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 best way to get rid of sore throat?
i've had this annoying sore throat for a few days now, i cant get to sleep because of it. whats the best way to cure it? without using them cold and flu drinks, i hate them! ...

 I haven't taken a bath in three weeks, and I don't feel dirty at all.?
Does this make me disgusting, or does this just prove how cool I really am
Additional Details
I don't shave, nor do I change my underwear. It's really brown. I'm a trainer ...

 doctors help please!?
this is really embarressing but i go to the doctor in febuary but i cant really wait any more.
burns after i pee.
i always feel like i have to pee really bad.
and then ...

 I'm scared I have cancer.....?
My breasts have stretch marks on them and my right breast is significantly larger then the left. They are also very lumpy. I'm only 14 and I'm a virgin so I have no idea what's going ...

 I am 15, five foot 3, and 111 pounds. I have an eating disorder and I don't know how to stop losing weight!!!!?
This is a health ...

 What could be wrong with me?
Hi, ive had a cough for more then two months which sounds like a dog barking. Recently ive released that i cant take a full deep breathe in and ive been feeling a bit light headed. My doctor keeps ...

 I'm always sick. I either always feel tired or lightheaded or achy all over. Does anyone know why?
I'm being treated for acid reflux, depression and anxiety. So, I've figured all that out so far, but everyday I do not feel well. And I am at the point of losing my job because I cannot ...

 I'm constipated, what home remedy can i take? i have no money for store bought drugs?
not to mention i'm not going to have noting up my ***....

 Should I go to the doctor?
I ate some cheese that was old about four days ago and now I have really bad diarrhea and blood in stool. Cramping, too. I don't have insurance and if I go I would have to go to the ER. If it&...

 Does she have an eating disorder?
Im really worried about my friend.
She's lost loads of weight lately (even though she denies it)
Always at school, shes boasting how shes gonna go home and binge, and eat loads of ice ...

 does anyone have a quick fix for a sore throat? i'm desperate!?
from being in the rain to much, i suppose, i have a horrible sore throat. anyone have anything that'll help me get rid (or at least temporarily make me feel better!) of it ASAP?? i absolutely ...

I've been experiencing chronic constipation (i have a bowel movement like every 7 days) and so today i got some Fleet enema (mineral oil) and i used it and i didnt get that crazy i gotta go ...

 if i sit in a chair and i hear a crack, does that mean i cracked my buttknuckle?
or maybe i sat on a pencil-what do you think?!...

 My friend is bulimic?
My friends is bulimic and i don't know what to do to make them stop. They made me do it once and i never want to do it again. What should i do to make them stop?...

 I Think I'm Dying?
I was getting dressed, and I took off my pants and my panties, and they were covered in blood, but I haven't gotten cut in alteast a week, and definitly not in the place the blood was.
I ...

 what causes liver damage?

 How do I get rid of a cough caused by a cold?
I have a cold and I'm coughing quite often; how do I get rid of this symptom or at least mask it, ASAP? I know I can drink water to keep the cough down, but I don't want to do that every ...

 I get vomit feeling while travelling in a car? What can be a solution?

 Urine drug test on Friday........?
The last propoxyphen I took was Monday evening at 7:00PM, haven't taken one since. I have a urine drug test on Friday @ 12:45PM. Will it show up in my urine?...

 If im around weed smoke EVERYDAY more than once a day, and not smoke AT ALL, can i fail a drug test?

Additional Details
OK to fix my question...I HAVE NEVER DONE DRUGS IN MY LIFE! My significant other smokes weed everyday and ive been around it everyday..Im just asking will i fail the ...

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Sarah G
What's wrong with me?
I have a really bad headache and my eyes feel swollen like i was just crying, but i wasn't. my nose is a little stuffy but not really anymore than normal. i'm not exposed to anything new tha... Read More


Cure for Autism? Why is this a problem?
I just found out that scientists are determined to look for a cure for autism. But the Aspies seem to have a problem with this cure. They say that we don't need a cure, why is that? Are they happ... Read More


I was born without a thyroid gland how does this affect me?
I was wondering what the affects of not having a thyroid gland are.. I have to take a pill everyday called "levothyroxine" and I was also wondering what could happen if I didn't take it... Read More


Green eyes
Candida has spread to the lung?
Have you experienced systemic candida including problems in the lungs? Other symptoms and treatments? I'd appreciate hearing of your experience. Many thanks.
Additional Details
Th... Read More


What is a good diet regimen for a lupus patient to follow? What foods should be avoided?
I would like to know what foods to stay away from and what foods may help people diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. What is a good diet regimen for this diagnosis? Are there any foods that are harmfu... Read More


Bob M
please let me know the good and bad points to serc-16 betahistine dihydochloride medication?
i have been diagnosed with vertigo and have been prescribed the above drug and would like to know the if there are any downsides.... Read More


Is fear of not "eating" enough is considered an eating disorder?
This question may seem very weird but about a decade or so ago I became a vegetarian and went from 145lbs to 118lbs at the height of 5’5”. I was experiencing great anxiety that I was becoming Anor... Read More


what is the normal white blood count?
... Read More


Please help me, I am desperate...?
I really wouldn't be asking if I wasn't out of my mind already.

