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blood test shows im low in iron?
im only 17 and my blood test shows im very low in iron. i've been given tablets for this. But is it bad to have this at such a young age? also what foods could i eat that i high in iron?

wowwww u dont have much longer to live

This site shows Iron rich food in order of highest to lowest:

Your doctor should have told you what foods you should take more of and if it is a bad problem or not..

Lost In The Moment
I was taking those pills when I was about 14. It's not bad, just annoying. They also aren't going to cure you, so expect to take them for a while.

Iron mg per serving

Iron in Breads, cereals, and grains

Bran flakes, 1 c 11.0
Oatmeal, 1 packet 6.3
Samolina, Cream of wheat, 1/2 cup cooked 5.5
Wheat germ, 2 tablespoon 1.2
Whole wheat bread, 1 slice 0.9
White bread, 1 slice 0.7

Iron in Vegetables (1/2 cup cooked)
Sea vegetables 18.1- 42.0
Swiss chard 2
Turnip greens 1.6
Prune juice, 4 oz 1.5
Spinach cooked 1.5
Beet greens cooked 1.4
Potato, 1 large 1.4
Bok choy cooked 0.7
Peas, cooked 0.65
Green beans, cooked 0.60
Tomato juice 0.6
Broccoli, cooked 0.55
Watermelon, 1/8 medium 0.5

Iron in Legumes (1/2 cup cooked)
Lentils 3.2
Black eye beans 2.6
Navy beans 2.5
Pinto beans 2.2
Lima beans 2.2
Kidney beans 1.5
Chick peas (200 g) 6.2
Iron in Soy foods (1/2 cup cooked)
Tofu 6.6
Soybeans 4.4
Tempeh 1.8
Soy milk 0.9
Iron in Nuts/Seeds (2 Tablespoon)
Pumpkin seeds 2.5
Figs, dried, 5 2.0
Dried apricot, 5 1.6
Almond, 1/4 cup 1.3
Tahini 1.2
Sesame 1.2
Sunflower seeds 1.2
Cashew nuts 1.0

Here's a list of recipes high in iron: http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcsubmit.nsf/RecipeCatSearchSubmissionForm?CreateDocument

There are even more recipes on this page: http://www.sanitarium.com.au/recipe/recipes.do?cat-id=306
Just because it has iron in it, doesn't mean your body will absorb it. You need to know which foods to eat to help with iron absorptions for other foods hard to absorb.

Read this page: http://www.oodora.com/health-and-food/nutrition/foods-high-in-iron.html

and you'll learn more.

It's not bad right now... but it can be in the future. Because girls lose blood monthly (period), you have to replace it by eating foods high in iron.

Spinach, broccoli, green beans, baked beans, red meats (not bloody - but medium cooked), and certain trail mixes and cereals have iron in them. Certain iron tablets may help, too, but not as much as foods that are high in iron.

Low iron is quite common in menstruating women. Once you get your iron back up with the tablets you've been given, you'll need to maintain it by taking a daily multi-vitamin pill that has iron in it. Taking a daily multi-vitamin w/ iron is the easiest way to keep your iron up. There are foods with iron in them, mainly meat, but it can be difficult to get enough iron everyday from diet.

Cocoa Dusted Love
Forget eating vegetables, that is based on a misconception and is an urban myth. Nothing will get your iron levels up as fast as the tablets you've been prescribed.

Ask your doctor about certian foods rich in Iron, I think any food change colour when expose to air is rich of iron like, Apple, Spinache.

Cupboard Monster
You need to eat your greens. Anything can make you iron deficient, such as periods, but don't fret about it. The tablets should increase your iron count.

I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spinach has lots of iron.

I think you should approach the problem from a
different perspective.First,you must find out why you're anemic ? do you have any internal bleeding ?do you have an ulcer ?and why a 17 years old had to have a blood test ?
Is your kidney is functioning alright ?
Important Note :
I'm not really in a position to tell you what to do
other than asking you to contact your physician
to check your blood test results hopefully he'll
find out the main reason for your anemia.
Is it your kidney or the bone marrow that are not making enough red blood cells ?
That's why I would like to advice you to check with your physician & don't ignore it because
every big thing starts with a small thing.
I wish you the best.

Please punctuate properly, folks
Tablets will work fine. I take a multivitamin and 'trace-element' tablet every day, and I'm a fit, strong male power-athelete and builder. Red meats are high in iron.

Cσηνєяѕє Cяαzу ☂
Red meat, and leafy green vegatables. And iron supplements, only prescribed from your doctor.

No i'm thirteen and i'm on pills too. I have to take a flintstone vitamin with iron every night.

ME!! ME!!!
Spinach is very high in iron. I had the same thing and my doctor told me to get slow-fe tablets, they are iron tablets that are easy on your system and won't constipate you. Ask your doctor before taking them. Have the Slow-fe discussion. lol :D

Some foods are:
Kidney beans
Wheat germ
Chicken breast
Black Beans
Whole wheat bread...

Robert D
Red meat and green vegetables.

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