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is being bulimic easier than starving urself?
no jokes.
Additional Details
ppl: i am doin a research essay on bulimia..didn't u see any of my other questions on bulimia..damn! i am not stupid to go down that path.

probably bcuz your not hungry...

but chewing and spitting is the best!

I would say starving yourself is easier... because when you starve yourself, your body goes into starvation mode which makes you less hungry but keeps your metabolism up so you can eat little amounts of food and burn it off easy.

nope its just as bad as you are either throwing up to starve or taking tablets or exercising to keep thin its not worth it trust me i have been there and its not worth it

stop it, stop it i say, you'll ruin your body, you'll weaken your loins! you need acid in your tummy to digest, and when you have bulimia ya deplete it....it is not good for your health,,,,GET WHOLESOME!

Linda S
Hey if you see blood when you make yourself throw up go the
ER. That means you went too far.
good luck with the game you may be playing but please remember not everyone wins.......

Well, being bulimic means the enamel on your teeth will be damaged, and so will your esophagus. Both methods will cause your body to shut down, and both are painfully unhealthy. Our bodies were meant to consume food. It can be a lot of work to feed ourselves right, but the results are certainly worth it!

Marcus R.
No, but there is a lot of difference between the two, try for somewhere inbetween. Exercise has always been the best way to get and stay healthy.

what the crap? are you suicidal??? you don't need to be bulimic or anorexic! i don't care how fat you think you are! ask your doctor what he/she reccomends! trust me on this! and no, neither one is easy. bullimia: you tear up your organs and teeth and stuff, i think. starving yourself: uh, who wants that??? you need food in order to lose weight, did you know that? you need food in order to, um, breathe and live! do not become any of those things. you are better than that, no matter who you are! bye! trust my word! please!

No. Neither of them are good, but bulimia does things like mess up your teeth and throat etc. with the stomach acids.

bulimic hurts more to throw up.

With Bulimia you are hungry. You gorge yourself with food then force yourself to throw up. This means that you are essentially starving yourself because the food does not remain in your body long enough for you to draw nourishment from it.

If you want to lose weight, why go through all of that? Instead of starving yourself why not just change to healthier eating habits and exercise?

Bulimia will rot your teeth and tear up you esophagus -- that sounds cool, huh? Yeah, the acids in your stomach constantly throwing up PLUS the nutrients in the food are ALSO not getting into your system so you may as well just starve yourself to death -- maybe you'll keep your teeth a LITTLE longer than when you lose your kidneys or have a heart attack............... It's WAY WORSE (BOTH) THAN WHAT I AM SAYING HERE.

THIS IS NOT A FREAKIN JOKE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either way, you're going to die.

no, it is much harder. i used to be nuts and obsessed with my weight and i was ano, and then i tried to make myself throw up once when i ate too much and i couldn't. it is really hard to do and hurts alot, so i stuck with not eatting alot, you get used to it....i'm not crazy anymore :)

Well first off. Either way is not a good idea. But as overall health. The bulimia, which not all bulimics are skinny, have several other affects. Such as weak teeth enamel leading to rotten teeth. Also esophageal damage and reflux. All this is because of the constant regurgitation of stomach acids. Also while you eat your stomach starts to move the food into your small intestine, the duodenum to be specific. It does this to help make room for more food. This does happen fairly quickly and yes while your eating. So for this manner if your binging or just even regular eating you can not get all out that you took in.
The flip side is the starvation diet. It doesn't have the acidic problems. It also lets your stomach get used to being smaller so when you do eat you get fuller faster and tend to eat less. Also making your body to convert the body fat into energy, but it also makes the body convert protein into energy also. So not only does it break down the fat it also breaks down protein. Making you weak and really thin. It slows down your metabolism though and it's not always easy to pick it back up.
What I really recommend is neither. Try a simple 1200 calorie a day diet with plenty of fruits and veggies and some moderate amounts of protein. Exercise three to four times weekly and the more muscle you develop the more fat your body will burn naturally.

Either way you are destroying your body. Believe me I have tried all the diets and the only way to loose weight and be HEALTHY is to exercise and eat right. Your self image changes so much when you feel good. Good luck

that's serious don't starve yourself!!!!!!!! Eat healthy and exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!

araceli e
well depends on the person. based on my own experience as a bulimic,i love to enjoy food but too scared to gain excess weight, so i puke it out after enjoying them. so i find being a bulimic is much better

You are nasty. Bulimia makes your teeth rot and hair fall out, duh!

I can't tell you if it is but don't think about eather it will send you down the wrong path'

Midnight Rose
i would think no because you have to eat more and then throw up, whereas when youre starving yourself, you just dont eat.

why do you want to know??

yea cuz u just eat then throw upo but that messes up your teeth dont try it trust me

Winters child
your teeth will rot out

it's the same thing, except the stomach acid can erode your teeth when you barf.

no, it's just a slower way to kill yourself!

No. Bulimics on average are much larger than anorexics, and they yo-yo between weight gain and loss in a manner that reeks havoc on their metabolisms. Weight loss from bulimia is often temporary, and usually regained within a month or two.

Not to mention bulimia is very hard on your throat because the stomach acid tends to eat away at it. Many bulimics have dental problems as well.

However, anorexia isn't any better. Anorexia has the highest rate of death out of any psychiatric illness.

In the long run, just trust that you will not be any thinner because of purging your food or refusing it outright. Mostly you'll just cave in from the temptation and stuff yourself so full that you'll either cry or throw up. And either way you get fatter than if you would have just listened to all the (seemingly) idiotic advice from doctors chirping "diet and exercize...."

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