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pip 34
coughs - how can I get rid of my cough quickly?

stop drinking from the toilet

cough, but it will be back pretty soon

get some cough syrup from the drug store
or you could drink some lemon juice or honey tea

tablespoon of honey in hot water and drink..

[email protected]
okay.. first, you put any kind of cough drop in a cup put ice water in the cup put cup into microwave for 25 seconds. Drink Up!!

olbus oil you can buy it in the supermarket , put a few drops ony our pillow at night , and dont do any dusting ,,dusting can make your cough worse ... honey and lemoncan be good to .

Stop smoking!

When I first start having symptoms of a cold....(bedtime routine)First I take some Nyquil (or generic), then I take a really hot, steamy shower, then when I get out of the shower I rub my chest and neck with Vicks Vapor Rub. Go straight to bed.The next day I usually feel better. I do this for the next few nights.

If I'm coughing during the daytime I take a cough drop. If I don't have to go to work, though, I drink hot tea w/ lemon or theraflu. (The theraflu can also be substituted for the Nyquil in the bedtime routine.)

It could be due to many reasons. Better check up. An ordinary cough syrup should normally cure it. Good luck.

My ENT recommended Delsym and it worked great. It is a 12 hour cough suppressant that is OTC.

Feel Better=)

Cinnomen candy.

I would try tea with honey initially. You can also get cough syrup at the supermarket or pharmacy.
If the coughs continue, call your doctor.

David T
Several things. One that I recommend is gargle with warm salt water. About 2 teaspoons in a cup. It will clean out the bacteria as well as help the tickle. Now, if the cough is in your chest, you need to decide on if it's a productive cough (phlegm) or not. I would suggest this, go to the pharmacist and tell him your symptoms. He will suggest a good brand of medicine for you.

Chantal G
That depends on what is causing your cough and on what concurrent conditions you have.

In general, you can take an anti-tussive (cough suppressant) for an unproductive (dry) cough or a decongestant to get rid of the phlegm that is probably causing you to cough, in the first place.

If your cough is long-standing, you can see your doctor, who can prescribe a tapering dose of steroids. Steroids can shrink the sinus tissues.

Be warned--If you have glaucoma, you cannot take decongestants or most cold medicines. People with glaucoma are pretty much limited to Claritin (loratadine) and cough drops.

1 shot whiskey- 1 tblsp. honey- 1 shot lemon juice- 2 tblsp molasses heat 20 seconds ---drink fast and relax

Sleep sleep sleep! Your body needs as much energy as possible to be used on making yourself better. You should be asleep now for heaven's sake! Get yourself to bed! With a few early nights followed by lie-ins, you'll be right as rain :)


homemade chicken soup-not ones from a can
chamomile tea with Cinnamon or honey
cough drops

benylin-dry cough-chesty cough-tickly cough

sour drinks like lemonade seem to make the symptoms a little better. also halls cough drops are the best.

Kaylee B
take cough syrup, or drink water or use a cough drop, see your doctor he/she might give you a perscription so you can get special meds. Take cough syrup, pills or drops, if you use them for at least 3 days your cough should be gone

wish I knew. I have the same thing!

Lemon juice, lots of sleeping, Aspirin tablets
get better soon ..

♬ ★ ☯ ☃ Rosalinda ☠ ☮ ✈ ✞
cough drops, cranberry juice, NO milk, cough syrup. Good luck in getting rid of it!

You practicly have to wait it out. Honey is very soothing for the throat. Try to keep your throat coated with honey. Gargling with salt water might also help.

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