter how you look its whats inside that matters. I would tell a doctor, and many adults, so you can help her from injury, hiding it will maybe kill her!! THIS IS SERIOUS TELL AN ADULT QUICK!

Tell her that it isn't healthy for her not to be eating, and no matter what she thinks, she isn't fat. Then talk to her parents to see about a psyciatrist.

Parker W
tell her to talk to her parents about it

Abomination of Desolation
Simple answer... Tell her to eat. Buy all those Dr. Phil eating disorder tapes.

Rubeena N
Well tell Maegan that she needs to eat it is not healthy for her talk to her privately tho OK ?! Hope this helps!

Amanda K
Sit her down and tell her your concerns. If she doesn't seem to improve then you should contact a school counselor and ask them their opinion without telling them her name- she could get very upset with you for giving out her name and that would make her less likely to accept your help.

Whatever you do--- don't promise her that you will leave her alone about it. make sure she knows that you are her friend and you will do whatever it takes to make her healthy.

tell her parents if they dont already know. ask her why shes not eating or tell her parents to take her to the doctor or something. ask her if shes worried about her weight and thats why shes not eating. (thats probally not it though) or you can buy or cook her favorite meals for her and tell her to eat them!!!

well if its affecting her give her some food or somtin but if she is ok with it you should respect her....but you should talk to her about you know...eating....like...chew chew swallow...not just *o look at that food! omg, i starred to long and i just gained like, a gram!*


Joe S
tell her she needs to eat more or serious problems will occur

Tell someone. Her parents, your parents, anyone! Seriously, when I had an eating disorder, the thing that got me through it was my friends and family helping me along the way. Please just get her help by telling someone, its the only way and the best way.

There are really only two things you can do to help her.

1. Tell an adult, such as a counselor or school nurse. These people will know how to get her the medical attention she needs. The sad fact is, eating disorders are actually medical disorders. No matter how skinny your friend is, when she looks in the mirror she sees someone who is extremely overweight. It's hard for someone without an eating disorder to understand, but unfortunately that's the way it is. Please don't let the thought of getting her in trouble keep you from telling someone. Eating disorders can and do kill people!! Surely anyone that loves her will care about getting her better than anything else.

2. Be there for her. Be her support person. Be someone she can lean on when she's sad, can yell at when she's mad, and who will listen to her when she needs to vent. Even though she may be angry with you for telling someone about her problem, in the end I'm sure she will thank you for saving her life.

Please don't try to takle this on your own. I can't stress how much she needs professional help, but she will always need her friends and family to help her through it all, too.

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