I've been hiccuping for exactly eight months and 5 days now, and it's driving me nuts. It's paralyzing me... Read More


What is the difference between a midget and a dwarf?
... Read More


How do you get rid of eye booger/mucus?
Many people have sticky/crusty eye mucus in their eyes, especially when waking up in the morning. But how can I get rid of the small amount of eye mucus (the soft, sticky type) that goes inside the e... Read More


Sleeping is going wrong?
Last year when I was doing year 11 whenever I had heaps of assignments and had the potential to become really stressed I started feeling really tired. I would feel completely normal all day, then sudd... Read More


Damien, Poppie & Alexis' mum
renal ultrasound???????
my daughter is 9 months old, she has ear tags and a permanent hearing loss in one ear, they say this is linked together with kidney problems. she is being sent for a renal ultra sound. i was just wond... Read More


how long will it take for my conjunctivitis to go away?
i have had the symptons for awhile now, but have only recently dicovered that it was conjunctivitis. how long will it take for my eyes to be cured?... Read More


Is Marinol prescribed for Glaucoma?
I have heard that Marinol is good for the IOP of the eye. Do doctors prescribe Marinol for Glaucoma?... Read More


everytime i get a cut even if its being poked by a needle i bleed a lot so i asked my mom if there was something wrong nd she said yes dat its a disease so whats the name and is it that bad should get... Read More


I need an answer about fever?
I wake up with a temp of 97.4....at night it gets to 97.6

when I am ill it reaches 99.4 or 100.4..yet my mother says I do not have fever until it reaches 103.

The aches and pains are real an... Read More


Emma R
Hi we recently found a large hard lump under the right ear of my nephew?
Does anyone have any idea what it is? This will sound horrible but it looks a like a bone is petruding from his kneck, now we've checked his legs and his arms. It's obviously not a bone but ... Read More


♥♫ Never Too Late ♫♥
bell's palsy question?
okay so i originally got bell's palsy when i was 2, and now im 17 and the left side of my face is still droopy...i cant smile or move my mouth without squinting and it just looks ugly...


Vein In Head (Feel the Pulse)?
I have a vein on the top right side of my forehead that goes into my hairline and at certain times I can feel it lightly pulsating?

Is that normal? I just have been stressed and I've f... Read More


Do I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?
I 'm really unsure if I do have OCD..

To start things off, it's just simple things actually, like my music files in my iPod/psp, I want everything fixed and named properly even if one l... Read More


Farrell L
My son has hydronephrosis a kidney problem covered in cysts?
The doctors say he may need a shunt when he is born and may possibly loose a kidney since it is only getting worse, but instead of them delivering him early to help they are not doing a thing his kidn... Read More


dendroaspis polylepis
Are Arthritis and Gout aggravated by having Oats?
My dad is having an acute gout problem and has joint pain as well.But as a food routine he takes oats in the morning as breakfast.

He is a vegetarian and strictly follows the that pattern.I... Read More


how do you know if you have a blood clot?
... Read More


How long does acid reflux stay with you? (Ive had it for 2 days now)?

Additional Details
I already took antacid. My stomach lining is gone because I had chemical poisoning (Accidentally inhaled rubbing alcohol which ended up in my stomach somehow) so right... Read More


Did you know a 70% Isopropanol (W/W) mix will kill any virus?
Keep some with you at all times and use it!

Teach your children to do the same!

If you would rather buy some e-mail me and I will e-mail you a link to where you can get some.... Read More


Let Love Bleed Red
Unperscribed Antidepressants?
I'm in lots of emotional pain, and my friend offered me antidepressants to help me deal with crap. but my other friend won't let me take them :P i would really appreciate a break. any ideas ... Read More


kiran h
what to do with someone who has had bulimia and is now developing it again ?
well recently my mum told me she had bulimia when she was 18 years old, due to childhood problems. she had counselling and she treated it, but as many of you know once you have bulimia you have it for... Read More


How long do I need to wait to donate blood after having a tetanus jab?
I had a routine tetanus jab a couple of weeks ago, and I was hoping to give blood soon. I just wanted to know if there's a certain period of time that I need to wait before doing so. Does anyone ... Read More


Cyst behind my ear has burst 3 weeks before surgery?
I have been getting sebaceous cysts behind my left ear since last October, at first i went to my GP and he lanced it but it kept coming back every two months. Getting fed up with it i decided to go pr... Read More

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