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lump in stomach? help?
Just yesterday i found a small lump maybe the size of a 5pence coin it is under my skin in lower stomach sore to touch any ideas what it could be?
thanks in advance
Additional Details
doctors on thursday i'd like to not think it's a tumour like thanks! maybe a cyst or boil more realistic anyone who has had similar please answer

It could be a tumor, though it might be malignant which is okay and non-harmful. Have it checked anyway. Goodluck!


Super Undie Man

you might be having a baby

is probably just gout.

#1 lova
you are not pregnant my gf had that same problem go to the doctor and they will give you birth-control pills

cool girl
If its little its a--MAYBE--tumor. If its big, then idk. all i can think of is pregnant. I SUGGEST SEEING A DOCTOR!

dont worry its not a tumour its probably a wart or verruca

Sleeping Insomniac

that or your pregnant with a midget

mite be hernira

cherry is right...it could be a muscle

This may make yu feel happy, if you have been doing any heavy lifting or anything that that it could be a hernia.

you ought to head down to the doctor's if you're unsure of what it is - asking people off the internet wouldn't do your condition any good...

My sister found one on me two weeks ago while she was playing with my stomach. I showed it to the doctor last week and she said "Oh, that's probably just a cyst or a fatty tumor that you never noticed because you skin hasn't been pulled this tight. Don't worry about that."

Mine doesn't hurt though BUT a few years ago I got one in my thigh and it DID hurt. I showed it to my doctor and she told me the same thing and that there was no need to have it removed. She said as I get older I will start to notice a couple more of them appearing. Right now I am 29.

My grandmother said she has some too. Hopefully yours is the same!

It's probably a cyst. I had a lump on my back that was sore. The doctor gave me antibiotics and it went away. Hope it all works out, don't worry until you know for sure.

jess jan
hope ur ok sounds like a cyst

I had a small lump on the right hand side of my abdomen. I felt it one day when I was watching TV. I went to the Dr. and they referred me to a specialist, who in turn did a sonogram of it to find out what it was. He decided to take a small biopsy of it and then told me they would have to remove all of it. Although it felt small - marble like, it was actually golf size. It turned out to be an aggressive benign tumor which means it was not cancer, but would become one of those tumors that grew large in size unless they got all of it. Don't panic and jump to conclusions, just don't wait. Start seeing your Dr. and get it taken care of. This was about 5 years ago, I'm still here, no chemo or radiation either.. Best of luck to you!

From your explaination its not easy to tell what it could be. You said its under your skin in your lower stomach. What anyone would like to know is, is it in your left, right or middle. How do you know its not under your abdominal muscle. How long has it been growing there. is it red and warm to touch.
I doubt its anythin serious, but its always good to see a doctor who can actually examine it and get more details. Its better to be safe than sorry.
(but I wouldnt worry about it being a tumor...)

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