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curing hiccups?
when you drink water backwards do you get rid of hiccups?

becuase of the water?
or becuase of the way you drink the water

A spoonful of peanutbutter will get rid of them immediatly.
I've never heard of the water thing.

Hope I could Help.

ONE AND ONLY CURE is have a sip of vinegar believe Me it's a cure I do it every time.And this is all that works for Me.

Jennifer R
Have someone cover your ears really tight while you are drinking water, it works I swear by it....


Deitric W
Hold your breath for as long as you can


drink water and swallow it uspside down
hold your breath for ten seconds
try to jump up and down


Ashley P
I saw a lady at work bend over and drink water... fill the cup all the way to the top, bend over, and take sips from the tip of the glass that's facing away from you... it works!

frank b
drink a lot of water rlly fast
hold ur breath but it doesn't work unless u hold ur nose too!!! that alaways works 4 me!!

Drink water.

hmm idk i think its the way you drink it. it always works for me!
good question, a star for you my friend. :)

Swallow a spool full of sugar, it works for me! I know it sounds gross!!

The best way to cure hiccups is to sip water very slowly in between them

The trick requires 2 people. The person with hiccups stands against a wall with both hands above their head. A friend needs to tip a glass of water into their mouth as they chug it down...tipping their head back.

Something about the way the diaphram muscles get stretched, but it works.

I thought my friend was going to splash me, causing my anger to subside the hiccups. He was kind and my hiccups went away.

no that wont help............make some one scare you or try thinking of hicuping and you later cant....

the scaring thing has never worked for me.
but my friend told me to pull out/stretch the skin on your wrist.
it sounds crazy but everytime ive done it, it worked.
it worked for every person ive showed it to.

i think its just a mental thing though. hmm....

I don't think anybody really knows... There have been people who have suffered from hiccups for YEARS straight before they were cured. This definitely isn't normal but I know in the last several years I have had them for HOURS before and tried everything I could to get rid of them. I was always very sore the next day.

I used to use the "drink out of a cup of water backwards" method when I was a kid and it worked every time. It doesn't work for me anymore. It is difficult to explain to people how this works...

Hold a glass of water and look at the point on the rim where you would normally drink from. Then, look across to the other side of the glass- that's the point you want to drink out of. The trick is that you don't want to turn the glass 180 degrees to get to it- you need to keep holding it how you were in the first place.

The only way you'll be able to do this is to bend over while drinking out of it. If you still can't figure it out, you will need to almost put your chin in the glass to get your lips on the other end. It's difficult not to spill anything.

Another way to cure hiccups is to get scared - tell someone to scare you when you are not expeting it!

my hiccups always go away when i swallow water upside down. I'm not sure why tho.

st3ve 25 catfish
no it just looks funny and gets water in ur nose its helarious to watch dont try it just hold ur breath and drink water that should do it

take small sips of water 7 times slowly

I swear it works everytime, I think the hiccups go because you are concentrating on something else

you hold your nose and swallow air in. or you tell someone to scare you...that always works

Lady in Red
well Nyret N is basically right.

Hiccups are caused by a muscle spasm to the diaphragm. This forces air out and can cause a sound as it rushes past your voice box.

None of the tricks have ever worked for me....except eating, if I can manage with the hiccups. This puts pressure on the stomach and can result in the hiccups stopping. I imagine it would work the same with water. But, why drink it "backwards" if just the water itself would work?

As for Nyret N, to be the smartest person "EVER", you need to learn how to spell diaphragm

I have used the 'Brown paper bag trick' for years. Here are lots others.......



thas how i roll
hold your breath and drink some water

how do u drink water backwards? please don't report

I have never heard of that one, but for me atleast I can cure hiccups by laughing really hard, so just make someone make you laugh!!!

Like hold your breath and thinks opossums

how do you drink backwards?

the reasons for Hiccups is that your having a spazim above the windpipe and food tube ( dont know what its called) so the best thing to do is breath into a paper bag because it increases the c2o in the body and calms the spazim

Winter Glory
Drink water backwards? Not sure how you do that.

I've always put a spoon in a glass of water for 30 seconds and drank it, the metals in the spoon counter-act the hiccups.
(Nurse told me that trick in 1986)

Works like a charm every time.

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