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 I've had diahrea, been throwing up, cold sweats, hot flashes, and dizzy?
Last night at about 2am i woke up and couldnt sleep. I then proceeded to throw up twice within about 5 mins. After that i was up practically the whole night with all the symptoms + a stomach ache. I...

 Help with a dizzyness/fainting problem?!?
I work as a cashier at a grocery store, and lately (about 4 times this has happened) I have been feeling very dizzy and woozy mainly at the beginning of my shifts and have to be taken off because I ...

 Quick, I'm having a hiccup right now..what's the cure? No sugar swallowing please..?

 Won't take a shower?
My bro won't take a shower.

How do I make him take one, and what kind of diseases can he get if he doesn't take one. He hasn't taken one for over a month now....

 Is it possible for deppresion to go away by itself?
Is there any possibility that severe depression can go away by itself without any clinical treatment? Please anyone that has any ideas let me know, thanks:)...

 Should I eat when I feel sick and have no appetite?
I don't feel well. I am having terrible heartburn, nausea, upset stomach, fatigue, weakness. I have absolutely no appetite, and I get a little more sick when I eat.

Should I force ...

 If you had to choose a handicap, blindness, deafness, inability to walk, etc. what would it be and why?
Refrain from handicaps that aren't don't change your life in a significant way eg: Loss of a toe, let's keep this to handicaps that are epic life changing events....

 I am having a pain on my left front side below my ribs?
It seems to start or intensify whenever I eat. Ibuprofen helps. What organ is located on your front left side?...

 I need a doctor's advice please? Please, no stupid comments, this is very serious for me.?
What does it mean if there is blood coming out from your ears? And afterwards you feel kind of dizzy?...

 What happens if you eat cigarettes?

 how do i stop doing meth...?
cuz thats just the worst drug im on now!
i really need help!!!
how do you stop!??...

 Is it possible?
Is it possible to have osteoarthritis at my age? 2 of the 6 symtoms match. and also the most common places that it occurs in is the knee and amnkle and hip. I think I have it in the knee and ankle. I&...

 What's wrong with me?
I have the chills, i feel really weak, i have frequent mood swings, loss of appetite, headaches, dizziness, tiredness, shortness of breath, off and on fever, easy bruising, paleness, and confusion.<...

 Help before I'm anorexic?
I'm 13 years old and I weigh an average of 87 pounds. No matter how much I eat I never gain a pound. What do I do?...

 Which doctor should he see if a person can't control his bowel and urine?
age 63
had a light stroke ...

 What's wrong with me? Could any of these be symptoms of something bad? Please, somebody help me..?
1) I've been getting really bad back pains.
2) I'm only 13.
3) I always have a lot of snot-spit [yes, I know, gross.]
4) I usually black out when I get up or stand up, etc.<...

 i havent had a BM in 3 1/2 weeks....?
ok im 14 and im seriously unable to go to the bathroom by myself and i dont know what to use, because laxatives dont work

i have IBS-C, but there isn't anything the doctors give ...

 If you could one disease/illness, what would you cure? Why?

 Will someone please, please tell me what's wrong with me, help=[!?
Right now, I feel like I'm about to faint.
here's everything I feel er have:
-very sore throat
-hurts to talk
-ear ache
-tooth ache
-menstrual cramps

 how is it possible?
i was fine last night. a little tired and fatigued but no big deal.

i woke up this morning with a majorly sore throat and a killer headache. i called my boss, who was doubtful i was ...

father and son bump into a pole and go to diffrent hospt's when the doctor came they said this is my son?

*mommy to 3 boys*

John F
The doctor's a woman, or the man has 2 sons.

because it's his MOTHER!

fonda t
The doctor is the son's mother.( women can be doctor's too.)

Mr. Sir
It was the Mother

The doc was his mom...and is there a question in there???

what everyone else said


Yea it's his mother!!!

Captain Flatulence
Doc was the kid's mom.

Another oldie but a very goodie joke. The joke went on....... Ultimately, it ends that the surgeon who refuse to operate on her very, own son was his ....Mom. Another exemplary of stereotyping. The mentality and the moral lesson here is that ;that not all surgeons and consequently, predominantly male oriented in the field of medicine are..... males.

it's his mother, this is like the oldest riddle ever.

it's the mom.

The doc is his mother.

his mom

A man and his son get into a terrible car accident and are brought to two different hospitals. When the boy gets to the hospital the Doctor comes out and says "I can't treat this boy". Why?

That's the way the riddle goes.

is there a question in there somewhere?

The doctor is the patients mother..

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