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just that girl
how many tylonol does it take to OD?
just out of ceriousity, not suicidal at all

Charlie D
ya still gotta take a few more it looks like.

spice g
right..well i would guess more than 2 is pushing it

Answering Machine
Not sure, try it out and send me an email sayin how many you took.

Mustang Brandon

about 10-15 but 8 can make you hurt really bad

what kind of question is that? U doing researh or wanting to know personally? If it's for personal use then I would seek medical help asap.

Depends on your own system. Some people have had kidney failure on just a few Tylenol.

Probably 20+.

Depends on your height and weight. What might be an overdose for one person is the normal dose for another.

Jake L
id say around 10

i guess like 20 or 25? depends...but dont go suicidal!!!

a whole bottle.... seriously. Tylenol is very hard to OD on because of its chemical nature. What is more likely to happen is that you would just be very ill and have to get you stomach pumped and your stomach would probably never be the same again

Makenzie P
umm thats not a normal question... i'm not sure just don't hurt your self please!

10 pillsz..

Rachel Oh
prob like 15-20 pills

Vicky R
Taking more than the recommended dose is technically OVER DOSING. You don't have to die to OD or even feel anything.

And as for the heather girl's comment, getting your stomach pumped and being sick is over dosing for sure lol

..:: I AM ::..
Not sure, but even taking it regularly (a dose or two a day for pain) is not good for your body anyway.

Idk but my thorat has been hurting ive taken like 4 in 4 hours. Id say like idk. 10+

Can't be done. Don't try it. You'll just get sick. But you won't feel a thing.

Miss Maggie May
you can't OD on tylenol.

stop asking these assinine questions.

if you really wanted to kill yourself you wouldn't publicise it.

grow up!

Please talk to someone, not on yahoo answers--a real live person. I am concerned........

My Zoo
To many can shut your liver down. Many people go to the hospital because of this. That's why your suppose to follow the directions to avoid liver failure or toxicity.

od meaning die then i have a gusse because some girl overdosed at lunch during school and she also had alchol she took 6

5 and a lil alcohol (liver failure)

Friday B
OD= over dose. Anything over the suggested dose.

Jacob S
depending on how good your ammune system is, 5-7. Everyone is saying that it takes like 50, or bottles, or 25, tylonol is for pain, so if you take like 5-7 you will od, and DIE. HA, i was right, i checked the answer, and a pharmasist said 5, and allittle bit of alchohal

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