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I have seen a doc for the last 2yrs with no answers....

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my fiance is vomiting clots of blood! what is wrong with him?

Additional Details
yes he smokes.
what do you mean drugs?
he refuses to go to the hospital.

sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind call a ambulance

Well, what's wrong with him is that he has terminal cancer and is vomiting blood!

If vomiting blood isn't enough to make him want to go to hospital and you can't convince him, then at least give him a bucket to vomit into.
If you think there's a chance he'll go to hospital if an ambulance turns up, then call for one; if you think he'll totally throw a tantrum and refuse to go then you have 2 choices:
1 - call an ambulance anyway.
2 - just try and make him as comfortable as possible.

Number 2 is not the best option as you may end up caling an ambulance when he's unable to object anymore.

get the doctor now if hes been suffering from cancer hes very vulnerable to infections put your foot down if you cant persuade him to go to hospital then enlist the help of someone else the is urgant and he needs attention NOW sorry to be so blunt but my aunty has cancer so im very experienced let me know how how hes doing and rember you must take care or yourself as well you need to make sure that you get a got nights sleep accept any help you can get and dont take any nonsense your important too take if you need any help contact me try askin your doctor about support groups they hold a wealth of information and youll get to meet others who are in the same situation as you

Go to the hospital..... could be his lungs? does he smoke?

Nothing to do with lungs if he's vomiting.

Could be numerous things.....just convince him to see a Doctor/Hospital.

EDIT - Are you being serious? He has a brain tumour and he is reluctant to go for a checkup. You really have to find a way to convince him.

Hospital Immediately call an ambulance

does he suffer from stomach ulcers? if he does his stomach maybe perforated, in which case he need immediate medical attention. in fact, vomiting blood means he needs immediate medical attention no matter what. ignore his wishes and get him to a hospital asap

It is not in ANY way normal to vomit blood. Something is very wrong.
If he refuses to go to the hospital, you may be visiting him in the
Could be ulcers.
Could be cancer.
Could be varicose veins in the esophagus.
Could be a lot of things.

he could have esophageal tear, an ulcer, or just a bloody nose that is causing the blood,

I would tell him to see a doctor though, blood in the vomit is a serious condition which could lead to many problems

Don't just stand there - run to the phone - call an ambulance - and get him into hospital within the next hour. His life may depend upon your quick thinking. - Chris.

I once had a good friend start vomiting blood (not clots...just liquid blood...) - she went to hospital and got diagnosed with near-terminal cancer...

...unbelieveably with only a 6% chance of survival after 4 months of Kemo and an operation she pulled through and is now alive and healthy (as far as I'm aware - lost touch with her a few years ago...)


Get off the computer and get him to the hospital! Geez!

GO TFC!!!!!!!
take him NOW! he could have a serious lung condition, especially if he is vomiting clots. his alveoli could be bursting, causing blood to flow into them and he attempts to exhale this blood, but cannot, so vomits it instead. this is definately a serious symptom of a very serious disease. get it checked PLEASE!!!!

If he refuses to go to hospital bring help to him. Phone your doctor now, you should get through to an emergency line or phone the hospital or if it's really bad dial 999

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