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I've been reading so much about autism and about the the different views on the links to the vaccines. But are there any reports on children who have autism and have not been vaccinated?

Have no clue....though I was told of a relative back int he 50's and I bet she was not vaccinated, though she was mentally ill I doubt she was diagnosed autistic....pretty "new" thing.
You do realize you can read until you have read everything and you can still not know it all.
Autism as with any mental health issue is not fully understood.
Doctors are still stumbling around in the profession.

It was proved a little while ago that there is absolutely no link between the mental illness and the vaccine. Doctors don't know that much about it but one of the concrete facts about it, is that you are born with it. In fact the guy who came up with the link had absolutely no proof behind his theory when he published it.

the best info i have found on autism is at autismspeaks.org

if you have time go there and read some of the message boards. these are parents with autistic children who have tried all types of things to help their children, some are asking for advice and some give GREAT advice. There are those who have been there and done that, thank God, because I have learned so many things from others mistakes, and from others success stories.

I have a son who has high functioning autism and ADHD. The best advice I have came across is the chelation therapy which removes heavy metal toxins from the body, and a gluten-free and casein-free diet, which is no grains and no dairy. The parents of autistic children who tried these things had the highest ratings of improvement. I think they also gave their children high doses of vitamin B12 by giving them fish oils which is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids that so many autistic children show to be deficient in.

I am currently trying my son on the medication risperdal (and the things i mentioned above) which seem to be helping him a lot. He is sleepy right now because he is just starting the medication, but once his body gets used to it I think everything will be fine. Drowsiness is the most common side effect but is suppose to go away after a week or two. I may lower his dose if the sleepiness doesn't wear off in a few days.

I've tried everything, I've read everything, and I've dealt with everything pertaining to autism. If your looking for advice because you have or know a someone with autism I hope this helps.

I am not sure about older children, but I followed the normal vaccine schedule with my son. The fact is, he showed symptoms at 2 days old. We took him to the doctor because he would not stop crying, and she told us that he was "overstimulated." We found out later that this translated into the hypersensitivity that many autistic children possess, especially with sight and sound. The fact that he showed symptoms so early proves that there was no link to his vaccines, as the medicine was not in his system long enough to have any effect on him.

Holley, mother of Alex, 6, diagnosed at 22 months with Autism Spectrum Disorder

I firmly believe that the ONLY link between autism and vaccines is that they happen at the same age.
If vaccines were non-existant, they'd find something else to blame it on.
"Autism is linked to playground equipment."
"Autism is linked to apple juice."
They always find something.

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