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did i have a mini seizure/stroke last night?
I'm 14, female, and i suffer from anorexia
I havent eaten since last friday (i dont need to hear it) and ive been feeling pretty bad because of the starving.

at 4 am this morning i woke up and ran to the bathroom. i was so dizzy that i couldnt see anything but i found the toilet. i had some kind of diarrhea and the worst cramps of my life. i was blinded and in a lot of pain everywhere. i kept slumping over and i wanted to scream. i thought i was dying.

i was trying to fight the dizziness and the blindness so i got off the toilet and wrapped a towel around myself (i was not wearing anything somehow) and fell to the floor and blacked out.
when i came to, i think it was about five minuts later, and the world was kind of spinning. i got up off the floor and there was a whooshing sound in my ears. i was really shaky but i put some clothes on and went to bed again.

this has never happened to me before, and ive had a lot of experience with starving. im not at a very low weight at the moment (barely underweight) so im not emaciated.

i tried to research my symptoms and the only things i could think of were seizure or stroke, though i dont know much about either. after reading about it a bit, heart failure came up. is this what happened?

please help me, i need to know
i dont want to die
and please, dont tell me to just eat or that im stupid. i want to know what happened to me.
Additional Details
im not sure if it was just regular fainting... ive fainted lots of times before, from starving and other reasons. this was different but maybe it was just normal

John B
you say dont tell you just to eat, but thats exactly the solution.

things like this dont happen to healthy people, and this is definitely branching off from your anorexia
there is no way that it is just a coincidence that you have anorexia and also you have a seperate health issue
these things are connected
you are malnourished and should eat, thats the only advice i can give to you

I wouldn't be able to help you with an answer but I am worried for you. As a friendly suggestion, I would like for you to explain your WHOLE post to your parents/guardians. You may need medical help. Do NOT risk your life by not doing anything. Please.

Sometimes the best answer is the hardest to accept.

You can't just starve yourself for days. Your body can't work properly without adequate nutrition.

Sounds like a 'gastric' problem. And when you jumped out of bed, you got dizzy and had a case of 'blinding light'.

And I'd imagine you were shaky cold when you jumped out of bed to lay on the bathroom floor naked.

And you probably dozed off on the bathroom floor and got sleep paralysis (which can give you that whooshing sound)

Colleen C
Yes probably I am sorry that you suffer from that and you need to get a doctor for that, seizer/strokes or whatever you had i am sure its something bad and unhealthy for a 14 yr old boy.and i don't much think you had either one you may have had something wrong so try to put some newtriants in your body DO NOT TAKE PILLS. i am almost positive it is because you have anorexia because boys have a faster matabalism and you need to eat more so you are double starving yourself from a girl research more.

It's also possible that you simply passed out. When you don't eat, whether it's for a day or a couple days, your blood sugar gets low. This is called hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar can cause you to pass out, it's happened to me quite a few times.

Stephanie T
I'm not going to be easy on you, what is happening to you is a result of you abusing your body. You felt like you were dying b/c you are killing yourself. Your body needs nutrition to keep going, when you stop eating eating then your heart, lungs, blood, etc can't go. You need to develop a healthy relationship w/ food. I saw a Dr. on a morning show talking about lap-band surgeries, and that the stomach is reduced to 5 bites of food per meal to help overweight people lose weight. I think it may depend on the person to add a few more bites if needed. Maybe you should make that at least your goal. I hope you will consider therapy too. Many times controlling food intake stems from loss of control elsewhere in your life. Remember, God loves you, everything is in His timing and in His control. That can sometimes give you peace of mind when you trust Him to give Him control of your life.

its issues with low blood sugar.
taht would explain the dizzyness and the fainting
and the shaking

Because your not eating your body doesn't know what to do. It is confused and is not getting any nutrition to make it function properly. Also because you do not have anything in your stomach it is really easy for u to pick up bugs. you may have picked up a bug and your body was just tryin to get rid of it.
I know that u really don't want to hear this but you should eat!
a friend of mine had anorexia and died from it, i don't want this to happen to anyone else.

[email protected]!!
My sister used to be anorexic, so i'm not gonna jude. People make stupid choices in life, every one does, so no one should tell you that you're stupid or anything like that. My sister had this happen to her a few times, what it is is your body doesn't have any more energy because you're not feeding it, so it starts having seizures. And anorexia can bring on more health problems than just starving to death. It can even cause cancer. And i'm not trying to scare you or anything, but i know a couple of people that have been anorexic and are right now in the hospital. The doctors gave one a little over a month to live and the other three weeks. I'm so glad my sister started fixing her life, because if not she'd be in the hospital right now, too. If i were you, i'd start eating. Think of how your family and friends would feel if anything happened to you. You've already had one bad experience because of not eating, don't call the next one, ok?

martin d
I know you said not to tell you to eat but...
It is incredibly unhealthy to starve yourself.
What happened is because of you not eating. It was not a seizure. Those are symptoms of weakness due to starvation.

Seriously, you have to realize how stupid that is. Eat if you don't want to die.

Funniest dude on this mutha

DONT WORRY! Your not going to die from a seizure. BUT you could die from hunger and a lack of food. Im glad you told me you have anorexia, because thats the reason why you felt the way you did. You had diarrhea because your body was flushing out the last remains of food in your body. Your body is basically telling you need food, jeez... How do you think your body will run if you have no food? Obviously this was bound to happen to you. And your only like what 14? What made you convinced not to eat after like 5 days? Im not trying to be mean or anything, but you deserve the lecture. This is very serious! How much do you weigh! Please respond back to this so I can help you.Please!

this happened because your body is not getting the nutrients it needs. you are going to kill yourself! I'm sorry but you really really need help. go to the doctor and they will help you.

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