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im always cold, why is that??
i drink water. i eat normally. i have a normal weight. when people think its hot, i think its just perfect. thats why i love the summer and hate the winter.
what could be causing me to feel cold all of the time?

Alex K
because you arnt under a blanket... try bathing in vics vapo rub if you want to be cold

you might be a alien from space

Live your life ♥
Thats so odd. I was going to ask a similar question,I'm always cold.

you need more iron, a good sweater and a heater

Fancy That
Maybe your body is simply tuned for warmer weather. If you are stuck in a colder climate, here is a trick. Go to the local ski store and buy some Chili Peppers, also known as a sports base layer. These are very thin pants and tops that can comfortably be worn under jeans and normal clothing. They aren't the least bit bulky and they will keep you warmer than you can guess.

Good luck

Was it like that ever since you could remember?
If so, It should be normal. You just have a different comfort zone than others.

Ashley L
your blood is different.. so that makes you cold all the timee

idk im ALWAYS cold. for no reason at all

lol me too my feet are always freezing, I always have to wear socks.

How old are you? Could be a thyroid problem, common as we reach middle age and beyond.

check this out... http://www.thatsfit.com/2007/12/29/why-am-i-always-cold/

You could have a heart condition that causes it. My mom does.

possibly an underlying condition like hypothyroidism or hypoparathyroidism. go to your doctors and get some blood tests done: it could be caused by any number of things.

Maybe you have poor circulation. You should have it checked out.

thin blood

Faulty metabolism possibly - ask your doctor for a thyroid test, worth checking....

Zander B
i dont know...thats wierd
just wear a jacket i guess
(taking this from other answer) i guess it could be poor blood circulation
tell a doctor...really for some reason people ask these kind of questions on yahoo answers they should ask doctors
"i cant feel my right arm and alot of my body parts are turning blue, this really hurts, what should i do?"
shouldnt be asked on yahoo answers...

♥sexy momma♥ ;-)
low thyroid, low iron, low blood pressure. Could be a number of things.

You could be anemic. It's when you have a low red blood cell count. Check out this site, it could give you more info:

It's because you don't have someone to hug you or show you somelovin', "Adrenalin" doesn't push through your blood vessels. Adrenalin is a chemical that brings a kick of oxygen in your blood stream and the more oxygen in your blood stream the more carbohydtrates you'll burn that will give you more energy. It is also a feeling when you're riding a roller coaster or free falling from the sky, it's a burst of energy and it's a great feeling.

Are you low on iron?


A Quest
Excercise can increase muscle mass and increase blood circulation.
Iron with folic acid (don't take calcium at the same time because it will bind to the iron and you'll just pass it) can help if your anemic. Have your Hemiglobin checked it should be 12-14.
Thyroid issues could be the issue too.

If you go to the doctor and it is not the thyroid or anemia then try excercising

I have the same problem!! I'm leaving England because of this.
Well according to my doctor. I have thin blood, bad blood circulation and low blood preassure. Like you I also eat and drink normal, but with no avail.
Try eating semi cooked sheep or cow liver. The liver has a lot of blood and it will help your blood and give you more red sells.

Byt the way, here are some of the things that I do to help, although they don't help an awful lot. Take iron tablets, eat liver when I can bear it, exercise as it helps the blood circulation, wear ugg boots, drink lemon honey and hot water. Warms me up and protects me from the evil of cold, wear thermal t shirts and finally cuddle up with a nice young man that has good blood circulation :D

If you smoke, quit. Balance your diet. Don't sit for long periods of time.
God help us!

dear abby
I agree with first answer. I don't know how old you are but have you been checked for Diabetes.

Soulja Boy
poor blood circulation
its quite common

depression, low thyroid, bad circulation, low temperature in the environment...

Lots of things can cause it; I would ask your doctor.

wear socks... your body is as cold as your feet are always..

Poor blood circulation.

Seem to be You have slight cold blood
I have a suggestion and recommendation
Do this everyday it will help you
When you wake up in the morning
Stand up and clap your hand slowly
for about 5 minutes and then the
next day increase 10 minutes
and continuosly everyday
and at the same time move your
feet up and down like you are
doing marching but you stay
where you are

Put some damn clothes on!

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