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i'm a drug addict, i need help.?
please don't say i am a horrible person.
you don't know me.
my name is brandi. i'm 19 years old.
I have been addicted for pain killers[oxycontin&hydrocodone] for almost 6 years. and cocaine for about a year.
i have no clue how i'm supposed to stop, i can't afford rehab, and i am way to afraid to ask for help. i'm afraid my husband won't love me anymore. and the rest of my family has no clue. there's no way they can know, they've been too disappointed in me already, i can't make it worse. and as far as praying goes, i am an atheist. i need REAL help. i've read every online help site created, no help.

how do i found out about NA meetings, are they free? i can't afford them if they aren't.
Additional Details
i live in mesa, az. in the U.S.
i have no insurance so i can't go to the doctor.

hi my names
why did you put it on this site?
they'll trace you and arrest you

Dan S
Holy cow lady..19 and you are doing all that...yes get help fast...damn..not to mention marriage? I am sorry but you are ready for marriage and a family like the muslim world becoming like america

Donkey Rhubarb
Can I have your drugs?

Kieran Liversidge

Dark Sniper
go to rehab put the drugs down

Hello Brandi,

As said before, it is not smart to ask help on a site like this, people might find you, which gets you arrested.

I feel sorry for you that you got addicted to this stuff, though, it is your fault.
I have no experience whatsoever with addictions, but I will try to help you though...
I suggest you go to someone in your family, it'd be really helpful if someone of your family was far away. Because you probably don't know anyone to get drugs from there. Also tell the person who you might be staying with that you are addicted to pain killers, so he/she can get rid of them while you're there.
Also, do your best to stay away from anything relating painkillers, for example: Try to go to the woods sometimes, take a walk. It's good for your health and you won't find cocaine, nor painkillers in the woods.

Just goes to show, drugs ruin peoples lives. I'm really sorry sweetheart. Go to a hospital. They are free I think. And it's best to tell your family about it even though it may be hard. You can learn from this. Drugs are horrible. Don't ever do something like that again!

Gemma G
Right, well im sorry but im going to be super stern here. You need to get to a doctor and pronto. You know youhave a problem so why just sit at home and do nothing? You say your embarrased to go to the doctor, why? Do you think he is going to turn you away, look at you like your a criminal or what?

When my sister was 13, she started taking ecstasy. 5 years on, she is addicted to heroin. She is younger that you. Only now, has she realised she has a problem, has been to the GP, got a prescription for something which i have no idea about, and is currently fighting her addictions. If she comes out of this, alive, i will have the most greatest respect for her. She identified her problems and she is dealing with them

And thats what YOU need to do. Nevermind all this wallowing. If you have no intention of going to your doctor for help, then there is no point in writing anything on here. You should have been to the GP like yesterday. Maybe you cant afford expensive rehab, but neither can my sister and that didnt stop her from trying to amend her mistakes and save her own life before she killed herself.

Good luck

Your going to need some type of rehab or help. Have you tried applying for access which is the states healthcare, also reffered to as medicaid. From there they will usually cover your health expenses. I think a program called magellan could give you the funding you need. Check out the link I sent you, and get started!! Good luck.


Dazed and confused
nobody is that stupid not to figure out someone else is on drugs... i think they know more than you think

You know I never got into that stuff but I was a pot head for several years, yeah I know not that big a deal but maybe this will give you a little guide on how to deal with it and understand that we all have a way out. I was getting tired of smoking weed all the time just to have the need to relax or chill back to feel comfortable, and the reasons I was doing this originally was well for fun of course! Later on though I started to notice that It made me feel good and I could let all my stress just go away with every toke of the pipe, THAT was my downturn from there. Well I started to see myself not care about much as time went on, and I mean not care like who cares nothings good unless Im high or stuff like that you know? I started to do some reading and realised that I was having fun at first but started to use it as a way to vent which wasnt good to do no matter what the drug or outlet. Very simply what I got educated on is you need to find something to take your mind off the want to do that drug that makes you feel that way, working out or running is one of the best because of the endorphins you body produces, this in turn allows your body to fight the crave and not desire the outlet the drug offers. I know its a little detailed but look into it. Go to WEBMD.COM and look up some helpful tips on this. You can do it, the drug is all in your head, it really is! Just get educated on the things you can do to take it off your mind. Do it for you and your family ;)

