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Hey look at the Sun
today, i've been having diarrhea and the last time I had a piece of my poop was reddish and when I wiped using toilet paper, there was a bit of blood. what's happening to me? and can i still drink milk?

burning brightly
You have piles and ou need a good pile driver to fix you right up ~~

~ Bubz ~
I don't think its serious maybe hemorrhoids, But seek doctors advice just incase.

Block Head
with end do you drink milk?

Sometimes when one has a lot of diarrhea the skin at the anus ( b*utthole ) will get really irritated ( from all the wiping and the excess acid flowing )and bleed a bit. It will be gone in a day or two after you are well.

I would think you can still drink milk.

you should visit your doctor

I do care!
DON'T DRINK MILK if you have diarrhea. It makes it worse.

It sounds as if your anus is becomeing inflammed from the loose bowel motions causing some bleeding when wiping.

You may just have a stomach bug that will pass in it's own time.
Don't take any anti-diarrhea pills if you can as it's your bodies way of trying to rid what's upsetting the guts. If you stop the diarreah the bug stays in the system longer.

If you start to feel sick in the stomach and/or vomiting, you may need to make an appointment to see your Doctor for some anti-emetic meds.

Keep up your fluids. Drink Gastrolyte. It's designed for this.

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