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how can i get myself to vomit?

i just wanted to make it clear that i'm not doing this to lose weight. i have a VERY bad stomache ache and i have tried all theese home remedies and i didn't feel any better so my mom went to the store and bought me some tums but they only made it worse!! i was able to throw up a little and i felt better but then when i had some food i felt just as bad as before.

i would try to just stick my finger down my throat but i have already tried that and it doesn't work

please help me!!

Rico Goldstar
Castor Oil
Syrup Of Ipicac
Cod Liver Oil
Watch the Movie Beaches

o0o i had this before when i was on vacation all i did was just try to go to sleep in the room with out thinking about vomiting i would think about something else then i feel asleep and woke up feeling fine

Part of me doesn't really wanna give you ideas cause you could be lying, afterall it's called internet. But I can definetly understand..my friend and I were at the fair and she wasn't feeling good at all, and she had no choice but to make herself puke and she felt kind of better afterwards, she still didn't feel good but she didn't feel as bad as she did before.
I highly doubt you have these, but you know those sticks doctors use to push down your tongue to see your throat? Well when i get em i feel like gagging, i dont know about you but try that, Or a place a tongue scraper on your tongue to where you feel like gagging then throat up.
I think those are the only remedies..

picture your least favorite meat, and be putting mayo and jelly on it...that gets me feeling horrible enough to hurl.

Joe C
Whatever you do, brush your teeth right afterwards, as the stomach acid eats away at tooth enamel.

put you're finger down you're throat with you're finger covered in mustard and stroke the back of you're throat 5 times until you vomit...

Zac and Joe loves forever:)
hi, i understand exactly where you're coming from, when im sick, i want to throw up to, so what i would do is just stick a tampon down my throat and then the barf comes up, lol , im a guy but i take my moms usually and it actaully works , try it !
seriosly , this aint no joke im telling the trut h, it sounds desgusting but it makes you gag so then you barf and it wont take long either :P aha


there's this thing called Epicac. it's really potent though, they use it when someone's swallowed poison. It flushes out the system by inducing vomitting. I have no idea about side affects so you should probably read the label and all that stuff.


No name please! <33
if you keep eating a lot you'll probably vomit,
or if you jabbed a q-tip in your throat, but i wouldnt reconmend that unless your sure you wouldnt accidentally drop it and choke on it. you can look online for home remedies. because i have a big book of home remedies but im pretty sure you can look online. because vomiting idk if its the best answer. and yeah i wouldnt try that epicac stuff. that make make you keep throwing up.

maybe its food poisoning?

*girl name* lol
ive felt like this.
see a doctor'
you may feel like u need to vomit but you shouldn't force it...ur body will do whats right.
if there is something it is trying to get rid of, you will vomit, or go to the toilet lots. if u just got a bit of a bug it may just pass.

You can try some syrup of ipecac, or try putting a toothbrush down your throat. Other than that, I have no idea. You can get syrup of ipecac at a drug store.

Miss Dymond
yOU HAVE to make yourself gag.

Gloom Monster :]]
Stick a tooth brush down your thoat alot, over and over. Worked for me, but I was bulemic. Haha, good luck with that

throwing up is not healthy, and although it may make you feel better now, your teeth and throat will be messed up later if it becomes a habit. Drink some seltzer water and lay down, or go see a doctor.

Mary G
Jape is right- it's called Ipicac-they sell it at the drug store, sometimes behind the pharmacy counter and it comes in a little bottle (it's liquid) It's nasty stuff I would only drink half the bottle and in about ten to fifteen minutes you are puking until the next day. At least I was anyways. Not fun, but it works.

start gagging a lot, like try to simulate your throat as if you're trying to move a golf ball out of your stomach.

Joe C,
you are toally wrong
if you do puke DO NOT BRUSH YOUR TEETH RIGHT AWAY! your enamel is very soft after you vomit and brushing right away wears it down even quicker
rinse your mouth with mouth wash right after instead, wait about half an hour for the enamel to harden again and THEN brush your teeth

Spin around in circles then bend over and it should come up!! That always works for me :]]

Frying pan!
ipecac. Its a chemical used for people that have alcohol posioning, Though you would not stop throwing up.

My friends grandmother gave him vodka and some tea...He said it worked...though you should probably have doctors advice.

The way to cure a stomach ache, is water and rest and probably doctors advice.

Touch your palate and glottis and you must vomit!

try sticking ur toothbrush down there jus keep a good grip on it...just an idea.

Serena M
Drink plenty of water.

take a noodle or like a piece of bread rolled into a rod or something and tilt your head back and lower the stuff in. if that doesn't work, try a bendy-straw

Stick your finger deeper down your throat.

Miranda K
maybe you should try eating bananas or something

epitat or castoroil would work, or like on semi pro you could get punched in the jujunum

Andy S
Don't eat anything until your stomachache goes away. Unfortunately, you'll just have to wait this out. Either you'll puke or you won't...sounds like a nasty stomach flu bug.

Please don't use ipecac...it's very potent and contributed to the death of Karen Carpenter.

Go on google videos, type in "Two Girls and a Cup", watch the whole thing and enjoy.

Eat mayonnaise by the spoonful.

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