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Elric of Melniboné
Would not a Stroke affect someone even when they are sitting down?
I've had trouble walking recently, get all wobbly and my left side feels funny.

When I phoned NHS direct the questioning was pointing towards me having a stroke but wouldn't I have tropuble when at rest?

Apart from shaking a bit due to anxiety I feel OK sitting down!
Additional Details
DEFCON 1, for once I am sober!

...would not you be retarded? a stroke affects you no matter what.

sounds like youre drunk ...have another beer, you`ll be fine.

just me
sitting down relaxes the body so you may not notice it so much. If the doc susspected a sstoke why did he not ask to see you?
you might just have apinched nerve. exersice and a good chiropractor will help...

It might only be a minor stroke, it doesn't do any harm to get the GP to check it out, better safe then sorry.

heard: may be by emotion or something else eg already a patient ; unless you are of the strong stuff ( kicking out other's problems !)

Oracle IDTS
your symptoms could be due to a number of problems, best advice is, see your Doctor

I had a stroke while watching TV; my arm went totally numb and kind of curled up. No pain or other symptoms. It took 2 weeks to diagnose, because of the localized area, and my Dr. is a quack.
Please get it checked out. Go to Google and punch in stroke symptoms, then go to the hosp. stroke kills

If you suspect a stroke you should see a Dr as soon as possible. If you've had a mild stroke it may not always noticeably affect you when sitting down apart from general weakness.

val f1 nutter
get to your A&E now if you even suspect a stroke. you need to get and ECG asap. even if it is stress, take it as a warning all is not right. it is better to be safe than sorry. GO NOW

Yes, a Stroke effects the Brain, not the sense of Balance. The Damaged areas could effect Any Function of the Body, since the Brain controls All of them. There may be some Situations, like Sitting, where one is Better or Worse, due to the Type/Location of the Damage.

Get to a Doctor for an Evaluation ASAP. Explain ANY Symptoms you have Noticed, What you were Doing, and When you First Noticed it.


Could be an imbalance of the inner ear....maybe something like menieres disease go get checked out with the doc!

dels replies
Any effect from a stroke would be constant whether standing or sitting. OK if your balance was affected it would be more apparent when trying to stand. Why rely on NHS Direct though. There is only so much they can do at long range. See your GP. He can arrange tests if necessary . You are more certain to get to the bottom of the trouble this way.

I think you should ask Dr Frank on this site. He's fantastic. You may just have a viral infection. Drink lots of water. At least 2L per 24 hrs.
A stroke can affect you even if you are standing on your head.

Look at your reflection in a mirror and smile!

Apparently this is the best test if someone is experiencing a stroke, the ability to smile!

If someone has experiened a stroke and is now dealing with the resultant symptoms (as it sounds you may be) it is not so easy.

See a Dr.

You may have had a small stroke, but these can sometimes lead to worse or even fatal strokes without treatment.

Phat Baz
Definetly go to your doctor or to A&E my friend i am a Nurse and see this every day sounds like you could of had a small stroke .
To know for sure you need to go to Hospiatal really they have more equipment to test you than your doctor.
You must go NOW mate !!!

I would go get checked out if I were you- some strokes are much more subtle than others and only affects a few areas. A doctor should be able to tell you more.

Lady Rhinestone
A stroke can strike whether you are standing, sitting, lying down, etc. A stroke doesn't strike only when you are in a certain position. A person who has had a stroke would show absolute symptoms no matter what position they were in. Some symptoms may be more evident in certain positions, but they can happen in any position. If you feel you have had a stroke you MUST not waste time in getting medical intervention. Stroke can kill you, especially if it isn't treated and cared for. Don't try to diagnose yourself. That's what drs, medical staff, and hospitals are for. Stroke is a hemorrhage somewhere in your brain...in plain language, a brain bleed. Very serious. Good luck to you!

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