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Why does my nose bleed a lot?
Me and my two oldest brothers have this same problem. It happens to us a lot in the warm weather. (We are from Los Angeles) Anyway, my nose randomly bleeds a lot. Either in the day or in the night. I could be using my computer when I feel the blood drip down on my face. Any ideas why this happens to all three of us? I also hate this because I ruin a lot of pillows when I bleed during sleep...
Additional Details
this has happened to me since I was little kid. Since the age of 6 probably.

stop looking at hot chicks like those animes.

same here, it is because you probably drink a lot of soda, i use bleed a lot and then i figured what the problem is which is too much coke cola , so i don't drink any more and it has stopped since then

Doctor Acupressure
may be due to excess heat in the body. U may safely try the following medications.

Nose Bleeding— To stop Mixture of CF 3x, FP 12x KM 3x,, KP 3x, NM 3x and NP 3x; this is simply wonderful. NS should not be given to any patient of any disease if there be bleeding. If above fails add CP 3x, CS 3x, KS 3x, MP 3x and S 12x. One pill of Ipec. 6 every 2 or 3 hours is also very good. If above medicines fail to remove tendency of small wounds to bleed too much, one pill of Phos 30, twice daily may be given for 2 or 3 days.

Dosage 2 grains t.d.s.

All these biochemic salts are safe and with side benefits. Don’t swallow medicine. The medicine to be dissolved on/under the tongue. Don’t take any thing 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after medication. You can take water.
With best wishes from www.saioam.com

Face DA' Facts
Dry air?

Sarahh (:
Some people have that. Stay away from chocolate and grapes.

My nose bleeds in very dry weather. I use a saline spray to keep it moistened. (I also use a sinus rinse, which basically flushes saline throughout my whole nose - this has really made a big difference in both the moisture of my nose and getting irritants out of my nose.)

Sometimes I have to take a steroid nasal spray for my sinusitis, and that will also cause my sinuses to bleed if I have to use them too much. (I can't use it at all when the weather is too dry.) So if you are using any spray medicine other than plain saline, you may want to take a break with it to see if it makes a difference.

If you saline doesn't work, and you don't take any nasal medications, you may want to see a doctor.

That used to happen to my uncle (the bleeding nose in the heat) I don't know why but he got it fixed by going to the doctor and the doctor but a hot pin type thing up his nose to seal off the blood vessel.
He says it didn't hurt. I have the same problem, whenever i do a bomby into the pool or blow my nose when I'm sick i get a blood nose. It used to happen when I cried :S
Go to your local doctor and ask about it.

Josh L
my nose did the same thing, it is because of the dry climate, it drys-out the inside of your nose and when you move your nose slightly it can break your skin, you could try to moisen your nose with oil daily, and use nose plugs at night, that's all i can think of, be creative.

Herb ♥ Edna
could be your blood pressure. If you have a family history of high blood pressure that could be a problem.

I also have nose bleeds.

Sometimes warm weather is too much for us and the reason why i said us is because i have had the same problem. Just try to sit in the cool air with a fan or air conditioning and hold a wet ( cold or slightly warm water) washcloth up to your nose hold it for about 5 minutes and the nose should stop bleeding. I don't have the problem anymore but tell your doctor about it

The First Dragon
Either the capillaries in your nasal mucous membrane are weak, or you are a little slow clotting. Trouble clotting means a little irritation can result in bleeding, when usually it wouldn't.
The remedies are usually Vitamin C to strengthen the capillaries and mucous membrane, and Vitamin K to improve clotting.
Once I knew 2 children who, like you, got nose-bleeds 1-3 times a week for no apparent reason. I bought a bottle of Vitamin K and dosed them with it until it ran out. They didn't get a nose-bleed for the rest of the year, except when one fell off her bike and slid on her face. [She looked like a little drunk, road rash on the left side of her face.] She got a nose-bleed from that.
Vitamin K is made in the body, and stored too; but sometimes people don't make quite enough, so a little supplement can go a long way.

ash-ash 59
okaa u need to get a check up fastt all of u lol =]

Johnny G
I'm no doctor, but it sounds like you probably have thin-walled blood vessels in your nose. This does seem to be genetic, so that may explain why your brothers have the same problem as well. This can be easily fixed by a dermatologist (I thing that's who would do it) by simply cauterizing the blood vessels. You have my sympathy as I have a very similar (if not the same) problem.

Mrs. Palmer
Happened to me too
1. Get a humidifier and put it in your room at night
2. Eat more green veggies, your white blood cells could be low
3. When your nose bleeds, do NOT hold your head back; you hold your nose and lean forward.
4. Go to the doctor just to get his/her opinion also.

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