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Why does my 12 yr. old son occasionally feel light headed.?
My 12 yr. old son experiences episodes where he feels dizzy and spaces out. During the 30 second episodes he loses his memory yet he does not lose consciousness. Does anyone know what could be causing this to happen?

uh oh. my cousin had a similar program. get him to the doctor. it has something to do with brain.. no surgery needed, just some long-term medications.

Brian M
tell him to lay off the shrooms.

Loses memory? Sounds like absence seizure. Alot of people think they only happen to younger child but thats wrong. They can sometimes affect older children and sometimes adults. Take him to the doc because it might be something else.

Hope he gets better.

As a P.A.take your son to the E.R immediatly ,it could be a neurological problem..

Im Legit
could be a number of things..
Is he autistic?

blood sugar levels. vitamin deficiancy

too much t.v., radio, and any electronics with radio waves.

Sensitivity to lights and sounds.

Does he exercise daily for more than one hour? sometimes blood flow can cause this.

But if he loses memory this could be something like a type of seizure you get when someone is sensitive to lights and sounds.
I get these occasionally but i dont lose memory, I have gotten confused before but after a few moments I knew where I was and what I last said.

Jen <3
well im 12 and this sort of thing happens to me somethimes. Last year i almost passed out during spring pictures, i know, this sort of thing is scary no? He could possibly:

not be eating enough, or not healthy enough foods

Ask him if he feels week in the knees or leg. I hade something like that when i was temp. paralized, i was sick and it settled in my legs not letting me walk. I went to the docter and he said it would clear soon but if i felt weak while standing it might be a problem. I know I'm only 12 like your son, but i hope i really helped you and your son.

You rock, keep rockin

Weak Knees


I agree with angieward_2000.. it could be seizures. You should take him to the doctor. It might be something that isn't as serious, like anemia or low blood sugar, but that wouldn't make him lose his memory. I'm concerned. I know you are too. Please take your son to the doctor.

Please see your doctor. He needs appropriate testing to find out the cause. Low blood sugar, non-convulsive epilepsy, migraine syndrome, orthostatic hypotension are just a few of the things that readily spring to mind. A physician will be able to determine exactly what is causing it and order appropriate treatment.

white bird
better if you can take him to a doctor.. he can tell you better.. we can just guess, or joke about it, and he'll tell you for sure..

Protein! Get him some meat. Either that or there's more to it than that. Maybe it's a mental health problem he's suffering from. If that's the case see a doctor.

his on drugs

bill l
it sounds serious..i was gonna say eating,exercising..etc etc...but with him spacing out,losing memory..i would still take him to a dr just to be on the safe side...try vitamins...good luck.

south Africa L
maybe it's too hot there

it could be is blood sugar or his blood pressure but just to be safe go to his doctor asap he should not be blacking out with either one of those problems

Mr. E
This is probably not the best place to get medical knowledge. If I had to guess however, it could be the onset to diabetes or even mild seizures. I suggest you take him to a doctor though.

It could be numerous things. I would start by making sure he's getting enough food and water, dehydration could easily be the cause of this. Next, instead of asking yahoo, i would ask a doctor.

i would aks his doctor but i would pay VERY close attention to him. Good luck to him and you

low iron, needs sleep, or dehydrated. Maybe all 3, I use to do it when I was younger because of low iron.

have his dr order a fasting blood sugar level

Shotgun ;)
He could have something with not getting enough sugar....

Lost In The Matrix
Sounds like a oxygen deficiency somewhere, but for something like that you should take him to the doctor.

He just needs to eat more vegetables

☺ мαℓℓσ?у.
could be blood pressure, could be something a lot more serious.
i'd take him to the doctor.

David C
high or low sugar levels, high blood pressure. he needs to be checked by a doctor.

Um, has he hit his head the past few days. Or his age might be affecting something. He should go see a doctor.

He needs to eat....

hungry, not enofe water, heat, lack of sleep or tryn 2 get of school
if its none of them get him checked out

if it happens when he stands up, or especially when he stretches after standing up, then it is probably a blood pressure thing, where the pressure dips as he changes position and not enough blood gets to his head. It is very common at his age because of the way the two major veins in his neck are situated.

I know you love your son and don't want to play with his health please take him to the DR he could be suffering from seizures. TAKE HIM TODAY!!!

Gary D
It sounds like it could be either a blood sugar, dehydration, or heat exhaustion issue.

The last two can be cured by drinking a little cold Gatorade to restore fluids as well as salts.

As for the blood sugar issue, it could be caused by low blood sugar, in which case, it would seem to last longer than 30 seconds and would not cause memory loss, so that origin is doubtful.

In any event, a doctor visit would be the best choice right now, another option is that it could be a petite mal, epileptic siezure.

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