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is autism real or is it a myth?
is autism real or is it just an over exuberant hyper sensitive approach to everyday mannerisms and behaviour isms that we all express? only most of us know how to control ourselves or are kids/ people with diagnosed autism, more intelligent than others and they know how to get what ever they want by expressing themselves differently... my son is at present attending an autism diagnostic group.. we always new there was something a little different about him but the more i listen to so called experts in the field i am beginning to doubt that it really exists..with out going into the whole triad of impairment thing for those of us who know of this i would like to share my findings.. we are told that autistic children cannot lie? this is not true, my son can lie openly but when faced with the truth he cannot hide his guilt but also if he is telling the truth he can nearly be led to believe he isn't telling the truth as he shows the same characteristics. maybe he is not believing this but he seems hard to cope with the pressure of the questioning rather than the guilt or truth, they tell us kids with autism cannot look at you when you are talking to them one on one, this is the same for my child --- to a point, if i talk to him one on one and move his chin so his eyes meet mine and talk to him slowly and precisely he will hold my gaze and will talk to me... they tell us an autistic child that has problems eating because they cannot stand the texture or taste of food etc would inevitably have to eat like liquid lunches.. my child will also say he does not like food but from being with him all his life i know he would have previously loved the food he is now turning down and the point im making is that if i sit down with him and sternly tell him he is not going to leave his dinner or he will not have the reward of going to his grand mothers, he will eventually eat it and come to me with an empty plate and with a smile on his face, so where is it that autistic children differ because most kids will do these things but perhaps not as long as a diagnosed child.then it is also said that an autistic child lacks in social skills and can either find it hard to mingle and play or has to be the main player (in charge) or will just follow every one else well is there anything else left to do?
i think these three things are what other children do daily?? although my child loves to disappear into his room with his xbox and preferres his own company , he can play with his sisters and brother ,if he has been bad and has been rep-remanded and his x box removed... everything that is attributed to autism can be attributed to normal behaviour, they say autistic child has poor social skills and he or she can learn them to "fit in" i would agree , but don't we all learn our social skills? we are born only with the instinct to feed breath and sleep.and if its so that an autistic child can learn to fit in . can he or she not also learn a certain way to behave?(autism?)
Additional Details
i think some people are missing the point.. i am neither for or against the conditional status as to say, i am merely opening healthy debate, i have a child who turned 18 yesterday and beleive me i know what it is like to live with A.D.H.D but then again society doesnt cater for the more energetic and imaginative people/ children. lack of play facility and free open spaces to roam can surpress most kids and make these others stand out and be labeled adhd........ like i said i ahve cases of both so called ailments in my family and to be honest i dont see either as ailments i see them as phycological and physical traits much like height weight and iq.. my young son has not yet been diagnosed with autism his last session is next week , this is when we will be told the assesment groups findings.... i think personally parents are all to ready to give up on a child that takes up a lot of time and would rather have them termed something or other to seek out any help available,

I dont think we can say either way its how a person feel i thik its real but i dont know really

just me
yes i watched a video and i was shocked out of my mind.

there was a guy who could calculate pi up to 25000 digits with nothing but his head, and could calculate anything u tell him to with more digits than a computer can handle... he sees numbers as shapes and lights in his head..


there is another person who is similar to him, mentally disabled but gifted with photographic memory.. and can recite anything he read or saw..

but i dont know about autistic children learning to cope with others.. sorry!

I think you've hit the nail on the head.

I despair at the readiness to label ourselves and our children with -isms so quickly. It was unheard of when I was a child, yet I and others could well have been given this label and made to take whatever medication of the day was available, simply because I exhibited *some* of the so-called symptoms.

I have a friend who is a foster-parent for an autistic boy - who has other 'problems' besides that one. She knows he isn't supposed to be touched, kissed or hugged, but almost immediately, on seeing his loneliness, said, b*gger that, I'm hugging you. And does. Often. Guess who can't live without his daily hugs any more???

I also strongly suspect a link between this dis-ease, and vaccines. But don't get me started on THAT one.

Likewise ADG and BDFG or whatever it's called. 'Those kids have short attention spans, and can't focus'. Right. Sure thing. Tell THAT to the THOUSANDS of children who have read Harry Potter from cover to cover. In one sitting.

