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 What is REM (Rapid Eye Movement)?
I read about what it is but I don't totally understand it. Like it said a normal night sleep goes through about 4-5 periods of REM each night. Why, and what does it have to do with someone ...

 Can you get a tumor when you're young?
i was just wondering....

 i feel like a failure?
im reconsidering going to college anymore because it just feels like school again
i had depression for the last year at school because the pressure got too much and i felt like i wasnt ...

 Can I share my boyfriend's antibiotic?
My boyfriend has an antibiotic for when he had a cough. He's fine now and did not finish all of his antibiotic. I just cut myself a little bit down there while shaving, and so can I take his ...

 curing hiccups?
when you drink water backwards do you get rid of hiccups?

becuase of the water?
or becuase of the way you drink the ...

 Please help, i'm on my 1st day of no smoking,and i'm finding it hard!?
Please help me to get over this craving, its driving me mad!
Also, my eye sight has gone a bit 'funny', and i feel like i am having an out of body experiance feeling...like lightheaded,...

 Help!!!! I'm bleeding and don't know why!!!?
This is pretty gross but my mom doesn't know what it is, neither does the doctor. Alright last year i noticed when I went to go, uh number 2, there was some blood in the water and on my stools. I...

 Have scientists really found a medicine for sorrow?

 Anyone know anything about the causes of headaches?
I've developed this on and off headache low down at the back of my head. It's been driving me nuts for a week. I also feel a bit giddy at times too.... Any ideas?...

 my son has upset stomach please help?
my 7 year old son, ate some sushi today with raw salmon in it... a couple of hours later he starts throwing up. he threw up 2 times and seems to feel better, but he still does not feel completely ...

Okay so I eat cereal every morning and at school my stomach growls at science time specifically and its LOUD! :( Schools starting in a week and I dont want it to happen AGAIN THIS YEAR SO PLEASE HELP ...

 what's the most (physically) painful thing that you've ever experienced?
mine are childbirth and an aterial blood test oh yeah and a tooth absess......

 What damage will this amount of cigarettes have done to me?
Over the course of the last 4-5 weeks I've smoked approximately 20 cigarettes. I wouldn't be worried, but I've got a reoccurring cough that won't go away, and I'm wondering ...

 when i try to talk woman,my face getting red and i feel like my heart is ponding,what should i do??/?

 I found a tick stuck on my head..............?
......my husband just pulled it out and cleaned the area with rubbing alcohol and antibiotic cream.

My question is should I take the tick to the doctor and have it send to the laboratory ...

 how can i get myself to vomit?

i just wanted to make it clear that i'm not doing this to lose weight. i have a VERY bad stomache ache and i have tried all theese ...

 Help! My fingernails smell like poo and its making me feel sick but, I can't stop smelling it!?

 What's the best way to clean Ear wax? My doctor told me not to use a Q-Tip!?
My Doctor said Q-tips only push the wax futher into the ear and causes more problems....

 I ate too much, now I feel like vomiting. What will stop the feeling?
I have the flu and I don't have a big appetite, so I forced myself to eat dinner. It wasn't a lot, but I keep feeling like I need to vomit. I ate about three hours ago, and the feeling ...

 im always cold, why is that??
i drink water. i eat normally. i have a normal weight. when people think its hot, i think its just perfect. thats why i love the summer and hate the winter.
what could be causing me to feel cold ...

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What can go wrong if you "drink" bottled water through your anus?
i know this is a silly and somewhat wrong question but my friend told me people who can't drink water via their throat have to drink water through they're anus from a bottle. i know that... Read More


How to raise an exceedingly low white blood cell count..?
I have a problem with the number of white blood cells in my blood stream. The count is, as I've said, exceedingly low, leaving my immune system screwed and me open to any illness going around. I&... Read More


Does anyone else have restless body syndrome I am calling it?
It like RLS cause I have it but as of late i seem to have bouts of it through out my whole body. I wake up with it and cant sleep at all cause of it. My body get tense and sort of weak. If i move I am... Read More


Where to sick help if you stammer?
on NHS preferably... Read More


Anyone out there with a disease called RHABDOMYOLYSIS?
I have it and it is pretty scary. My family doesn't seem to care. I have full rhabdo.... Read More


Ronnie M
When am I gonna look normal again???? I have Bell's Palsy?
I just had a pretty girl walk by me and smile....and I gave her my creepy Bell's Palsy smile...ughh...

