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emergency please read?
my dad was moaning from he said his lower stomach. he said it hurts alot and he keeps moving from it. and then he said he feels like his back is broken so theres pain there too. and he also mentioned that its gonig to his legs. i really dont know what it is. he said he feels nausis (dont know how to spell that). could it be his appendix?

dont know sorry.

Hey maybe he is passing a kidney stone. The symptoms sounds like it could be so.

maybe we need to take him to the emergency room. if we don't know how to spell something, there is a little green box that says check spelling. It spell checks for you. good luck with your dad. merry christmas

yea he needs medical asstiance

Its possible that it can be his appendix, but lets not rule out kidney infection or kidney stones, esp if it is lower abdominal pain and back pain mainly towards the sides rather than the middle. He should be seen by a doctor so that urine analysis can be done as well as an abdominal sonar.

Gisella ஜ ღن٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱ♥
dude call 911!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when was the last time he moved his bowels? he could be just severely constipated, which would cause all those symptoms. If he doesn't have a fever, I doubt it is his appendix. If the pain is more to one side, it could be a kidney stone, but that would not cause pain down the legs...pressure on the spine from a too full bowel would however cause that sort of symptom.
If his bowels are regular, then I would suggest that it would be a good idea to see a doctor.

do u have a mom ( talk him to the doctor)

It could be a lot of things. Almost sounds like a kidney stone. In any case, you should call 911. Good luck to both of you.
God bless!

Robert J
You should take your Dad to the emergency room. It may be something serious. Then again it could just be a turd stuck sideways.

Tom K
It could be a lot of things including an aneurysm. If that is what it is, it may burst and you won't be able to get him help fast enough to keep him alive.


Go to the Emergency Room now, his appendix could explode. Im serious.

Could be diabetes, thats how I felt before I found out I had it. Anyone could get it at any time, I was 19 and I'm 120 lbs, so I never thought I'd get it. I would make an appt asap.

Kevin M
It could.
Do this:
look at his abdomen in 4 sections dividing it equally left to right and top to bottom. Press on his abdomen in each of the four quadrants and see which one hurts worse. Either way you should still get him checked at the hospital emergency room because there are other organs in the abdomen which can be just as dangerous if inflamed or worse ruptured. Also check him for a fever.

Go to the doctor !

Kelsey S
um, i don't know, but maybe you should go to the emergency room

I think it could be, maybe give the doctor a jingle to see what he thinks

why don't u both go see a doctor??????????????/

Im no medical scientist or doctor but the symtims (lol cant spell either) seem like a pendicitus because when i was having mine i felt exactly the same its best to ring the hospital for advice to see, but the symtoms do not sound very extensive so its just best to get a proffesional opion.]

just ring a local health clinic or 24 hour doctors sugery but im pretty shure that it is hius appendix.

I hope i Helped, and i hope ur dad will be ok

Merry Christamas

could be but probably not, sounds more like slipped disk in his lower back

Get your dad to a doctor or other health care professional. Appendicitis is one possibility, but there may be nerve and disk problems in his spine as well. In either case, waiting can make things much worse, and you shouldn't let anyone suffer needlessly.

Do it NOW?

it sounds like food poisoning, but really you need to get him to the emergency. It doesn't sound like his appendix but I'm not a doctor. I have heard that appedix pain is extremely painful.

sumtimes its due to the weather...or sumtimes its jus muscles that r stiffen from inside due to less excercise or body movement.I mean I dunno wether ur father is a sporty person or not but a little walk and bit of fresh air could sumitmes do the trick.if not offcourse i'd say consult doc but b4 that do try if any of this wud help.

It could be, or it could be his kidneys. Get him an ambulance, Honey.

Good luck!

Chloe J
call a doctor, now... go on what are you waiting for? ... ... GO!

kidney stones? appendix? hernia? gall stones? cancer? whatever it is get him to the emergency room quickly. Usually people know they have something super bad when they regurgitate blood.

[email protected]
well, i feel bad for you, i hope your dad feels better! i'll say, go see a doctor!

o.O tell him to go see the doctor immediately!

Go to the Hospital.

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