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Alexis Leo
im anorexic, i need help with something?
my boyfriend always wants to take me out to dinner with a bunch of friends & go out for icecream & do all this stuff that involves food, and i suffer from anorexia and he has no idea..

should i tell him?
idk what to do, i dont want him to think im blowing him off if i say no...
Additional Details
OKAYYYY!!! i appreciate your concern but it pisses me off when i ask a question and people answer it with, "go get help"



I'm A Fly (Top Contributor)
Don't brush your teeth for weeks until they start to decay.

Rara Chan
Well i think it would be good to cure your anorexia first. Or you could go and eat the food and then throw it up again after, but that rots your teeth so yeah.

tell him

tell him - it's not fair to keep this from him. As you know anorexia is a mental disease - you need to make him aware of your disorder as it will undoubtedly affect his lifestyle too.

tell him

Eat something.

Or go to a counselor.

i would tell him and if he makes fun of you then i would know that he is not a true guy im sorry to here what you suffer from

Emily S
EAT SOMETHINGi know its hard but youll die.
and you get disgustingly thin..... you should weigh about 120-130 when your all grown. or close. get help from someone and tell your boyfriend
go eat out and have fun tooo! :)

Cinderella! ;)
First of all, you need to tell someone you trust, A family member, a friend, a teacher, your boyfriend! you need to get some help!

Anorexia is a bad bad thing. But you can get better!
Ask for help.

And you need to be honest with your Boyfriend, if he loves you, he'll want to help you. don't push him away if he tries to help, Accept his help. Talk to a parent about it as well

Stay Strong, Your Loved, Ask for Help

Lil Dancer
Tell him that you suffer from Anorexia. It will help you, and he wont offer as much. You might need to explain it to him a little bit. But when he does offer, sometimes just go with him, even if you dont eat much.
But you should start eating more, if you dont you could die, or your boyfriend might leave you. You could get very sick. Please try to help yourself.
Take this advie from some one who know's. I have suffered from Anorexia before, and i am just recovering from it.

tell him, he'd be an idiot to think it was an excuse
also get help! if you know you have anorexia, then surely you know you're not fat and therefore know that it's fine to eat!
i feel for you, please eat :D

well, for one ur biggest problem is ur anorexia and u need help and treatment for that but, ofcourse u should tell ur boyfriend if he cares about u he'll understand and will try to help u need support and encouragement food is ur friend ur only hurting urself by doing that seek help............

just go out with him, eat and enjoy it :). anorexia is a phsychological disease, and the best way to start to overcome it is in your mind.
however, if you really don't feel comfortable, you should let him know. guys very often think with their stomachs.

Good luck!!

Doctor Funkenstien
i think he just wants a little more of you to love hence the "stuff that involves food" make him proud and order that steak rare

i think you should tell him..

oh and my names Alexis too :)
haha sorry thats random

Luv Bugg
i totally get you. i am also currently suffering from anorexia. It was the same with my best friend. She kept inviting me places and wanting me 2 spend the night but i couldn't so i kept making up excuses. Finally we got into a fight and i ended up telling her. It made things a lot better! Plus i didn't have 2 lie anymore. So my advice is 2 tell him, but just make sure he is trustworthy. Also explain it more to him, i know a lot of people don't realize that it's a disease and we can't control it.... if you don't tell him look up the calories if you know the restaurant you guys are going 2. i have 2 do that a lot.

good luck =]

1. Just go with the truth or it will turn on you later. He will most likely think you are blowing him off or do not like him.
2. Suggest to do some sort of activity like bowling or something that both of you enjoy and if he wants to buy you something to eat say that you are not really hungry but would not mind something to drink.

Just dont tell a lie so big that it will ruin your relationship...
But you also know that what you are doing is unhealthy and can lead to health problems so with that it is your choice.

Good luck!!!!!!!

Sweet Hereafter
You should tell him. It'd hurt him to know that you didn't trust him enough to tell him.

Ok, first of all, you should tell him because if he found out by someone other than you, it would seem like you were trying to hide something. If he's right for you, then he will understand and respect you no matter what. I hope things work out!

go get some help....


I dont feel good giving advise about this, but, I have like a personal way of dealing with going out sessions like this... I got so isolated once from my hole family, i pretty much developed another eating disorder... that's all im saying...

good luck sweeite. what ever you do, do not tell him at all... dont even hint him... Try to go out, and tell him that you ate b4 or something like that... dont tell him u feel sick cause the he will wanna take you home.


:O u need to eat or else u will collapse one day

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