Can't keep still in class? Maybe it's because they are being taught 'stuff' by rote instead of actually learning things, making discoveries, and empowering themselves to find out their OWN truth.

Autism is very real and certainly not a myth. There is, however, an autistic spectrum and the condition varies greatly from person to person. Just as my son has cerebral palsy, there is a continuum of mild to severe and no two people have the condition exactly the same. Home conditions vary and can affect this - how people with autism are treated at home varies. I hate "labelling" and many people see the condition not the person. Fous on what your son does not what he can't do.

you've already got quite a few good answers/points....
i'm just giving it a slightly diff perspective/context.
categorizing/labelling, etc. are not really bad per se - it is what helps our brain make sense of all the info & sort & store so as to be retrieved & remembered easily.
it is what allows researchers, etc. to make sense of & to create a body of research. based on these research findings, many applications & techniques are founded, including remedial measures, preventive measures, proactive measures & so on.
it also helps individuals & communities deal with various stuff, including autism. decades of research in various fields [related or unrelated] have gone into building this knowledge that we sometimes take for granted & which, many-a-times, does seem like such common-sense....

the only drawback of such labelling is the accompanying stigma. and this 'stigma' is not just for autistic children - it is for anybody who is on either end of the "normal/average" spectrum be it height, weight, intelligence, aptitude, learning ability, skin color, voice, ......[i also believe that each "normal"/neurotypical person has some characteristics that are on the "extreme" end of the respective spectrum. however,as long as they do not interfere in daily life activities, they go "unnoticed" or are brushed off].

for most of these "extremes" some extra help/aid IS required, as you can well imagine. so one should not be averse to seeking out proper help - every person/parent is not as equipped or informed or capable of handling the child & hence some help, alongside one's own efforts is always welcome. the child can only benefit from proper therapy & attention.

there are societal differences in how such situations are managed - in highly developed countries there are systems in place that take care of the child's special/extra/diff needs. in the lesser developed nations, a lot depends on the parents & family & also their resources since community support systems are lacking.
Ignorance is another factor that tends to keep parents from giving each child his/her due - be it a genius or a laggard.
there are no right or wrong answers / methods / techniques / attitudes. one just has to learn & act as best one can.

good question
wish you & your family good health & happiness always....

I can't believe some of the answers you get.
Yes autism is real. As the parent of a 5 year old autistic child, and the sibling of 2 autistic people aged 18 and 12, it has been a huge part of my life for many years. The thing is, it isn't always exactly the same. I know a young man who I had a heated debate with because he didn't believe a friend's child was autistic "because he can read." My 18 year old sister not only reads better than most adults, she is a very talented writer. People have a hard time with the concept that, like any disease or disorder, it doesn't affect every person the same way. My son is very affectionate - with a select few people. My siblings are not. My sister is an A and B student (albeit with much more work than others her age). My brother struggles at the simplest of tasks. The point is every child is different, and being diagnosed with autism does not automatically mean they are exactly like every other autistic child.

Rubystar Sage
As someone who has Asperger syndrome (a "mild" form of autism)though I certainly haven't felt anything that was remotely mild from having this condition. Autism is very real but what most people fail to understand is that there are different degrees of how the person who falls under the varying spectrum of the sub categories of autism,will act. Not every person who has autism or a form of it will act in the what a layperson will expect them to act of behave.

For those who have to live with having autism in any of it's forms some times it could be a blessing but more often it's like a curse. Not because of how we who have this condition act be how those who don't,A.K.A "Normal" people act & treat us. I think it might be wise for you to get as second opinion of your son's diagnosis as he might have something other then autism.

But to be frank,I really wish that if someone really wants to know more about autism & all it's forms then shouldn't they ask a professional psychologist about it & ask as many questions as possible?

Or head on down to their local bookstore & ask for books with real facts about autism or any of neurological condition if they're really claiming that they want honest answers?

As a side note: Autism isn't a disease but acting like people who have it are virus's and think that we are freaks & need to be cured is a major problem.

