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fergal m
i have a problem with bowel movement some times i cn't go for over a week help ! this includes constipation

Sh!t happens. Or sometimes it doesn't.

prunes at the very least - a colon cleanse probably more effective....

its really not healthy to have stale matter impacted in your bowel it can cause toxicity and poisoning.
Constipation has been implicated in the cause of numerous diseases and disorders including:

Appendicitis (One of the most common abdominal emergencies in the U.S. It has been estimated that more than 300,000 appendices are removed each year in this country), Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis, Hemorrhoids, Benign Tumors, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (including Spastic Colon), Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn's disease.

you need to improve your colon health....
see - http://www.colon-cleanse-constipation.com/doctor-constipation.html

The important thing to establish here is have you always been like this.?For some people it is normal for them to go only once a week,for others,two or three times a day.Also have you changed your diet,are you taking less exercise ?If it is a new problem and you have tried the usual things,eating plenty of fruit and veg,adding extras like figs,prunes etc.then perhaps you should see your Doc.especially if you have any other symptoms like bleeding,pain or bloating.Stay healthy.

Margaret C
try linseed and plenty of liquids, follow instructions on packet, available from supermarket or healthfood store. Works a treat, follow instructions carefully and you'll be aok.

Veronica Alicia
In Homes for Older people this can be a big problem - no exercise doesn't help.
Baked beans are offered on most menus 3 times a week!
If you don't enjoy eating "sawdust", try a 5-cup bran loaf which keeps well and can be frozen. It's good toasted.
1 cupful Allbran, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup mixed dried fruit, 1 cup milk, 1 cup self-raising flour. If you like a halfspoon mixed spice.
Put first 4 ingredients in a bowl and leave overnight.
Next day, mix in flour and spice if you are using it.
Pour into a well-greased loaf tin and bake at around 180deg for approx 30 mins. Keep checking it isn't cooking too fast.


Try a taking 1000mg of Spirulino - you can buy it in a health food store, your have bags more energy and hit the loo 2 - 3 times a day - trust me I take it.

Its a natural product, a green algae grown in Hawaii, it comes in 500mg tablets so take two, and if you want more info google it.

Ps of course fresh fruit and veg help.

Hope this is helpful !


Raspberry leaf tablets, Herbalist

Dynamite and a lot of room

i have the same problem but i used to it now the doctors used to give me meds to go, since i'm not in the military any more i dont go to the doc as much but i see it as such convenience because i'm not in pain and i who likes going to bathroom all the time. Oh the doctor told me its becuase of the iron pill i'm on that make you constipated

Get some Fibo gel it expands in the bowel and helps you to go. Alternativly get some Lactulose which will soften the stools and allow you to go.

EAT A CRAP LOAD OF PRUNES AND WATERMELON, that outa flush it out, but i recommend seeing your doctor, you prbbly just dont have enough fiber in your diet

Change your eating habits to include more foods high in dietary fiber. You can do this without fiber supplements. If that doesn't, try supplements. Start with a low dose to avoid or minimize gas and bloating and increase gradually over time. Cut back or omit refined and fast foods from your diet. Increase the amount of water you drink every day to 3 liters. Get more exercise to stimulate parastalsis. This can be as simple as a 30 minute walk each day. You can even divide this into two 15 minutes walks. But be more active. Occasional use of stool softeners or laxatives is okay, but you must be cautious about using them to avoid dependency. If you do this faithfully and conscientiously but see no change in 2-3 weeks, report this to your doctor and take your doctor's advice.

you may want to add some fiber to your diet. A week is too long.

Quick answer , eat a whole tin of prunes, it works miracles. In the long term Eat more fruit like oranges, better still if you have a fruit & veg grinder try to include the "PITH" just inside the skin. Eat one banana a day as well.

Yes, fruits, veggies, and fiber do help a lot. So does good exercize. You should try eating dried fruit and I heard pompagranite juice helps. But if you find that nothing you are doing is helping, you should try Miralax. You can get it at any pharmacy. But if you go to your doctor and get a perscription to Glycolax, it will be cheaper. You have to take it regularly but there are no bad side effects. I would go ask your doctor about it.

eat more fruit and veg include fibre in this aswell dont eat too muctch bread as this can bung you up opt for brown bread instead have you tried prunes aswell or fig biscuits but if start bleeding from your bum or start to have loads of diarreha see a doctor

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