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cool chick
Will weed show up in my blood work?
I have to go get blood work done, because I have been sick lately. The doctor ordered for me to get tested for Mono, hepatitus, and a CBC. I smoked weed probably like 3 weeks ago, but it was only one hit from a bong and i didn't get high. Will that show up in my tests? Along with anything alcohol related since hepatitus is inflammation of the liver?


~Gorje~yeA i KnOw Im UgLy SshHhH
yes it will show up as THC and it will show the level of how much you have in you.this is why in some states if they belive you are under the influence of mary jane that they want to pass a law to have you tested.

THC stores in fat cells in the human body. So, it may or may not show up with that length of time. I dont mean to sound crass--but if you are thin, you might be okay. If you are overweight, it could show. But even if it does, you doctor cant tell anyone. Doctor-patient confidentiality. They may ask you about it and give you a lecture about how stupid it is to smoke dope but they are not going to call the cops on you.

no it wouldnt but it will in ur hair :)

yea you'll show up

salvador r
well usually it would show up in your blood work but one hit that many weeks ago probably wont so long as you have been drinking plenty of water and done some sort of physical activity.

i dont think so
and if u've been drinking alcohol just drink a lot of water

-mary; the one and only.
weed stays in your system for 2 months or more, yes, it will show

Weed will show up IF they look for it. Just because they do blood work doesn't mean they will check for everything. Plus, weed will stay in your blood for up to 3 years. If it comes up you can say that you tried it like a year ago and that's it. But I wouldn't worry about it, they're probably not gonna look for it.

James D
That's how my alcohol evaluation therapist found out i was smoking was because i needed blood work before i got prescribed a medication for Bi-polar

Yes it will. However since you didn't smoke that much, it may only show a trace or maybe even nothing.

THC stays in the system for a month or more, but they would have to do a Drug Panel.Why would they do that in your case?
If you are not on probation, parole or any trouble, forget it!

maybe .... it could be out of your system unless you are a regular
maybe they will not be checking for it
then no big deal

good luck with that

Actually -- the doctor has to order a specific type of blood panel in order to see if there were any type of drugs in your system. It sounds to me like you are concerned that they may discover that you have smoked weed, right? Well, I think there is something more serious going on and that is what they are looking for. But to answer your question, the length of time it stays in your body depends on the frequency and duration of use. If you only smoked one time three weeks ago, I wouldn't trip on it. But if you had been smoking on and off up to three weeks ago, then maybe you need to take a look at that. Get the tests done.

jaime b
yep, it stays in your system for a month

There is truly nothing to worry about. It is true that marijuana sticks around in your system for up to over a month. HOWEVER!, If you're getting a medical blood test to test for things such as Mono, etc. than that is all they are checking for.

This is not a blood test. Doctors are not concerned with the drugs in your system, unless they're administering a DRUG test. Most doctors could give two shits if you're smoking pot.

And on a side note...why would you only take ONE hit from a bong?! The point is to get stoned...haha.

The point is, you have zero to worry out.

They won't be looking or testing for the weed, so I wouldn't worry about it. Even if they were, there is a good chance if you were not an everyday smoker and just smoked once three weeks ago, it might not show up anyways. Don't worry about it.

if they're not doing bloodwork to specifically test for drugs, no. A CBD, mono test or routine bloodwork will not just pick it up. They have to be looking for it

The Doc
That depends on many things, not least of which whether they're testing for marijuana or not. There are certainly tests that can be done to determine if you have used marijuana (how long before the test can vary between about a week and a month or two depending on how much and how often you were using), but they would not routinely be done with other tests, so unless they sent a test for marijuana, which it doesn't sound like they did from what you describe, you're probably safe.
We can only directly test for alcohol while it's in the blood, which will clear within hours to a day or so after you stop drinking.

It doesn't sound like that is what they are testing for, so I wouldn't worry, but if they did test for it they would find it.

Jammin J
Medicine is a business. They don't run tests that they aren't going to be paid for. You are not paying for a drug test, hence you have nothing to worry about.

1 hit 3 weeks ago? if thats it, probably not, especially if your thin. it generally takes a little more than that to show up in your system.

Yep, so put down the bong !

Weed will not just arbitrarily show up in your bloodwork UNLESS they are specifically testing for weed. They test for certain things, and if you're getting tested for mono, hepatitis, and a cbc, they are not looking for weed. They are looking at white-cell count levels, they are looking for virus loads, things like that. Not weed. Not to worry.

They will only find the weed if they are looking for it.. Unless it was ordered by someone, they will not do it as the more tests they do, the more it costs them. Alcohol would not show up..

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