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Will standing on your head increasing blood flow to your head get rid of dark circles?
If dark circles under your eyes occur because of insufficient blood flow will increasing blood flow to your head by standing upside down on your head help get rid of dark circles?

Well, there WOULD be more blood flow to your head, because the arteries that force blood down are not nearly so strong as those that force blood up, so reversing your direction will change the distribution...

But unless you learn to walk on your hands, you have to flip back over sometime, and then you're right back where you were! :o)

Several years ago to help people with back problems they made a contraption where the person could hang upside down by their feet (attached to some shoes attached to like a pole that you would do chin-ups on) and they would hang there for some time to stretch their back to get rid of back pain. They stopped it because one of the reasons was that the blood had rushed to the person's head and was causing dark circles and blood collecting there under the eyes.
So although you'd think being upside down would help, this project they did proves it wrong.

I know Physicians Formula is a product that is like a green stick like a lipstick that covers like makeup any black and blue marks. When I was in Walgreens over the holidays I noticed they had a new kind of makeup product like what the hollywood stars that was even heavier that would use that covered over the dark circles. Just brouse the drug stores in your area.

No. Mainly because dark circles under your eyes are a sign of weakened kidney function ........... drink more fresh filtered water please??!! You are surely also dehydrated then.

Also try to cut back on drinks such as coffee, tea, sodas and soft drinks that will only serve to dehydrate you and exassperate (make them worse) your symptoms....... ie: one cup of coffee will make your body excrete 2 cups of water, sodas and soft drinks are worse, only 1 can of soda will make your body excrete 12 cups of water !! Your body needs at least 2 litres of water on a daily basis, and that's after you've replace all the water lost to caffeine, sodas and alcohol. Your body needs water for every single cellular function it performs. Do yourself a favor and hydrate your body buddy.

Eat more peas, beans and lentils to support kidney function also.

Read the book "The Water Cure" by F. Bathmanghelidj M.D........ a shocking very true surprise.


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