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how can i make myself vomit?
i am a wrestler and i need to make weight. iwas doing fine cutting but i accidentally slipped up and ate a little too much food i want to get it out so i can make weight.
when i stick my finger down my throat all it does is make my mouth fill with saliva.
weigh ins are in a few hours and i dont have time to run the food off or go to the store

The 3rd Eye
When I tried to lose weight fast, I used the sauna instead, or the steam room. I lost up to 10 lbs before Army weigh-ins to make weight. I'd say a hour session in the sauna will lose like 3-5lbs and another in the steam room-5 more. Be careful, this worked for me. Its all on you. Drink water.





Bob B
Drink alot of beer with medication.

Shelby T
eat more and more until your stuffed and then you will vomit its happened 2 me lol tell me if it works plz

j stiff
laxitives man... and lots of them

This is only in emergency for food poisoning or feeling sick. Not for other reasons.Use a spoon and press on the back of your tongue

thats not good for the body mate,try lose water weight and by making yourself throw up in a long run you put weight on

Toothbrush down the throat lol,
personally you shouldnt do it though

Dont make yourself vomit its bad for your teeth and you can develop throat and stomach cancer.

Put your hand in your mouth and down your throat then grab the intestines and pull em out . Then mince the intestines with a chopper and swallow the intestines back. You might wanna chew em. Then take a hammer and hammer your knee cap till it shatters.

Im just tryna make you vomit

Halo Guy.
Not healthy Bro... it's probably not worth it.... You can spit in a water bottle about 1000000 times... that will lose you weight.

You don't need to vomit to get your weight down. Drink some water and just wait. Getting full isn't necessarily going to make you gain weight.

Making yourself vomit can be very dangerous. Stop trying, stop worrying and accept you "accident" as just a part of life.

I am going to answer your question without judging the context of it.

When you stick your finger down your throat, you have to stick it far enough back to envoke a gag reflux. Your mouth will fill with saliva. Using your finger, push down on your tongue and as far in as you can go. Distance is the key. You will gag a number of times prior to vomiting. You will have to repeat this each time you want to throw up. It does not cause you to instantly empty all the contents in your stomach. Good luck and let me warn you, it can make you feel like you are having a heart attack.

This is dangerous. Don't do it.

Akire :)
so you want to binge?
you have to reach at the back of your throat there's that little thig hanging right?
you gotta touch it, and you will probably vomit!

but you should mabey just pop some pills???
thats not greatly healthy either!

sorry i can't come up with much!
good luck!

Amelia bladddddd :)
that is just sick no offence but it is

Olivias Mommy‚ô•Faxing Berlin
What your doing is not healthy...no sport should jeopordize the health of your body..

dumb. thats really unhealthy sorry

if it seriously matters that much to you you need to get a life man.. just tell your coach or whatever hat you ate before.

Rudas Jabbi
If you think making yourself vomit will make you lose weight, then you are dumb.

It's dangerous aswell.

Keep the finger in there til something comes up. Press down on your tongue.

EDIT: If you have a few hours then you have time to go to the store and run it off. Sit in a sauna too.

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