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i'm becoming anorexic/bulimic and it's scaring me really bad.?
Can anyone please share stories or experiences. It's scary and I can't stop the cycle I've started.
Additional Details
anorexia and bulimia go hand in hand. you avoid food for a long time (anorexia) and when you can't do it anymore you binge and purge (bulimia). this is the cycle i'm trapped in.

tony p
eat something without throwing it up

well i dont know if you started it on purpose or if it just happened but i have heard bad stories of it women getting very bad and unatractive bodies getting sick more often and being easily "damaged" so i recomend you just lay down when you want to throw up. all i can do for you is pray that evry thing get better you should too.

um stop cause u probably look worse then when u started since u probably lost like 20 pounds which would make u look like a skeloton so get some help.

Mister Bon
Get a doctor!!

call oprah! dr. phil! your mom!

Thats Hott.
Well my old friend is like that. And its sickning DO NOT DO IT! Because u think ur fat and ur skinny dont do it its so sad to see because ur beautful the way u r and dont let any one tell u diffrent!

the questioner
see your doctor, get help, tell your parents or close friend so they can support you, you will need alot of support

Hi I can't share experiences but i'm glad it's scaring you really bad. It should ! People not only suffer from it but alot die...so take some action. An MD. might give you some advice and an RX to help, but you need to talk to a therapist too. You may find the answer/reason for it is simple but not easy. Please take some action now. It can be very hard to stop...even thought the answer might be easy to find. So you can figure out the cause, with help/chat, but once the body is "used" to it you might need serious intervention.. email if you like or IM

get your self checked its really dangerous
i know cases when girls die cause of it...

Troy C
If it's scaring you, then that's means you may well be inclined to do something about it, and that can only be a good thing...

talk to your parents, get professional help before it gets out of control.

Yea go to a doctor the will help it big time and ask if there are some special places that will help you gain weight!

I would contact the closest Eating-Disorder Clinic (most hospitals have one or can refer you) immediately. The quicker you get help the better. Good Luck! And by recognizing that you have a problem, you are already one step ahead. Good for you.

i am not, never have been and never will become anerexic BUT i do know its a scary thing to go through. even though it might be scary....go to a councilor or doctor or go to rehab and tell them your problem. if u get help, u wont be unhealthy, and u will become normal again. trust me, its the best way to do it. im here for u 100%! good luck!

Heather <33
It's good that you've established that you do have a problem, The next step is to get help and treatment. Have your parents or other loved one take you to a doctor or psychologist/psychiatrist.

Go get help.

i went down the same road as u did

and im only 12 years old

i started eating less and less every now and then i thought it would just help me lose weight u know.

but pretty soon i stopped eating lunch. never ate breakfast. and ate some bread and a bit of meant for dinner or w/e my mom would cook.

and people knew something was wrong with me. my grades started dropping because i always felt sick because of all the nutrients i was missing and such

and when i went to the pool and layed on my back my stomach went severly concave showing my hip bones and ribs protruding

im still tht size but my friends really...well..scared me out of it i guess. theyre support stopped me before it was too late

they showed me websites of people who recoverd, with stories of theyre own. it really was alot of help.

the whole reason i started was self esteem. all u need is ur self esteem back. food is good, its delicious to eat, and it keeps u alive.

god put it on the earth for us to live. so take it.

dont let neone tell u " ur too fat, ur not good enough, why cant u be more like her". because these r the people with the real problems.

get help.tlk to friends, tlk to a doctor. re visit the foods u once loved to eat.

and believe in urself and have confidence. because thts all u need. ur beautiful no matter wht skinny big short tall. it doesnt matter. changing for everyone else is weak. so be strong,

TV Nerd
ok, first of all, anorexics throw up too and bulimics deny and some don't throw up.
Bulimia is when there are binges and the person stuffs themselves with an extreme amount of food before fasting or purging out of guilt. THis person is usually overweight or average weight.
Anorexia has no binges, but can include throwing up too. THey are usually at least 15 percent underweight.

So yeah, throwing up and denial go hand in hand sometimes, you're right.

It IS scary. Studies show that the longer you have an eating disorder, the harder it is to heal from it. You need to get help soon. This is the psychiatric condition with the highest mortality rate by far. Don't let your heart and skeleton become weak by procrastinating. This behavior will result in a cure, or death. Becoming skinny will not fix anything in your life. It will not make you perfect. Anorexia/Bulimia will weaken you, ruin your relationships, isolate you, and depress you, and also leads to alchohol abuse a shockingly large amount of the time. Get help as soon as possible so you can move on. There are several treatments available. Some are group, some individual, some where you go away, some with all different theories. Pick one that's not as scary to you.

im also in the same boat, im scared because i want the feeling like when i throw up like i feel that i am actually taking out all of my problems, im just scared in the long run that it will cost me my health, im actually pretty suicidal at times, i dont know how this happend to me, my family, they dont know about it, like my brother and sister always tell me im way too fat, like i have always been the beautiful one before and since gaining weight they all just tell this hurtful jokes at my face, i couldnt take it anymore, so i became bulimic, i dont know there is no therapy here, its not even spoken about in our country, it is not known , i dont know if i will ever go out of here sometimes its just normal already . i just feel this emptiness like i dont care for any body anymore including myself, what makes me absolutely amazed is that no one can see behind my mask.

I had an eating disorder my last year of high school and it's a scary thing. I'm still dealing with the effects right now and a lot of my relatives think it's funny to make snippy remarks about my appearance.

Talk to someone you trust and don't keep it inside.

It is scarey. You need to talk to someone. Your best friend, a parent (or other guardian), your religious leader, a teacher, your doctor. Someone yo trust. You need to start asking yourself, WHY are you bingeing and purging? What are you feeling and why? You need to a counselor who specializes in eating disorders.

Your health, your very life is at risk. You can stop the cycle. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are more than what you believe yourself to be.

The fact that you have come on here and said this, says that you are ready to get help for yourself. Do it. Don't tell yourself that you can't get help, or that you can't stop. Can't is a dirty word. Get rid of it from your vocabulary.

I will pray for you.

You need to call your doc in the morning and get help. This could easily kill you so don't wait. You most likely can't do this on your own so make that call first thing in the morning.

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