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he already went to the ...

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always hungry but never want to eat.
i ache. and i am very moody.
i cant concentrate and i have small shaking spells where i start to

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 my fiance is vomiting clots of blood! what is wrong with him?

Additional Details
yes he smokes.
what do you mean drugs?
he refuses to go to the hospital....

how do i know if i have mild insomnia?
I get sent to bed at 9:20 evry night, and i only start to get abit tired at 2:40am or later.

Im wide awake for a long time after being sent to bed and dont feel q bit tired at all

What does not sleeping to to my health

I ♥_♥ Tigger <3





That happend to me, and trust me, nothing is wrong with you.
maybe you had to much sugar?
Ask a doctor!

If you have a mild insomnia then you'll wake up late or wake at usual moment but got sleepy for all day. Although it different for every people, I can't sleep for whole night. But I feel more energize if I work at midnight. Luckily, I'm a boss for my own job. So it doesn't affect much neither I do my job at midnight or at noon. Read the article below :

what is insomnia?

As I want to talk more about the effects of insomnia, I want to talk more about sleep deprivation or the fact that you cannot sleep. I've been writing more about other side effects of insomnia and other stuff like that and because of that I want to tell to you more about the sleeping habits and other problems that can be caused by insomnia or a bad sleeping habit. You may already know that without proper sleerestfullyrd to have a resftul life and because of that depression and stress can also appearBasically life.

Basicaly the side effects of insomnia can be caused by improper health and sleeping habits and somehow, in teenage insomnia, because of the lack of sleep and many white nights and even alcohol. Sleep is very important and if you have not got the right amount of sleep then you're going to have neat problems and they can be pretty nasty. You don't want to stay awake all the night and to be tired all the day in working, you don't want that to happen to you, that's for sure.

Does insomnia effect affects your life? Yes, it does and you may already know that. Let's talk more about some symptoms and effects of insomnia:

* one of the most important effpsychicalnsomnia is psyshical because Ma slowo gets to the Maslow ladder. Sleep and security are very important needs of the human being and you have to know that for real. One thing you have to know is that most of the people who have lack of sleep tend to be tired and they cannot control very well cars, for example or their work. Let's say that you can be tired at work, but you cannot be much to much tired on the drive with your car because you do not want anything to happen to you and other people.
* insomnia long term effects are very important because they do affect your health because you need a proper amount of sleep and if you do not do that there are many other not funny things that can happen that have psychological and sociological effects.
* you won't be able to have a maximum productivity if you have insomnia. The effects of it are gendearmentffect your randament, your memory and your control and because of that some of the task you were good on, are not going to be as good as you are used to be. You do not want this to be a long term because there is not nice at all.
* the psychological part of insomnia is, I guess, the must complicated effect because most of the people having it can be affected in a psychological way and things like depression can happen and then you are not in the control. You have to see the doctor and be sure you do not take any antidepressants for insomnia if you do not have a prescription from the doctor and you do not know exactly what's going on with you. There are also supplements for insomnia that the doctor can prescribe you and you also have to reduce the amount of time and get rid of lack of sleep.

do you sleep upside downn?

Penguin Coke

nitin p
if that is the case the half of the young generation who like to hangout with friends especially the hostlers will be insomniac. Try to take a good meal at the night and also include some natural foods which induces sleep. You can read about such food on http://www.enaturecure.com/2009/07/natural-cure-for-insomnia.html

If you get enough sleep that you wake naturally and don't feel tired, then you are probably okay and your body clock likes to sleep at that time.

If you don't get enough sleep and feel tired, then you have insomnia.

Michelle N
• Interruption of breathing: This is termed as sleep apnea in medical terms. In this condition you experience interruption in breathing. As a result of this interruption your sleep cycle is disturbed. This happens due to partial collapse of respiratory track muscle tone. The bigger problem about this condition that person suffering from such condition do not remember what interrupted his sleep. However, he keeps drowsing throughout the day complaining sleeplessness. This type of Insomnia is attributable to congestive heart, sign of premature aging and cerebral vascular condition. The best way to get rid of such condition is that you must awake from the bed and resume breathing.

• The other type of Insomnia is noticed particularly in person taking frequent journeys. Your journey may have different time zones as such it becomes very difficult for you to adjust yourself with the changed sleeping habits. Your body is accustomed to a particular time schedule for sleep. Whenever there is change in this schedule, you may experience symptom of sleeplessness. This cause is also applicable to people working in shifts.

• In another type of sleep disorder symptoms, person responds physically to the events he has seen in dreams. Violent behavior during sleep, nightmares and sleepwalking are examples of such responses.

• You may experience other symptoms like awaking in night due to unpleasant sensations. This sensation occurs due to flowing of acids upwards from stomach. This condition is termed as gastro-esophageal reflex.

Insomnia not only makes you sleepless but can be a sign of other serious diseases. Insomnia also affects your personality and general behavior. You don’t get sufficient sleep and as a result you feel laziness or drowsiness throughout the day. You may not be able to concentrate on work at office or at home. Confusion and inability for coordination are also related with Insomnia.

Bear in mind, Insomnia is not a disease in itself. It is a symptom of sleeplessness and may be a sign of other disease. There are many ways, traditional as well as medicinal, to treat these symptoms. Maintaining sleep hygiene, trying to live stress-free and adhering to adopting good sleeping habits will give you some relief from Insomnia. If these do not yield satisfactory results you can consult a doctor who will advise you the right sleeping aid.

It depends on what time you wake up... how long do you sleep?
And not sleeping will make you gain weight, get dark circles under your eyes, feel depressed or cranky, mood swings, problems with eating habits and memory.

It will make your hang nails worse! lol It will make everything worse. Are you eating enough? Seriously...

Hey that was my whole life until about 15-16 when I started running track. Go out for a short run every day and you'll fall right asleep. It still takes me an hour or two to get to bed. It might be genetic cause my dad had the same problem. Don't worry too much its more common than you think. Some people just need more time to get to sleep and some need ALOT.

If you can't sleep, thats insomnia. If you're a teen, however, you might just be on a different schedule. Teens prefer to go to bed later. If you go to bed late and still get at least 7 or 8 hours, you're a normal teen. This certainly doesn't help with early morning high school classes though.

Da Haitian Queen
woah i think i have mild insomnia 2. its 3:39 now and i have school. i went to sleep at ten then woke up at 11 then wokw up at 1 and now im awake on my phone. im used to sleeping at around 5-7 am kuz i cant fall asleep. and when i actually need to i cant omg so aggravating! im in friggin tenth grade i needs sleep lol. but a body needs sleep to rejuvinate it self( is rejuvinate a word?). kuz the heart needs some rest. after a busy day your body will need some kind of rejuvination for the next day. and thats why people sometimes people get headaches. or get sick.

If you really try to get to sleep but you can't fall asleep, you have insomnia.

It's Graham™
well if you get to bed really late in the night you might have mild insomnia

i have the same thing.... its 3:34 am here....haha

20 yrs old and still awake.

u have mild insomnia
your most likely kept up bc it became rutine.... your body has an alarm clock, it learns your ways....

and watching tv and internet doesnt help at allllllllllllll

read a book... before bed. itll make u tired.
stay clear of tv an internet at 9pm

ive been told never to use your bedroom as a place for entertainment... so dont watch tv or internet in there....
it works for me when i want to sleep early. cheaper that way then pills.

Haven't you ever watched "Sesame Street" as a child? Everyone knows the remedy to insomnia is counting sheep!

And not sleeping will wear your body down to the point where it can't function properly. You could probably last about a week without sleep. Don't try this at home, however.

David Hasselhoff is in the house

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