Instead how about trying to get the general population understand those with this condition and all that it comes with it & things might be a lot better for everyone that way.

coarse its real my wife works with autistic adults every day,

I believe its real. I was dx in 1975 with autistic disorder 299.00, my father who is asperger's was dx in 1950 with a likely PDD when he was dx with hyperlexia. My father is asperger's but didn't receive that dx till I did in 1988. My father is a psychologist and director of a residential autism program, I am a psych nurse. I have 1 brother dx PDD.NOS, 2 sons dx PDD.NOS though the 3yr old looks aspie and 1 son dx ADHD.

When you are looking at high functioning autism, PDD.NOS, and asperger's they are very similar, its more of the thought process that is different from neurotypicals and each other. I feel everybody has a propensity towards leaning towards a dx of some sort. I don't see these in my family as ailments.

Those on the spectrum have no trouble readily recognizing the spectrum in peers. My son who is 8 has said many times you know Tess she is different like me, he has seeked out other kids on the spectrum since he could walk. I notice that I gravitate towards them too. Its not too much of a suprise that many of my contacts after conversing with them tell me they are on the spectrum or their spouse is, or their child.

The lying thing I can't lie, I perceive things differently but it is my version of the truth. My son just this year did lie about not having homework and I was shocked. I think it depends how far into the spectrum a person is, people don't just fit into stereotypical dx, they have features of typical as well, this is where it gets really muddy as far as dx. My oldest has typical features, asperger features, and autistic features, where he fits the most is PDD.NOS but there are times where he sounds straight asperger's like when he said:"I am retreating to my hovel to retire my thinker" and times when he has neurotypical behavior like lieing about the homework

the dx overlaps with other things, the sensory issues I believe is a different issue than the autistic spectrum.

I find that its alot harder for me to interact with people but I can do it, I prefer not to, the eyecontact eyecontact is over-rated I don't find it that necessary to get by in life.

Social skills can be taught, things come more easily to NT's where those on the spectrum have to learn it, it doesn't come natural.

A persons place on the spectrum isn't static. My 8 yr old looks alot more typical than I ever do. I don't get hung up on labels, it doesn't change the level of functioning, and to be honest there isn't much help out there. My son is dx LD educationally and only PDD.NOS medically.

Autism is a very real condition that many adults... not just children suffer from. There is a debate about ADHD (or ADD) however I believe this is also a true condition. Try reading Toxic Childhood by Sue Palmer she addresses the issues of ADHA autism and whether we're trying to just excuse their bad behaviour.

one of my 4 children have this condition and i can assure you he is very different. Having this label does not excuse any bad behaviour etc but what it has done is make my childs school life much easier for him because of the support he has.

autism is a very serious and very real condition. i have a cousin who is autistic and if you compare him with another child his age, i have no doubt that you would understand his condition. remember that there are different degrees of severity to autism. for example, one of my friends has a child that has asperger's disease, a more mild form of autism. he is very different than my cousin and with therapy he has been able to attend regular school. but observing him, you can still see that he is different from other children. perhaps your child has been misdiagnosed, and i will admit that i believe this condition could be too overly diagnosed. you can always get another opinion. this diagnosis shouldn't rule your life or how you think of your child. you are focusing too much on the label.

edit: in response to "just me," you are talking about a very rare condition called savant syndrome.

This may seem like a legitimate question IF you've only been exposed to those at the VERY mild end of the spectrum. For me, as the parent of a nonverbal child with "severe" autism...this is a ridiculous debate. Of course it's real! What's unreal is how much intervention my child has already had, how far she is behind, how much work she/we will have to do throughout the rest of her life and if we're lucky she can reach semi-independence before we die. Yes, everybody learns differently but for some people their way of learning is so completely nonfunctional that assistance/ intervention is required. For many, autism is much more than a learning glitch that is inconvenient for a fast paced society!
I get that you're just trying to open healthy debate but this can be a sore subject for families who's children are low functioning. At one time autism was not considered a disorder but a symptom of abuse and poor parenting. For us, even the suggestion that what we do everyday wouldn't be necessary with a few parenting courses is insulting and the idea that our children are not "recovered" because we haven't tried the latest fad "cure" is hurtful. Autism is real and I don't feel as a parent that I have given up or lost hope but I certainly know the reality of the challenges my daughter faces.

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