starry skye
Brandi, reaching out to the people closest to you is the first step of getting help. You have a better chance if getting clean and being successful at staying clean if you have their love, support and guidance to help you.
No one can decide how to go about this but you because only you can really WANT to change your life. At 19, you already have a fighting chance by recognising that you have a problem.
Don't forget that your husband took a vow to stand by you in the good and the bad when he married you so I really think he should be the first person you go to.
If you are really serious about this then the next thing you should do is go through your phone and delete anyone who you could get cocaine from. It's sad but it's one of those things, you HAVE to remove all temptations.
When you have talked to your husband, I am sure he will help you talk to your family and together you will find the right resources to help you through this.
Keep telling yourself...NO MORE SECRETS, NO MORE LIES.

Hi there,
I suggest first of all have a chat with your doctor and he might tell you if there is any help available to you. If that doesn't work then maybe look in the directory and contact an anonymous organisation. But if i were you i will try and speak to my husband and let him know that you are faithfully wanting to quit. This habit costs a lot of money and destroys life's and relationship. Since u are married, you might be thinking of having children in the future but these drugs will have severe impacts on your innocent babies and you might not have a long life to be able to look after your children. You said you cant afford to pay for NA but how do you afford your drug habit. We all have only one life to live so this is the time to make your life worth living. I hope this helps and hope you get all the help you need.

Yes they are free.

Just because you are an atheist that does not mean you cannot identify with core values.


There have to be a reason for you to take the pain killers. And i know its hard to stop my mother been on drugs 22 years but she relized that losing her family going to jail and not acting like herself when she using is not setting a role for her younger kids. You have to tell you hubby cuz he will be the one to help you the most. you married him for some reason and if he stop loving over this then there was never real love there....if you want email me and i can give you info....i have an AA in human services i work with ppl like you

I don't want to sound mean but you say you can't afford rehab but you can afford drugs and the internet?

Do you have some friends that could help? They could lock you in a safe room while you go cold turkey, don't do this to yourself though if no one else is around.

Try not to worry about telling your family, if they get angry at you then there not worth it, if your an addict you're no good to them, at least if you get better you can work on becoming a family again.

N-A meetings are Free and filled with addicts just like YOU so start going.You take home only what you are willing to receive though.I am a recovering alcoholic with over 21yrs of sobriety and have attended both as so many are dually addicted now,but their FREE so no more excuses--just GO!!,and the hell with your husband and your family and any one else who doesn't support you (Disregard above if they do )
I can GUARANTEE You'll lose them all anyway (along with your life) if you don't get your sh*t together.

Queen Jilligan
When asking for information of this kind, please be sure to include a near by city for reference. I can not really help you (ie give you a phone number or an address) because I don't even know what state you live in!

Narcotics Anonymous has a toll free help line in many cities. Search online Narcotics Anonymous and then the name of your city.

The Narcotics Anonymous website is www.na.org

NA meetings are free. go to a local library or look it up online. type narcotics anonymous in google to find their site.

the only way to be able to quit doing drugs, especially highly addictive drugs like pain killers and cocaine IS TO HAVE THE WILL TO QUIT! good for you for caring so much and knowing that you need help.

your family is going to find out, one way or another. getting clean off of hardcore drugs like that requires rehab. you will need to check in an detox for 28 days. your family is sure to find out. if they love you (and im sure they do) they will be proud of you for doing something so hard and do everything to help you through it. remember, addiction is a hereditary desease. is someone is you family an alcoholic? i'm guessing at least one person is.

once again, good for you for wanting to quit and get help do bad. it is only possible, and trust me it is possible, if you want to quit.

Digital Effigy
They wont trace or arrest her you idiot... Before you go around saying **** like that you should know what you're talking about... Which you obviously DONT.

I dont know what to tell you Brandi, but if unless you are honest with your family you wont be able to get help.

Please ignore any childish answers, I'm a recovered alcoholic, I did go into rehab and joined AA in 2006, but I know many people who have quit drugs and/or alcohol by going to AA, NA or CA meetings.

They all use the same 12 step program of recovery which was started by AA in 1935 and has helped millions to quit, it's quite a simple program, not an easy one but a simple one and you have already taken the first and most important step, step twelve is what I'm doing in trying to help you and others.

My source will give you the address of NA, it will help you find a meeting place near where you live, you won't have to say or do anything that you don't want to. just listen to others who have overcome their addictions whatever they are.

You are welcome to email me if you have any other questions.

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