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best way to get rid of sore throat?
i've had this annoying sore throat for a few days now, i cant get to sleep because of it. whats the best way to cure it? without using them cold and flu drinks, i hate them! thanks

gargle with bleach

hortense h

Zack C
I had a really bad sore throat and cough last night. What I did was go to the kitchen and ate any of the saltiest things i could find, like potato chips, pickles, and then gargled with salt water.
I've heard honey works too

Grape juice really helps! =D

Hi there.My husband finds that garggling with soluable paracetamol helps him as he can't have things like strepsils.Hope this helps

satish k
In olden days they used to paint throat with a brush inside with some sweet medicine & that was very effective. I don't know why that has been abandoned. Anybody knowing name of that medicine must tell me.
These days they give strongest antibiotic.

MrBrightSide the Hope Ender
umm i like to placebo effect it away with some lime juice ( vitamin c immune system thing ) and sleep well.

Gratz on ur badge btw

Heidi T
I would go to the doctor and maybe the doctor can give you a prescription for some anti-biotics to get from a drug store.
I start out with a sore throat, then it leads into upper respirtory infection and bronchotis and laryingitis. I always have to go to the doctor when I get this in the spring time because of the trees and the pollen and in the fall time because the trees start to loose their leaves.

Gargle with salt in lukewarm water.

george a
sore throats are caused by bacteria. gargling with anti bacterial mouth wash 3 times a day and your sore throat will soon heal. the other plus points are you get fresh breath. improved oral hygiene and a nicer smile. good luck with it.

Amanda B
yeh salty foods work, and gargling with salt water.

My grand mother put me on to this. Providing you can handle the smell. Rap a piece of cloth or rag around your neck that has been soaked in methylated spirits, before going to bed, be careful it isn't to tight and in the morning your sore throat is gone. It does work but be careful you don't strangle your self.Old fashion remedy

honey and lemon hot water mixed

Gargle with warm water and salt. This sooths your throat and washes away the germs. Every 2 hours take some salt and shake it (straight into your throat) give it 2-3 shakes. This helps (trust me) especially at night time.
Drink a lot of water or soda. (whichever is your favorite) Do not drink milk, or anything thick/creamy. Orange juice will make the burn worse and so will caffeine-containing beverages. If you like it, drink some lemon juice or at least gargle it. put some honey in it too. and try not to have too many sugary foods. Keep warm. (if its that bad, you need to sweat it out)

Feel better Wahida!!

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