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i didnt eat anything today?
because im sick and i lost my appetite. im really hungry but i feel nauseous when i try to eat.
anyway im 16 and at a normal weight...could i pass out today?
what are some signs to look out for..oh and im also on the cross country team and i have practice tomorrow. im probably not going to run but if i did would i pass out?
Additional Details
what are warning signs of fainting?

Jack M
All u should do is eat and help ur self dnt be belimic (dumb bit**)

Leroy S
Yes, go to the hospital.
You may die.

you might, you should take a few days off to regain your energy

I'd say you better eat. That's probably why you feel so nauseous when you eat, as you haven't eaten at all, I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's the truth.

John K
Are you looking for sympathy or a cheese burger?

drink plenty of water or even some Gatorade. If you feel better and can eat a good meal tomorrow then you should be alright to run. If you do pass out you WILL end up at the hospital.

are you pregnant? you can still get that time of the month and still be pregnant! if not then you should go see the doctors because you could have a virus!!!!

try crackers or bread, you should be alright

some things you can eat would be soda crackers and ginger ale, they normally are easy to eat when your sick. that's what i've always done. and as for the cross county practise, wait until tomorrow morning, and if you feel better eat some chicken, or other food with protein. if not, sleep in.

♥ ! OMG ιts Mєє ¡ ♥

Dry toast and water. Try it NOW! :-)

no, you are not going to pass out. your liver and other body parts have lots of energy stored which can be released for days like today (and possibly tomorrow). People go hungry all over the world without passing out. People can get sick and not eat without passing out. People choose to fast without passing out. Eat when you are able to, don't force it. Start with some clear chicken broth and maybe a piece of dry toast (no butter no margarine no jelly - just dry plain toast). Don't eat anything heavy or any dairy food until you feel better. A little ginger ale and saltines always makes me feel better when I've been sick.

I know you need a good true answer fast so here it is. Ok so before tomorrow try to eat chicken,fruits and alot of water,just to build up your eatingsystem.Tomorrow for breakfast eat eggs and fruit.You WONT die i promise. You wont pass out and you WILL not die.There is no reason to go to the hospital or a graveyard hes just trying to scare you.Tomorrow you'll be fine if you do what i say.Dont eat that much fatnen stuff and dont eat to little tonight or tomorrow for breakfast.Be sure to have alot of water and some juices.Im sure you'll be fine and i just have to tell you thgat you WONT die i promise,and dont go to the hospital.

Alex T
its normal to have no appetite when your sick
just make sure you drink lots of water and 100% juice it'll flush your body out and cleanse it

a human can go up to 2 months with no food
1 week with no water

You are not going to pass out from not eating for one day. However not getting enough fluids could be a problem. Try to drink plenty. Little sips then more as tolerated, Water, chicken broth, jello, sports drinks, 7up.

Discuss with your coach if he wants you to practice tomorrow.

♥Accio Doublestuff♥
You might, it may not be good for you. Try drinking a smoothie with bananas and strawberries and other fruit in it. That will give you the same nutrients as if you were just eating a banana and eating strawberries. (plus i think it tastes a lot better too) I think you should also have some kind of soup that my not upset your tummy. Something not chunky like tomato. You need to at least try it because if you don't eat you can harm yourself even more.
Best Wishes! ♥

Don't listen to leroy. It's perfectly ok to not eat for a day unless you are diabetic. But after to days or so it could be unhealthy. However I highly recommend that you stay hydrated. Drink lots and lots of gatorade and water. I also wouldn't run on an empty stomach. If you are feeling better than eat like toast or cereal just something bland so it doesn't mess up your stomach again. But, if you aren't feeling better than you may just want to sit this one out. Sorry, and Feel better!

♥Mr.Darcy or Greg House?♥
just relax
try to eat when you feel like and when you dont dont
and dont practice you prolly have some flu virus that your body hasnt been able to handle very well but if you dont eat for three days go to the hospital and get them to iv you food.

I wouldn't run tomorrow. It would be really bad for your body because it didn't gain much energy from metabolism since you didn't eat the previous day.

Eat some soup [try] and drink some warm tea or a cold glass of water.

Get some rest. =)

I'm not feeling well either, hope you feel better!

If you are sick, you usually lose your appetite so no worries but get plenty of bedrest and attempt to eat soup and saltines later on. also, drink plenty of water and stay away from dairy. You can also use Pepto to soothe your stomach. If you really aren't feeling any better by tomorrow, you shouldnt go to the practice. You won't pass out but you could start feeling nauseous and get very sick. Just chill out for tonight and get taken care of :). Feel better sweetie :)

Captain ó Ceallacháin
You can not eat for up to two weeks without dying, so I don't think going one day is going to cause anything serious, especially if you are drinking enough liquids.

Bye-Bye Burress
drink a lot of water, but don't go to the hospital. ONe time when I was sick I didn't eat for a whole day, but try to eat toast or something light. Once again stay hydrated, that might be why you are sick.

No you'll probably be fine.
Sometimes when you're sick you just don't have an appetite, you'll be totally fine, no worries :]

no nothing bad will hapen to u im also 16 and the same exact thing happened to me for 3 days and i only crank water but barley any food that i smelled or tasted i wanted to throw up from my doctor said ur body is reacting to something its not used to

Start off with saltine crackers and 7UP or Sprite.

water is far more important for you than food, so make sure you load up on fluids, they also help wash out the mucus and virus. DO NOT go to school tomorrow. stay home and get better

William B
just eat jell-o

chicken soup and gatorade.

You can go for a LOT longer than a day without eating. Just take it easy and get a lot of rest.

Robin K
Yes you could pass out. Signs: headachy, sweaty, rapid breathing, feeling weak...
Have you tried to eat a few saltine (soda) crackers, like Zesta? Have you tried to eat some Cambell's chicken soup? Really, these foods are very easy to digest. Try to eat these and sip water. If you can't hold anything down and it's longer than 1 day, go to a doctor! Hope you feel better!

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