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what are the specific reasons as to why some people with epilepsy can't have caffiene? or they can't ride in airplanes or on rollercoasters?

i know basic reasons, but i don't know how they can cause the seizures.

Several types of epilepsy have been linked to defective genes that regulate how brain cells communicate with each other, but only a few rare types of the disorder are known to arise from specific gene defects. Otherwise, it appears that abnormalities in any of several hundred genes may play a role in the development of epilepsy. Although some forms of epilepsy tend to run in families, genetic inheritance plays only a partial role in causing epilepsy — perhaps by making a person more susceptible to environmental factors that cause seizures.

In many cases, the onset of epilepsy can be traced to an accident, disease or medical trauma — such as a stroke — that injures your brain or deprives it of oxygen. In rare instances, epilepsy may be caused by a tumor in your brain. However, epilepsy has no identifiable cause in about half of all affected people.


it's down to an imballance in the brain
the two hemispheres cant align quickly enough so when on a rollercoaster they are in conflict as with caffine the enzymes interact oppiste to a normal brian function

my mum has epilepsy and can only have one cup of coffee a day and cant go in lifts/esculators/or high places

Beach Lover
Some people with epilepsy do just fine with caffeine. I have epilepsy and can eat all the chocolate I want, but if I have too much cola or coffee I get really jittery. No seizures though. It just depends on the individual and their tolerance level. Caffeine is a very strong drug that can essentially close up a living cell affecting the Sodium/Potassium ion channels in the membranes so nothing can go in or out. I'm not sure how this works in brain cells but I assume it isn't good.

The thing is, epilepsy has no set rules. We can have similar type seizures, but beyond that we're completely individual in our experiences with medications, restrictions and triggers.
Some of us fine with moderate caffine intakes, other can have a seizure after just one coffee. Same with alcohol, Sure we can fly unless the epilepsy is really severe, just so long as we get enough sleep and keep hydrated. Jetlag can trigger szs. Never heard about rollar coaters. Most of us will avoid rides that involve strobe lights. Heights have to always be considered as a potetial injury risk in the event of a seizure, so rollercoasters might qualify there. Most of us find out by trial and error what our seizure triggers and avoidance situations are.

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