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 can anyone have a amputation?

 I think I have Insomnia...?
I'm 14... I don't think that really matters though.
I can't sleep during the night, for some reason it's way more comfortable to sleep during the day when it's bright ...

 i can feel and hear my heartbeat in my ears? whats wrong?
i can actually feel my heartbeat in my ear so much that my ears are aching! PLEASE HELP!???? WHAT IS CAUSING THIS???...

 Hi, My little boy gets red ears and they feel hot, What causes this and how can I treat it?
Is this high blood presure or asthma causeing this? Please respond if your a nurse or in the medical proff!!!Really woried mom!!!...

 How do I get rid of this smell on my hand?
Today in biology I had to take a sheep's heart and stick my finger inside of it and now my finger smells BAD. How do I clean out the smell?...

 Quickest way to get rid of a bad cold? Heeelp!?
I am in bed with a very bad cold which came on late Friday night. I have been taking vitamin C, I had several hot toddy's last nigh and I am taking sudafed tablets to try to ease the congestion (...

 Could this be Multiple Sclerosis?
I am literally falling over, when standing I rock, I also am dealing with eye pain only right side, alot of eye burning, also I am have vitamin D deficiency.I can not move from one spot to the next ...

 Is there ammonia in urine?
I hear stories about how soldiers would use urine as a disinfectant for their wounds...
Are they true?
How and why?...

 What is wrong with me?
All my life I have had little habits, like everybody does. I chew the insides of my cheeks and my lips, curl my toes, and something else I do is rub the skin between my index and middle fingers with ...

 I don't think my doctor takes me seriously.?
For the past month I have been experiencing recurring feeling of depersonalization, I cry sometimes for no reason(20 yr old guy). Sometimes I feel really anxious and dizzy, depressed,everything seems ...

 Can you tell me whats wrong with me?
Ok, so sometimes when I'm in my room, alone, i start pacing around in circles. I'll start talking to out loud. You may think I'm talking to myself, but Its not exactly like that. I don&...

 Hi I'm worried about my dad?
Hi I'm worried about my dad he's 46 years old, 5'11 and weighs 250 pounds. He has sleep apnea, and doesnt use the c pap. dosent exersize. he started the Atkins deit 3 days ago. today ...

 Is this some kind of disorder?
Hi, I'm 14. Yesterday, I got my nails done with french tips. Yesterday I was fine, but today I'm not. Every time I touch one by accident, it makes me either want to pull them off, or clench ...

 weakness ?
is it possible to feel a physical weakness from anxiety? and what causes it? I have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder in the past.

and also, if I was checked for anemia a few years ...

 Lost my singing voice 2 months ago and it didn't come back...I'm 35?
before I get any obvious replies such as "see a doctor or ENT, or throat specialist" I have an appointment scheduled for next week but this has been eating at me so i thought I'd put ...

 I have a small lump about the size of half a marble on my skull....?
It has been there for a few months (unless i never noticed it before) The lump is on the left side of the crown. The lump does not move. I dont have health ins right now...and im really scared. Does ...

i dont know why i do it and i already go to ...

 I have a bump on the right side of my throat it doesn't hurt or anything but I'm worried?
Ju st a bit ...

 Extremely sick! Please help!?
Saturday night while i was at work i started to get a really bad headache and i got extremely weak, when i got off i went home and took my temperature and i had a low fever. i stayed home all night, ...

 What causes burps????

i can't stop throwing up and my migrane won't go away?
i've had an upset stomach and migrane for 3 days now. the 2nd day i recieved medicine and slept, waking up fine, but as soon as i started moving around i started feeling sick again. i have not been sleeping well, and i can't hold anything down. my breast and muscles also ache and are to tender to even be messaged. i'm not pregnant, and it's not just stress, what is going on... i think there is something seriously wrong, and i don't know what to ask the doctor. please help...

i have no idea
It sounds like the flu. Check WebMD online and look at the flu symptoms see if you have the same ones.

pregnant take a test!

Just go to the doctor and have him or her run the necessary tests. If your vomiting all the time you can get dehydrated very quickly. If the medicine that the doctor put you on isn't working then they need to put you on something else that will. Hope you feel better soon.

Donna J
I think that you should tell your doctor just what you have told/asked us. My daughter gets migraines to & if she ever had pains like you are experiancing I would take her to the doctor or at least call about it. Especially if you think there is something seriously wrong and please don't put it off. You need to find out what is wrong so it can be treated ASAP!
God Bless you and best wishes for your recovery!

Have a friend drive you to your doctor's office or to the ER if it is an emergency.

go to dr

Call an ambulance..go to the er. They will treat u.

It sounds like something serious- I would definetly consider a doctor exam.

May I help You?
Get to an emergency room, now.....please...you could have e-coli or food poisening....

They will ask you the questions...not the other way.

Did the migraine have a sudden onset or did it have the regular triggers you usually have before getting a migraine? Sudden painful headaches can be serious so get to the doctor. Ice on the head and soaking feet in warm water can help with migraines. Also, muscle tension within the neck can cause symptoms such as dizziness and nausea when moving the head, specifically the sternocloidomastoid muscle. You also could have viral flu. If there is anything different about this headache make sure to tell your doctor.

Print out this question you wrote to us and take that to your doctor for them to read. I think it's perfectly worded for that.
I hope you will start feeling better.

you dont need to ask the doctor anything just go in and tell him the symptoms, thats their job to decipher it. and dont wait, that does sound serious and if u wait u might get some kind of permanent damage.

i've suffered from migraines since childhood....never affected my breasts though. you need to go to neurologist. they are many remedies for migraines now.

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