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 purple bruises on my leg from out of no where?
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WITHOUT using a thermometer....

 How do I tell her to get rid of her head lice?
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 Can't sleep?
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 What do I do if he has a seizure?
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 When people receive blood transfusions, can they receive blood from any race?

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 My Thumb is Swelling up, its itchy and there is like a red mark going down my hand, what is it?
it itches so bad, its red and it hurts when i move my thumb up. This is raised red mark near the place where i bend my ...

 My daughter's stomach really hurts. Someone tell me if it's appendix or not?
If it is I will take her to the ER right ...

 Facial nerve twitch...How long does it take before it goes away on its own?
Was it something I ate? It's been over and hour and the facial nerve just right below my bottom lip won't stop twitching.

I know it isn't anything to worry much about, but ...

 Weed and Panic Attacks!! Helpp =]?
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 I've got Multiple Sclerosis...?
although you would never be able to tell. How and when do I break it to a guy i might start seeing? Do it quick and fast or when it starts getting serious? I dont want to be "trapping" them,...

 I can't stop vomiting... how cool is that eh?

 What is a seizure??????????????
My best friend and a few others (not me) were trying to pass out and all of a sudden she fell to the ground and randomly shook all over then jumped up again and claimed she never remembered. Do you ...

 Does smoking affect your kindey?

 I just donated blood, and i feel a bit dizzy..should i lay down or take pills?
hey i found out i wasn't diabetic *yay*. i thought i was too.
but they took like 2 pounds of blood and both of my friends passed out. Im feeling real dizzy...should i call it a night or ...

is this normal for a 13 year old girl?
k, im well almost 13, and i dunno if this is normal.
lately, ive been getting this kinda red rash on my cheeks, and
my eyeballs hurt a little when i moved them. also, ive been getting weird bumps on my left hand, and knee. both of them itch, and have been there a while. i also get these spontaneous itches that hurt a lot when i touch them. and my scalp is really itchy and flaky, and when i scratch it oil/water come out, not scented.

a few details that might help are:
im allergic to cats, (but i haven't touched one for a few weeks)
i just finished my period
i play on the computer for hours,
ha vent getting much exercises,

And..... i can't think of anything else.
do you know what it could be?

I have no idea what it could be. Just stay away from me! I don't want to catch whatever it is!

i dont know what is exactly wrong with you becuz there are soooo many symptoms but what u shud do is go to www.onlinedoctor.com or www.mayoclinic.com here u can enter ur symptoms and see whats wrong
i think its some hormonal change

sounds like you have a big problem

Katie P
sounds a bit like a allergic reaction of some kind i would get down the doctors tell him all this he may take some tests

Allergies, herpes(as in chicken pocks), pink eye, or heat rash...Or a combination of them all...

I think you have allergies, herpes because its on your eye and knee which probably means you scratch your eye and it got on your knee, or you scratched your knee and got herpes around your eyes...

The only thing I can tell you right now thats helpful is to see the doctor immediately! Don't mean to scare you or anything but those symtoms your describing don't seem too normal. Let your parents know about whats happened and make an appointment with your doctor or see the emergency room as soon as you can.

Sounds a bit like chicken pocks but i've never had them so i can't say. Then again it could also be something that you ate

Feel better and remember to tell momm/daddy everything thats going on :-)

Soie R
It sounds like Psoriasis (pronounced sore-i-a-sis - the P is silent).

It is quite painful and causes the skin to become red and itchy and weepy sometimes also.

It is not contagious or an infection.

It can sometimes be caused by stress or it can be hereditary. Go and see your Doctor about it as they can provide treatment.

Below is a link to some further information if you would like to read more about it.


click on select skin under the persons body to check your symptoms.........

Imogen M
i;d go to a docter , it seems like a really bad allergic reaction.

Go an see your doctor. Seriously go! That is the best advice that anyone will give you! And have you told your parents about this?

how about the food u eat last week?
sometimes food also can be the cause..
go for medical check-up

No Sweetie, that doesn't really sound normal. It's probably the best idea to talk to your doctor to work out what it is.

More exercise and less computer hours. Trust me on this. Rest a lot. Drink a lot of water. In about a few days time if you followed my advice, you will be back to normal =)

Don't believe me? Consult a Doctor, he'd do the same thing but also give you medicine. I hope you get well soon =)

Sounds a bit like Hives. I used to get that when I was child...about 10 years old. Back then my doctor said I was allergic to furry animals like cats also. He gave me some sort of medicine to stop the itching. I grew out of that allergy. I didn't have any more problems with hives after I was 13. And I've had many, many animals since then & no problems.

Sounds like you might have an allergic reaction.

Google Dermatitis and see if its like what you have (clear bumps under the skin, ooze clear when they surface, itchy dry skin).

Your doctor can send you for allergy testing and see whats causing it. There are creams you can use, but only doctor prescribed as they can be dangerous with long term use (i use it occasionally and im fine, so dont stress).

If your itching and need immediate relief, and anti-itch moisturisor can help, check out your pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist there :)

Mike K
Sounds like an alergic reaction to something. Check to see if it happens when you eat certain foods

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