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enhgerel e
bowel problems after gallbladder surgery?
Hi all, thank you that u are reading my question that;s the honor for me, i am really happy..i want to ask everyone who had the gallbladder out about the diarrhea and loose stools after this surgery.. my surgey wan on 15 th january this year and ever since that time I am having diarrhea daily every other day... is it normal? and what should I do wait and see? when this D will go away? or is it forever? it really bothers me and separates me from society please help me.. is there any successful stories after gallbladder surgery???

Your gallbladder supplied your intestine with the bile acid binding agents needed in order to regulate your digestion. Now that it's gone, you don't have the needed binders. You might be able to regulate things with your diet, as others have suggested. If you can't get it straightened out, talk with your Dr about the possibility of getting Questran prescribed for you. It is typically given as a cholesterol lowering agent, but it actually is a bile acid binding agent.... that's how it helps with the cholesterol. It binds the fat in the foods you eat, keeping them in your intestine, allowing them to pass instead of being absorbed.

I have my gallbladder, but have a dumping syndrome type problem called Habba Syndrome. My gallbladder doesn't dump those agents I need. It took 16 months of diarrhea, 10-20 times a day, and several months of testing and no answers before I found it on the internet. The Questran is a lifesaver for me, and it sounds that it might help you too.

Here's a link on reviews of the drug by people that have IBS and or cholecystectomy. http://www.irritable-bowel-syndrome.ws/questran.htm

Were you counseled about the importance of changing your diet after your operation? The most common cause of chronic diarrhea after gall bladder removal is a diet with too high a fat content. Take an honest inventory of your diet and if you really believe your fat intake is low, than the next best thing you can do is eat foods that add bulk to your stool - such as bran, green vegetables and beans.

Hope that helps!

I have problems at times. I've never been totally the same after gallbladder removal about 11 years ago. It was worse the first few years and has tended to get a little better in time. It seems for me that foods that are high in fat upset my tummy sometimes. I also get indigestion more often. If it's completely bothersome for you you may want to see your doc. I think you can control it better with diet.

I was told that I'd be all good again after surgery and be able to eat whatever I want to but that's just not completely true. I know lots of people who've had their gallbladder removed that have this problem, some minor some more severe. I think it's a form of dumping syndrome. You can google this and read about it and see if it fits any of your symptoms. I'd say if it's severe enough to impair your life you might should go see the doc. I don't like taking any drugs if I can help and try to control it with diet. It seems to help.

I don't know if it ever goes away. That is a good question. I'll keep watch here for other answers because I'd like to know more too. I know one thing though, I've never had that pain again I had when the gallbladder was in there, thank gosh!

I do have a few friends who've had their gallbladders removed who have little or no problems at all. (The lucky dogs!) Anyway, I hope you get to feeling better soon!

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