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Minxxy Baby
i have a lisp its where i cant pronounce my S's properly how do i get rid of it?
my lisp is ruining my life people make comments which realy makes me upset no wounder guys dont want me i have a lisp how do i get rid of it its ruining my life please help me

♥His topaz eyes♥
you don't it thuckth 4 u
n &a

Holly K
drink ice cold water run around in a cirlce three times and hold onto your tongue and say i was born on a pirate ship

heyyy u gotta admit dats funny!!! xD

Mrs. Ben
yea, speech therapy

Speach therapy!!Good luck.

nothings wrong with you haven a lisp, you DO NOT, an i repeat, DO NOT need speech therapy, sit in your room, or whatever an try to pronounce your ss, really really heavy, SSSSSSSSSSSSSS for a few minutes do it more an more everyday, it'll fix it, all speech therapy is an hour of wasted time that you'll have waisted when you could of been wit friends/
a real guy will like you for you, dont worry about how you look an how you talk. not a big deal/

Melanie W
My brother had that when he was younger and he talks fine now you would never have known. He went for speech therapy

awww well im not sure how to get rid of it but i rather have that problem because with me when i pronounce an "s" for example sister....i will be like ssssssssssisssssster.....

Sam C
Yea speech therapy can help. You can try to perfect your S's by repeating sentences with S's to yourself in the mirror and record yourself. Do that until you feel you've overcome the lisp.

Tiger Lilly
Only get rid of it if its really bothering you, don't do it for someone else! Own! : ) But if it's truely "ruining your life", I advise you to see a speech therapy, it worked wonders for my sister. Good luck! : )

Speech therapy!

Robert F
speach theripist or take singing classes.

i knew a girl with a lisp. i thought it was cute & it made her seem even hotter to me. however, if you don't like yours, see a speech pathologist or therapist. they will give you exercises to lessen or get rid of your lisp.

try the cindy brady tongue twister

Redheaded Songbird <3
Make an appointment withe a speech therapist. I know someone who had a lisp and was rid of it in about six months or so because of speech therapy.

You can go to speech therapy, but in reality, this shouldnt bring you down. People will make fun yes, but you have to know that you will have people who love you the way you are, many people have lisps and they tend to ignore other people when mean things come their way, so you dont need to be upset.

You special in every way, and because of this, you ten times better than those people who make fun of you. Many people have problems, but you just have to live with it, and youll find someone who will love who you are, and who will love you in the same way. Dont let this put you down. :)

While speech therapy can be helpful, I don't know if it is an option for you ... you can try some exercises at home and choose words that mean the same but don't have an 'S' in them.
Instead of saying "yes" say "OK" ... 'dinner' instead of 'supper' ... 'great' instead of 'super' ... etc. Also, when saying words that cause a lisp, try to smile when you say them ... smiling causes the tongue to reposition & helps in the pronunciation.

My son is 20 and has had a slight lisp for as long as I can recall. It occurs most often when he speaks quickly or is excited ... I sometimes remind him to enunciate his words.

S. M.
See a speech therapist and practice A LOT!

speech classes

I had a lisp as well: a speech therapist can help you out. You might want to think about asking your school if they have anyone available, that's what I did.

You can start now by working on the proper way of saying S. Put your teeth together, push your tongue against them and say S. It'll sound funny, but try doing it around a friend until they say they're hearing it correctly. Then work on simple words:


And so on. This website might also be helpful:

Grant has five teeth now!
Go to a speech therapist.

Chavo Baby!!!!!!
Just concentrate on the s when you say it dont rush it out....I think lisps are soooooo adorable

speech therapy

Big Daddy G
I had speech therapy at a young age and can now pronouce my "R"'s perfectly. I'm not sure if the young age had anything to do with it, but I'd look up speech therapy.

Just work on saying your S's slowly. My girlfriend has a lisp. So dont think guys will shun you for it. I think it is cute when girls cant pronounce theior R's but instead they comeout as W's


Anna P
If you are near a big university, there is probably a speech clinic in the Speech & Audiology Department. Their students can work with you to reduce your lisp and help you pronounce your words better. They are caring people who want to help! And it's free or low cost. Good luck--I had a problem when I was very young, and speech therapy made my speech nearly perfect.

practice makes perfect.

TTC #1.
speech therapy

I have a friend with the same lisp. She went though speech therapy and it worked for her but she says it was really unnatural so she just went back to the lisp rather than having to try hard to cover it up, it made her mouth ache apparently. Maybe you could try it. My friends lisp really upset her but now she couldn't care less, if people want to make fun over something so minor, let them, but they better not say it while she can hear them. Not everyone makes fun of her though, as she got older, she grew out of it and at one point, a lot of people thought it was cute.

As far as I know, people with your type of lisp have it because they have their tongues too far forward when they try to pronounce an 'S'. Try keeping your tongue out of it completely by forcign it to stay within your bottom set of teeth, and try to pronounce the S through your 4 front teeth (two at the top, two at the bottom) instead of your pallete and tongue. If you are having trouble figuiring it out, try making a 'shush' sound and steadliy turn it into just the 'ssssss'. While making the 'shush', your tongue will be in a certain position, to make it a 'ssss', just keep the tongue in the same shape but bring it towards your front teeth very slowly until you get the right sound. That might work but basically, thats the kind of thing a speech thereapist will talk you thourgh. Singing tutors are also the same but also teach people how to get volume and pitch.

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