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Whats the drug that is hardest to quit; with the worst side affects and cravings? NO STUPID ANSWERS PLEASE.
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Any stories or thoughts or anything in general ...

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how do u cure the hiccups?

Get a drink, hold your breath as long as you can, or if that stuff don't work, get a pinch of sugar.

Major R
hold ur nose and drink some water or hold ur breath

put 2 fingers on above each eyebrow and hold it for a while

Maunie Boo
Lean back over the edge of a chair or couch so that your head it upside down, then try to eat something with a spoon, like yogurt, pudding, or applesauce.
All of the concentrating you have to do usually gets your mind off of your hiccups and they'll go away before you even realize it happened!

I get the hiccups all the time, I have had them for hours on end, to the point where when I was a youngster my mother would be beside herself with frustration and worry.
I always get them when I drink anything fizzy, and also when I eat things like mashed potato, whipped pudding, anything that is whipped. It is very annoying because I love mash and pudding.
I have tried everything listed above over the years, but the thing that works best for me is very simple, but can't always be done in public, without people thinking you are a pig :) Drink a glass of water in big gulps, fairly quickly. Then BELCH as big as you can. Works for me, most of the time. Sometimes it takes a second burp to get rid of them, but I would say 95 % of the time burping works for me.

I know this sounds gross but my grandmother tells me to eat a teaspoon of sugar and it works.

shopping fanatic
awwwww.....the eternal quest. lol

Have someone scare you, like jump out of a corner or something. That always works for my brother when he has the hiccups and I scare the crap out of him.

the other ways work no where near as well as this and they arent as messy! place a papertowel over a glass of water and sip through the papertowel taking long swigs with deep breath intervals

drinking a whole glass of water but the other way round,,

KK Hardy
Hold your breath for 2 minutes, hang upside down and drink a glass of water, drink a full glass of water without stopping, then breathe in and out.

Tablespoonful of sugar...eat it fast.

Eclipse Girl
Time, just calm down a little bit.

Place a teaspoon of white sugar in your mouth and press the grains against the roof of your mouth. Swallow slowly, and you will be cured.

there are a lot of ways actually, you can drink upside down (whick actually works!) but holding your breath does not work! also, you can swallow and plug your ears. there are a lot of ways. try one of these 2. =]

Ryley B
try drinking water upside down, bend over and turn the glass the other way, works for me

you have to relax your air diaphragm thats what hiccups are theyre just a spasm in your air diaphragm so what ever can relax it cures it

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