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i hear strange tingling noise in my ears. anyone know the reason & how to cure it?

Must be the sleigh and the reindeers approaching.....

christian jesus is god
everyone gets those its very natural , it espeacially happens when like a kid I remember having noises like they was an army marches in my ears

true and now theres no sound at all, it will go and if it comes only so little

sounds like tinitus, as far as I know there isn't a cure, just avoid loud or prolonged noise which tends to agrivate it

Research tinnitus. This is usually a ringing noise but can affect different people in different ways. There is no actual cure for this but it can be helped slightly with certain herbal remedies. This is only a suggestion and not a definate diagnosis!

could be a number of things,water in your ears,you might be super sensitive to hearing,a higher than normal hearing level.
Humans can hear only a certain level of decibels,some more than others.could be the hum from your speakers or computer.
Try q-tips see if that works,or go in a quiet room and if it still persist,see a doctor.

maybe when u were sleeping an insect might have gotten stuck in your ear. this is very common. i think that you should flash torchlight in your ear so that the insect comes out. if this doesnt work then you should see an ENT specialist.b careful.


Citizen DeCat
Just answer the phone.

Sounds like Tinnitus - as far as I know there is no actual cure for it apart from training yourself to block out the noise xx

It could be otosclerosis. There is cure. but you must go to a specialist to be sure what it is.

the condition is call tinnitus and so far there is no real cure but what you can do to min. it so keep your ears from getting water in it. wear ear plugs when washing hair and take shower. that should less the tingling noise

Tinnitus ringing of the ear drums, most annoying but you can deal with it,or put it another way you have to, as no known cure.

Luv Thy Neighbour!
Don't freak out but
as far as I know
(and I only say that
because I had it and
that's what I've been
told and treated with)
more often than not it
is stress or depression
related and the best cure
is anti-depressants.
now I know how that might
sound, but believe me,
I've been treated for it and
it bloody well works!!!!
I recommend asking your
doctor and don't be scared
to take meds; it does not mean
you are crazy or suicidal!!!!!!!!

Sounds like Tinnutis - see your GP who will refer you to specialist if necessary.

Safety First
Could be tinnitus - I'd advise you to get it checked out

sounds like tinnitus no actual cure, but there is technology out there that can help try the rnid website for advice and help.

Kerry A
it sounds like you have tinitus where u hear ringing in the ears,can be triggered by water in the ears or exposure to loud music/noise or may be you have an ear infextion, go and see your doctor. xx

It sounds like tinnitus. It can be caused by many things. Everyone experiences it at one stage or another in life - like when coming back from a rock concert or something. Some times it can be related to other health problems, so it might be worth a visit to the doctor to see if it can be linked to any other problems you may have.

If it IS tinnitus, at this stage, there is no cure for it. There are some drugs on the market, but some of the most well known like Trebonin are actually severely over-hyped and have not had the success they claim to have had. I found this out from my doctor when I went to enquire about using it myself!

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