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i have lost my voice! whats the best and quickest remedies???
its been gone since sunday morning now! and im desperate to have my voice back! (i sound like a middle aged man and im a teen girl!)


ive gargled some salt water and ive tried not talkin (although that isnt easy as im not exactly the quiet one at school!)
Additional Details
i have also been taking ibobrofen! [sp?]

and we havent got any lemon or honey :S

Rachael H
throat lozenges such as strepsils, resting your voice dont strain to talk, i lost mine for over a month last time with laryngitis

sweet libra
Try lemon juice mixed w/ a small amount of water. That's an old singing trick that us musicians use. Also, another old trick that my mother learned from my grandmother was to soak an old rag in ammonia and olive oil and tie the rag around your neck so it's like breathing in a homemade Vicks Vaporub remedy. (Don't overdo the ammonia tho' cuz you can get sick! Just a small amount a little bigger than a quarter w/ the same amount of olive oil.) Tie the rag around your neck w/ the solution side facing away from you. If you combine these remedies, it should take you a day or 2 to get your voice back, but it'll help soothe it nonetheless.

mr nice guy
fresh lemon ginger and honey.
slice lemon into thick slices
grate fresh ginger
put into saucepan
leave to settle
remove dregs of lemon and ginger
add 2 tablespoons honey and drink.
this will cure you honestly.

drink hot water ( not so hot jus a bit hot) and give rest to your voice. don't try talking too much. take rest. get well soon!!!!!

You need to rest your voice, try not to strain it and drink soothing drinks like honey and lemon.

Andromeda Newtonâ„¢
gargle with asprin and make sure you spit it out. this will kill the infection and stop it spreading further down. you can also take paracetamol if you're in pain.

as horrible as it is, rest your voice often as talking more will make your vocal chords swell more making it impossible to talk.

drink plenty of water and hot honey and lemon if you can.

Drinking some warm green tea can help. The reason for green tea and not regular tea is because green tea has more antioxidants in it an regular tea is more about the caffeine. You could also try simmering a lemon in water and adding honey because the warm honey coats your throat. I normally just drink the tea because I don't like honey. But throat lozenge not a cough drops help also.

Definately try tea, and DO be the quiet one at school. Explain to your teachers before class what's up (one sound of your voice and they'll understand! lol), try to sit in the front, and when you have something to contribute to a class discussion, write it down and hand it to the teacher or a classmate, who will read it for you.


I used to suffer with this... it is laryngitis there is nothing you can do about it, except rest your voice and try not to talk. You will have to communicate with a pen and paper.
It normally takes about a week to get better, but sometimes a bit longer.

It is normally caused through shouting or singing too much.

I hope it comes back soon.

Poor you. The only thing is rest really. Have you tried seeing the doctor - maybe you have an infection and the only thing that can cure that are antibiotics.

kelly b
try buttercup syrup from the pharmacy its really good i use it everytime me or my kids get a bad throat and it doesnt taste nasty either .xx

Juliet Mandy.
Drinking hot water with honey in it always helped me. And herbal tea! Get better soon.

Lozenges such as Ricola will help to soothe the throat. Breath mints might help too. Have plenty of rest and water. Drink honey water avoid fried and heaty stuff (e.g crackers)

Sassy OLD Broad
You are doing the right thing gargling with salt water and not talking. Are you taking any anti-inflammatories (with food) like aspirin or ibuprophen? Not only will it help the pain, it will reduce inflammation around your vocal cords. Since it's been several days and you need to see a doctor. He can give you a cortisone shot and it will knock it out quickly! Could be this is being caused by something else, like post-nasal drip or strep infection. Now is the time to see the doc, honey. Godloveya.

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