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starnisha j
my fiance is either on crack or snorting cocaine, how can i tell the difference?

Sandra Panda
i heard if someone snorts long enough if you pinch the nose it will be extremely painful for them. Thats how cops know if you are a user.

Crack and cocaine are the same. Do you mean if he snorts or not?

ask her

same thing bro

the eyes have it!
same thing. call it coke if you want too. makes no difference, all one in the same

J. van Mueller
Crack and cocaine are one and the same.

well gee why would you want to marry her if she is on drugs

Jazz Tiger
If he/she's on crack you should find a pipe somewhere in their belongings. They're also more likely to be heavily addicted to the crack form than the snorting style of cocaine so if you see signs of addiction (such as irritability, missing money, disappearing act) it is probably crack. Snorting cocaine users sometimes leave residue around their nostrils which is a tell-tale sign.

Crack is generally smoked, so you'd probably sniff something on him/her.

Cocaine is usually snorted, so watch for a bloody nose and/or a lot of sniffing.

Both drugs are a little hard to detect though.

Kelly D
If they are on cocaine then you'll notice nose bleeds and or running nose or sniffeling.
And for Crack shaky hands, sweating, burn marks on hands.

Sarah T.
If it is coke he/she will have a bloody nose all the time. not sure for crack?

Buy a home drug testing kit.

what makes you think either? what are the symptoms?

If he sniffles a lot and has a runny nose he's snorting. If he has a frequent cough, he's smoking. Either way, why are you still in a relationship with this drug abusing loser? Yeh, some people kick their addictions, but so so many become addicted again and again and again...

lil cutie pie
dump him

What difference does it make? Dump him, he's a total looser!

He may be doing meth too. Meth has the same effects; diarrhea of the mouth, up all night/day, fixing things until they break, etc. Call him on his addiction. Be prepared to ditch this lump....

well, first words of advice.. get a new fiancee. drugs = bad. being on crack and snorting cocaine is essentially the same thing.... just look for the signs of use and drug use side effects. check out this website--it has some great info:


well there pretty much the same but lose of weight all of a sudden bloody noses just be playful and go up to him/her and do tht little kid thing and be all i got your nose and like do the little squeeze thing and see if it hurts them redness of the nose for a short while after somewhat like bloodshot eyes try sitting down with him or her and talkin to them about it and try to help them

bloody nose or adhd

Chris S
well if you find crack paraphernalia then its crack if you find cocaine paraphernalia then its cocaine.

if you find copper shavings (called chore boy) then its crack
Pen shaped glass or metal pipes (crack)

sweetie if he or she is smokin it you can smell it on their breath and your home or car wherever they are smokin it will be a somewhat sweet odor. Many crack addict cant stop with just one hit they conituniously are seeking another hit unitl they cant obtain more. If they are snorting it they will have the sniffles and may ramble alot or een keep quiet and become very paranoid. There are similarities in both smokin and snorting. However either way you should be up front with them and just ask. Dont accuse!! Just ask in a creing way. I grew up with an addict father and hes now been clean for 8 years. If you love this person be gentle and careing its alot of hard work but it pays off in the end with enough patience...

proud nerd
You don't. If you're positive he's doing one or the other, that's enough reason to get out of that relationship.

caroline g
why does it matter? leave him!

You smoke crack , snort cocaine. but the drug of choice these days is meth and that can be both snorted and smoked.
Crack users seem to be more paranoid as with those who smoke meth. All are a type of speed .
Some signs are hyperness, dialated pupils, paraniod, dark circles under the eyes, sunken cheeks, just to name a few.
But either way whatever he/she may be doing its usaully not worth being in a realationship with a drug user. If they are hiding it from you then most likely they wont quit for you.

Michelle M
Are his lips really chapped looking or burnt (smoking crack)? Does he mess with his nose alot or ever have white crusties around his nose (coke)?

With crack you would need a pipe, commonly a glass tube that you can get at the gas station with a rose in it. The rose will be discarded so if you see one in the trash or if he gives you one, now you know! Also used as crack pipes are the metal tire guages, because they don't break like the glass with all the heat.

You have to cut up some Brillo pad and put in the pipe so look for coppery flecks of cut up Brillo where ever he might go to smoke crack, the bathroom, etc. and Bic lighters because they don't explode as easily as the cheap ones.

Phocion Timon
Does it matter? Dump the idiot.

Michelle C
Beats me, but you'd have to be on crack to stay with someone like that. I'm wondering why the question didn't say "ex-fiance".

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