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 How do you get rid of hiccups. Had them for about 5 mins now and it's driving me mad?

cutie girlz
can chicken's heart,kidney & liver be eaten.. pls answer as soon as possible.?

Yes, but WHY would you want to? Gross.

montreal canadiens #1 fan
yes but i wouldint eat it anyways thats just gross

Jessica W
they can. They are filters for the body though. some think they may be good for you, but others say you shouldn't eat an organ whose prime job is to filter out the bad stuff.

todd s
wouldnt do it you may get sick

Yes, they can. Although some people find it gross.

David R
Yes thay can be eaten, if you cook them right.

Sure any time after cooking, send me some too, by email.

You Betcha! Put in sauce pan with water covering the bottom. Put Organs in and some garlic. Steam til done. Let cool and slice. I use them as treats for my dogs when training them.

Yes they can...as well as the same turkey organs. My husband eats them every time we serve it. Organ meat, howver is very high in cholesterol...so be careful!

I can't imagine there would be that much there to eat!
But apparently, according to the folk on here, it can be eaten so I say 'try it...... you might like it'!!!!

ll_jenny_ll here AND I'M BAC
as far as I am aware you can eat those organs of a chicken ...
Liver pate' for example....

HOWEVER just as a side note ... you can't eat those organs in all animals. If you were to eat a dog's liver you run the risk of over-dosing on Vitamin A ( i think that's the one)..I think it was Scot of the Antartic's men that had to resort to eating some of their dogs and as a result of eating the dog's liver at least one man died

Veronica Rutsch
Sure! In Argentina when you buy chicken you get all these parts too... people eat it specially with sauce.

yes, provided it is thoroughly cooked and you don't have a dietary restriction that doesn't permit organ meats.

Sure, might like it fried with some onions

You can eat the heart and liver if they are cleaned right but do-not eat the kidneys.

jo jo
yes make a Pate' paste and spread it on crackers,not bad not bad at all.

Of course they can. All depends how you cook them- the result may range from uneatable to delicious. I personally favour the meatloaf, or as part of the stuffing in pierogi.

Yup. They can make for some lip smackin' eatin'.

sharon w
The chicken heart & livers I know about.Here in the south ,livers are fried,and lots of folks love em,not me! My 2 siamese cats love "Amore" cat food,chicken hearts & liver.

Tellin' U Da Truth!
Certainly, as long as it's cooked.

Roy M
of course they can where have you been living under a rock or something

Diana D
Absolutely, Some people put them around the Dutch Oven and
eat them for a delicasey, most men love them. In parts all around
the world people would never think of throwing them out.
And some add it to the gravey.

diana d

Yes, chicken livers are yummy!

Yes they can and they're delicious...dedidleicious....

Yes, all of those parts can be eaten. Pate is made from chicken livers and people eat that all the time.

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