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 Can lice kill you?
I don't have lice. But I just always wondered what the worse that they could do is... Can they KILL you?
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Thanks for all your answers. But those who said, "...

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 Why is the common cold so hard to cure?
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 i`m in bed with a bad cold i have this bad cough, do you know what i can take to feel better?
Also i have a bad back pain , i have 2 herniated disc and by been in bed cuz of the cold i ruin my back too now , any idea how to relieve the back pain
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Thanks Guys, ...

 My boyfriend told me that he would rather pass a kidney stone than spend another day with me. What is he?
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 These are my symptoms what do I have?
For the last couple months I have been feeling weird. A couple of months ago I had a really sore throat for a few days and have not felt the same since.

I get really weak, just kind of ...

 which is worse to have?
ok i knwo they arent really equal to compare

but would you say that chronic kidney failure or cancer is worse?

i understand certain cancers are definatly worse, like pancreatic<...

 too much water in urine?
What would happen to the body if the urine concentration becomes faulty and too much water was expelled in the urine?...

 I have some weird symptoms.?
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 I have the shakes what can be wrong with me what do I do until I see the doctor tomorrow.?

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 should i get the surgery???
i might have appendicidous, but my docter isn't sure. he said i should get the surgery but i dont know im only 12 years old and my parents said the decision is up to me.
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 I've been sick for a week, not hungry, losing wight, dizzy, pain in my legs, and very tired. Help?
It started last Sunday with a sore throat. It then progressed into a cough, a stuffy nose, and fever. The cough worsened, and I developed very bad lethargy. I slept for 18 hours a day, and didn'...

 my grandfather is dying, he can't eat, what can we feed him?
He has kidney failure and its really a matter of time before he passes away, he'll eat a little soup but nothing else can anyone help with other suggestions we could try?...

Keeping it simple
i eat (clean) toilet paper...?
i was dared to try a piece of toilet paper and then i found i liked the taste. so i kept eating it. ive been eating it for a while now, my poos have gone wierd (mostly water) and im worried that its having a bad effect on me. how do i stop? im not anorexic. i simply just like the taste.
im to embarrased to go to my doctor or tell my parents.
ive tried chewing gum, but it wont work.

UK Action Man
Its not as good as used toilet paper........Mmmmmm

I cannot even imagine how your clogged your intestines- tp clogs toilets, what do you think it is doing to your system?
See a doctor, do something to stop this before you end up with cancer or some other illness.
I thought I heard it all too- if you are serious, this is serious!

my 2 year old grandson does this, any paper but in particular toilet paper, we have to go to great lengths to stop him.

mmm yummy it cant b good 4 u if its affecting your bowels

Ginny Potter
thats wierd you shouldnt eat it... i eat regular paper some times, but my teacher got annoyed so i stopped...

i hope it's not recycled!

Wow, it shouldn't hurt you,read the label on the toilet paper.Chew one with no perfumes or dyes. Dont feel weird i ate paste,

Stop eating freaking toilet paper you moron.It maybe harmful to your body and toilet paper wasn't made as a source of ones diet. It was made for the back door.

Pica is an unusual eating disorder. It is a craving that causes children or adults to chew and eat items that are not appropriate to use as food, such as ice, dirt, clay, paper, laundry starch, hair, fingernail clippings, paint, cigarettes, pebbles, string or sand. It can be a dangerous condition, because poisons, lead or sharp objects may be eaten. Pica is not diagnosed before age 2, because it is common and normal for babies to try to eat non-food objects or to chew non-food objects when they are teething.

Some individuals who develop pica (especially with cravings for ice, clay, dirt, starch or paper) lose their cravings after they begin to take iron supplements. In this case, pica is thought to be a reaction by the body to iron deficiency. Some people suspect that zinc, calcium and multiple vitamin supplements may also help, but this is not based on strong scientific evidence.

Some children who have developmental disabilities or autism develop pica. In this case, it is not common for iron deficiency to cause the problem. There is no specific psychiatric medicine that can help pica; although, pica may improve if the person also has another mental health problem such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or depression that can be aided by medicines.

This is NOTHING to be ashamed of. This is brought on by some sort of imbalance with your body, it is a MEDICAL issue, not a behavior issue, your parents and Dr. will understand this. Please tell them right away so that it can be remedied before you find yourself in the midst of a major medical emergency.

very interesting.

Detective Sickly Child

Mcp is right.

You really need to see your doctor though.

The best thing you can do in your life is GO TO THE DOCTOR-you only have to say it once and you will be on your way to getting help. Please

pics or it didnt happen

It's because of the shite that comes out of your mouth .

so what the problem at least your **** wipes its self!!

how much toilet paper have you been eating? I suppose if it's just a sheet or two every blue moon, it's alright.

But really, if you have concerns about the water poo, just stop cold turkey.

What does your toilet paper taste like? Does it have a fragrance? Or do you like the texture? Maybe try a bland cracker or add a the same scent to a bland food item.

And get some more natural fiber in your diet! Eat washed fruit peels and wheat bread!

Why don't you just chew it and spit it out, that way you get the taste but dont actaully swallow it.

hi i understand that you like the taste, when i was young i used to eat tissues but i was anorexic,and it don't do your bowls any good,the way i stopped was i stopped swallowing it i just chewed it then took it out of my mouth if its only for the taste it will not be that hard for you to stop. good luck

mcp is right

it sounds like you are experiencing pica. pica is a syndrome seen in people who eat strange things like chalk or dirt or clay because their bodies are trying to get minerals and nutrients that it doesn't have enough of. it is sometimes seen in pregnant women whor are iron deficient. go to you MD-do not be embarrassed. you just need to know what it is your body needs.

Fly girl
Wow, I've really heard it all. Good luck to you.

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