When am I gonna be normal again??? I can eat pretty well and taste food, but my s... Read More


Are green stools a bad thing?
Green stools for the past 3 days.Should a doctor be contacted on this? This has never happened before first time.
Additional Details
I have had taco bell for lunch 2 days in a row and it ... Read More


Will standing on your head increasing blood flow to your head get rid of dark circles?
If dark circles under your eyes occur because of insufficient blood flow will increasing blood flow to your head by standing upside down on your head help get rid of dark circles?... Read More


Sarie quite contrary.
started getting bad headaches in July, MRI,CT scan both OK. Neurologist says they are migraines..BUT....I also
have dizziness, feeling faint at times,esp. on straining like coughing, standing, etc. Very sensitive to certain sounds. Tinnitus, Put on Elavil. Headaches better, still have dizziness, feeling faint.... Read More


I woke up this morning with vertigo. Could this be stress?
I have been under a lot of stress lately. My family members are going through some serious medical issues (ie. cancer, parkinson, and more.) When I woke up this morning the room was spinning and lat... Read More


Stomach Problems for 2 years?
I have experienced stomach problems for about two years.

At first I would only get sick from certain foods (ex. pizza, kraft dinner) I would be very nauseous, occasional diarrhea and rare v... Read More


Dave Tripper!
...I..Gotta Fever!..and I'm lookin' for a cure!..What do you...think..will cure my FEVER?!?
... Read More


Hey look at the Sun
today, i've been having diarrhea and the last time I had a piece of my poop was reddish and when I wiped using toilet paper, there was a bit of blood. what's happening to me? and can i still... Read More


Jessie J
sleeping at day awake at night?
my mum was telling that there is like a disorder were some people sleep at day and are awake at night

can anyone tell me if they know what this is, and what the name of it is?... Read More


enhgerel e
bowel problems after gallbladder surgery?
Hi all, thank you that u are reading my question that;s the honor for me, i am really happy..i want to ask everyone who had the gallbladder out about the diarrhea and loose stools after this surgery..... Read More


Do i have a problem with my brain?
I seem to understand things slower than other people, like when someone makes a joke it takes me a while to get it like 10 seconds. do i have some sort of misfaction with my brain or what?... Read More


Differential diagnosis for supraclavicular mass that is NOT a lymph node?
Eight years ago, my husband noticed that I had an enlarged area above my left clavicle, and wanted me to get it checked out.

The doctor felt it and believed that it was a lymph node, and re... Read More


what are the specific reasons as to why some people with epilepsy can't have caffiene? or they can't ride in airplanes or on rollercoasters?

i know basic reasons, but i don't... Read More


How does one cure a terrible cold?and really quickly?
and it is not good..very stuffed up and cogested,running itchy ,watery eyes,sore throat, can barely talk,and my throat seems really swollen. should i be too concerned..i never had to have those tonsi... Read More


Addie A
How to save my dying marijuana plant ?
My poor plant is dying. Someone help me please. Its about 2 and half feet tall, and the leaves are curling under. My stupid brother is putting it under harsh black and fluorescent light. What do i... Read More


Myranda M
what are the symptoms of food poisoning, and how long does it take to show them? We ate the pizza at 12pm and started getting sick at around 5-6pm. 2 of them have been shaking, loosing consciences thr... Read More


Portgas D Ace luver
What does going under general anesthesia feel like?
I have to go under anesthesia within the next month and i was wondering what it felt like. Does it feel like you are asleep? Or are you taking the medicine one minute, and then recovering the next? Al... Read More


Desert Sienna
Does Alzheimer's or other dementia cause the following?
change in speech and ideas rapidly (span of two minutes)

clouded thinking and jusgment

irrational outbursts

excessive sensitivity

questionable judgements


false ... Read More


I've been reading so much about autism and about the the different views on the links to the vaccines. But are there any reports on children who have autism and have not been vaccinated?... Read More


What are the odds of getting ALS(Lou Gehrigs)Disease at the age of 15.?
... Read More


What could it mean if someone has sharp pain behind one eye?
Pain has been off/on for several weeks - goes days between pain. Pain lasts a day or two and is fairly intense at times. Vision ok. That eye waters and feels swollen but isn't. Eye doctor said... Read More


Enfant terrible
How old was Woody Guthrie when diagnosed with Huntington's disease?
... Read More


Is anyone here(or do u know any1) overweight with one kidney? I have a question..PLEASE?
I am 5'5 250lbs and I want to donate a kidney. I know I would eventually have to lose weight for my own good but, will it be okay (considering I am a qualified candidate) to donate, and live a n... Read More


does anyone know about mcad?
my son(2 months old) was born with a disease called MCAD and yes i know all about it but im curious to know how many ppl out there might really know about it. or have heard of it. im interested in tal... Read More


Ruthie J
Do people really believe that fibromyalgia is a real sickness?
Just wondering how people really feel.I have it with oa and ra and is very painful. I just want honesty because if you don't believe, it wont hurt my feelings because I don't know you.... Read More

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