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 My psychiatrist says says women are the spawn of Satan, I said I didn't know he was a frog. Is he right?

 I don't know what's wrong with me?
ok my stomach is hurting, first i thought it was because i was hungry, because i hadn't eaten anything. but after i ate my stomach still hurts. the pain is like dull and goes off and on, but ...

 headaches....pounding behind one eye..is this migraine??
my hubby gets this now and again..it can last for hours and funnily it seems to occur if he has had a lie in !!!...

 Which is the most deadliest insect in the world?
The answer will follow later....

 i dont know what i have.?
well im throat hurts when i swallow. i have a few white spots on the side of my throat way back there. like on the sides. not directly in the back of my throat. a lot of people say its tonsils but im ...

 I'm feeling a cold coming on, what can I do about it?
I haven't been sick in years and want to keep it that way. I only have a slight sore throat right now, but I've had it all day, so I'm pretty sure it will turn into a cold....

 I think I have Attention-Deficit disorder? ?
I'm in highschool, I'm so bad right now. I can't focus on anything. I just go off into my own little world uring class. I really don't know what to do. I don't know if I am ...

 can depression come back?
although i didnt feel like i had depression i was put on a bunch of medications for depression. i had a bad reaction to them. after about 6 months of being on this medication my mom took me off the ...

 what would you do if you were 50ft tall?

 my dad keeps coughing ?
My dad smokes and i'm not sure if its because of that. He said if he tries to quit he my smoke more than he does now. What should he do?
Additional Details
he already went to the ...

 How do i know if i have a parasite?
so ive bee sick for the past almost 7 weeks i would say, from august 23rd still till oct 10 im still sick, ive been having symptoms of ebstein barre just like mono, i have been to the doctor 9 times ...

 I'am a female I'am also 33 years old I found a lump on my lympth node 8 months ago?
It has grown alittle bit in size and is starting to really bother me I can tell it is thereand is tender to the touch and iam also having really bad night sweats and tired all the time is this normal?...

 What dieases do really hope they will find a cure for?
in the future? I have to say I hope they eradicate Meningitis and HIV - I don't think I need to explain why....

 If you knew you were going to have total dementia by 85 years old what would you do, if anything?

 is autism real or is it a myth?
is autism real or is it just an over exuberant hyper sensitive approach to everyday mannerisms and behaviour isms that we all express? only most of us know how to control ourselves or are kids/ ...

 My mom have Lupus she Just find out that she have a kidney disease.But all i ask is a pray for my mom?
My mom have Lupus she Just find out that she have a kidney disease and her Lupus rate is getting high and it's stressing her out. I know it's millions of people that ask for a cure . But ...

 Can anyone figure out whats wrong with me?
so i am always tired. but can never sleep.
always hungry but never want to eat.
i ache. and i am very moody.
i cant concentrate and i have small shaking spells where i start to

 I am a Chain smoker & wish to quit smoking ! Advice please !?
I am now addicted to smoking since DEC 1989 & smokes 24-25 Ciggrettes every day ! Wish to come out of it as it is affacting my BP ( 145/100) & I am suffering with high ...

 Dementia/ Alzheimer's...What to do, kids can't take anymore??
After hub's mom died, Grandma had no where to go so we took her in. I have Cancer, and just had a newborn with a heart problems. I have a 15 yr old and 8 yr old. Grandma won't take a bath....

 If a doctor has retired should he really be giving out advice on YA, given how quickly medicine changes?

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Fast Eddie
I Have a Little Cocaine Problem?
I'm up to snorting about 12 lines a day. I dont think that it's that big of a problem but it is taking quite a toll finacially. I overdosed the other night after mixing my Cocaine with a lit... Read More


Jessica B
Easy ten points! Is it true...?
Is it true that after you die, your fingernails grow 5 inches, and then start curling up? I know your probably thinking "Thats the stupidest thing I've ever heard", and I think it'... Read More


Mr Wrong
Whats the cure for hiccups?
Hick,Hick,Hick, Help me.

Hick!!!!... Read More


what are various disease that occured during summer and rainy season?
... Read More


Bethany H
Im anorexic and nothing is working?
I am an eighteen year old anorexic and ive been struggling with it since I was twelve. My friends are trying to help me but nothing is working. Ive started starving all the time and when I eat i throw... Read More


Drew G
I'm a drug addict. How can I stop?
I feel like I can't beat my addiction. Even though I've been to rehab, NA and my friends and family have had an intervention with me, I still feel as if I need to make myself feel good thro... Read More


what is this eating disorder called?
someone who eat noting or very little then makes themselves sick, i now it might be bulimia but i thought that was when you binge eat and anorexia is when you don't eat.
Additional Details<... Read More


Is it best to hold back vomit or let it come up?
I feel like I have to throw up but I'm holding it back. I know that if I stop trying to hold it back I'm going to throw up. Should I hold it back or let myself throw up?
Additional Det... Read More


I got a bug bite some flying ant bit me on the first day nothing happend but on the second day it was red and ichie what shoud I do?could this be some ant flying bug desise
Additional Details


why do i feel thirsty for blood?
smell or the sight of blood makes my teeth ache and tingle ,

i automatically open my mouth ready to take a taste... Read More

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