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 here are my symptoms. what is my illness?
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right.. well i aint got pmt.. for obvious reasons.. i married, so ...

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 Does anyone know how to live forever without dying?
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 Please Help. I tremble and shake alittle. I don't know what is wrong.?
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Anyways please help...I feel dizzy when I ...

 someone help me. my boyfriend's suffering.?
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 Quick cure for constipation please!?
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Ask Me ♥
do i have an eating disorder? ?
everytime i eat anything, i make myself "poop" or pee after every meal. i dont know why, i think it helps me loose wait.
am i considered like having an eating disorder? i feel fat and i cant stop, i feel bad.

im 13, 5'4 and 132 pounds

wow.... no i don't think u have a disorder but u r kinda chubby..... i'm 5'7 and i weigh 121....0.0

♥MoNsTeR eNeRgY♥
ummm im 116 puonds and 5"2

had to let it go
I wouldnt say this is an eating disorder
it seems like just a weigh to clean out yur system digest and feel better after a meal
i know a few people who also do this exact same thing

dont feel fat =]]
love your body

Sarah H.
well, you need to exercise when you can! i think you do. I too am 5'4' but im 12 (almost 13) but weigh 108 pounds.

Ask your mom or doctor.

You might just about to be going through another growth spurt!

Check out the food pyramid!

Good [email protected]

hmm not really you seem pretty fine ..

this is off topic but .. vote ?

well technically you don't but if you keep up this habit you will develop one soon

get help before it gets worser and no your not fat at all

This is scary. I weigh the same as you, Im the same age, and I'm the same height! You shouldn't do that just eat healthy and exercise.

j. rabbit
Eating disorders are MENTAL illnesses. It happens when you have a skewed idea in your head about your body. So, yes, I think that you have started to lean that direction. Now is the time to realize that you are approaching the situation in an unhealthy way. Stop worrying about "fat or thin" and start worrying about "healthy or unhealthy" (although it is also possible to take this concept too far as well!) Go to the bathroom when your body tells you to. The way to help yourself lose weight is at the other end. Eat healthy foods, and in moderate amounts. Thirteen year old girls are notorious for having negative ideas about their bodies. Try to realize that who you are is not "how you look". And don't forget, Curves on a girl are a GOOD thing!

Wolf Magic
it depends on how you do it - however at present i do not believe you have an eating disorder - i do however believe that your behaviour may be developing into and eating disorder if continues - i believ it may be the early stages of bulimia. you have a good weight and height but if you want try some sports - i amnot saying exercise because i find it very boring - instead try things you like like horse riding canoing, rock climbing basewire jumping soccer basketball martial arts - the world is open - findan activit you enjoy it will boost you energy, help you psychologically and can - most probably will decrease your worry about weight it is fun and very healthy and the other bonus is it will help you with your school work as it will refresh you and you will have something to look forward to every week. all the best

your young, kind of short, and light i would ask my doctor you never know a lot of things these days

some dude
Why do girls your age always think your fat? but anyway, forcing yourself to use the restroom will not aid you in losing weight, because your body takes all the nutrients out in your intestines. So this woulden't be an official eating disorder, but forcing yourself to use the restroom cannot be good anyway.

It doesn't necessarily make you loose weight, it just gets rid of the toxins in your body. But please, don't force yourself, I had the same problem at your age, I felt fat. So I was always so worried about how fat I was. I never forced myself to poop or pee after a meal, and I never forced myself to throw up. I ate normally, I ate a variety of foods and ate healthy. But really its not an eating disorder if your not intentionally making yourself poop or pee, if you do it and you don't even want to then it is. Stop thinking your fat! Your not, this is an age where you gain weight fast even if you eat a normal sized portion or a small sized portion.

You need some self confidence. 132 isn't a lot and who knows maybe it is more muscle than fat. Muscle does way more then fat so it just might be. I don't think that you do have a eating disorder though. Going to the bathroom is normal.

I <3 MJ
Hmm..I don't think you have an eating disorder. But making yourself go to the bathroom isn't right. If you feel 'fat' then try to eat healthier and get more active!

Making yourself use the bathroom will not help because all the calories you eat get absorbed in your body before you go. The best thing to do is eat a balanced diet of protein, vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Also do some sort of exercise everyday like walking or aerobics. And you are not fat for your height.

you are just growing

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