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do you know someone who stutters/stammers and do you think it's funny??

Additional Details
thanx people who is positive this shows me not everyone laughs and this will really help me through school..

Cynthia B
yes i do and i think it's cute.

IC core? Give it a coat!!!
"......Stt.....Stt....Sttutterredd when you aske me what I'm thinkin bout'........"

What about this?

Yes almost as funny as midgets oops I mean little people

i would feel sorry for them...
(oh the humiliation)

sometimes it can be funny but only if they laugh about it too, wouldnt ridicule someone about it as they cant help it

Yes. I used to stammer, and no, I don't think it's the least bit funny.

My cousins does and my exhusband used to and I don't think its funny at all! This is so difficult for them not to mention embarassing.

Mona l
It is strange for first-time listeners, but once you get used to it it's alright.
I don't see how it can be funny ha-ha though.

Jack B
yes my cusin stutters, an yes i do but only because he makes jokes about it and can laugh at himself! cos of this no one laughs at him but with him!

i do not think it's funny. those people are just like us, except they have a more challenging life.

I stutter when i get nervous :( lol.
I also have a miney little bit of a lisp... who the hell put an S in liSp??!!
I tink it is quite funny lol ;P i know tis mean but i have a sick sence of humor and i laughed my head off when that person said about the 'little people' hehe, they can kick them selvesin the head!! woop woop tha rox! haha, they are quite funny; not in a mean way though
x x x mwah x x x

It's not funny

Yes one of our very best friend stutters... i wouldn't say i though it was funny coz its not really its just because he gets really nervous and tries to talk faster than he can think!
But once he relaxes and chills out a bit he stammers less.
The great thing is, is that he knows he does it and talks openly about it so we'll laugh with him when he does stutter, but we just tell him to slow down and chill out and then he's ok!
I don't think its ' funny ' like in a nasty way tho :-}

yes and no i dont think its funny....if you do think its funny your an ars'e.

Why would anyone think this awful affliction funny?

I know a few people who stutter and I used to be one of them. I think at first our reaction is to laugh and joke about it but in the end, hopefully we'll realise that it's not funny at all and the poor person feels worse when we do.
I used to stutter REALLY badly and it always stemmed from nervousness. And the more people laughed and made fun of me the more self conscious I got, and only exacerbated the situation. It was pretty horrible because having to give talks and presentations in university was a living nightmare.
I was lucky enough to have good friends and support in a working environment that gave me confidence to speak no matter how nervous I was and thankfully the stutter is almost 100% gone. And now I'm working in Marketing Communications where my verbal skills are pivotal to success.
To all the stutters out there, don't give up and become confident and ignore all the nasty laughs and jeers. It is possible to cure the affliction. :)

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