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 I just googled my friends name and found out she had a brain aneurysm?
OK so i was bored so i started googling some of my friends names. And one of my friends names (lets call her rachel), came up from this metarie church page and said please pray for 14 year old rachel ...

 can chicken's heart,kidney & liver be eaten.. pls answer as soon as possible.?

 Is it safe for a recovered coke addict to support a friend fresh out of rehab?
I have been clean for 3 years. My friend has been battling for 15 years now, and recently lost everything. She's still in the out-patient programme. I am scared to make contact again in case I ...

 How come when I walk alone in the street I constantly feel like somebody is following me?
Is is some kind of phobia?
Additional Details
No I did Not do anything wrong if I did I would so say it here....

 I know this is gross but...?
I have rectal bleeding that's been going on for a week or a little more but these past 2 days it's gotten worse, my lower stomach is a little sore too but not like my period or anything and ...

 coughs - how can I get rid of my cough quickly?

 so if someone doesnt have a brain and they die?
for instance they take the brain to autopsy, can they still be viewed by the family???

if the brain is removed?...

 HELP!!! Im afraid of......?Read to find out ((&&answer))?
Hey well im 13 and just thought id share with you im turning 14 in few days.

Well i am like deathly afraid of worms and catapillars(sp?). Its come to the point where i have no clue what to ...

 what happens when someone dies?

 Why am I always tired, not hungry, and get lots of headaches?
Okay , so for about the past month or so I'm CONSTANTLY tired . I'm never hungry. And I get headaches almost daily. Usually if i sleep for a very long period of time, the headache goes away,...

 What's the difference between HIV & AIDS ?
Sorry, don't lay into me here - it always gets me pondering....

 how to get rid of a sore throats?

 How can I cure my son's left handedness?
I don't know where my son got it from but he is left handed. My dad, mom, me and my wife her parents are all right handed. I don't want my son to suffer with this handicap for the rest of ...

 Do i have an eating disorder?
ok so i dont really have an appitite, like ill get hungry so i will get some food, when when i start to eat i lose my appitite in an instant, im 15, do you think its just a phase? my bf is kinda ...

 I always feel dizzy. Anything i can do make it stop. Please.?
I seem to always feel diizy, its really affecting my life. Anything i can do in terms of lifestyle to help. T...

 I have truble sleeping what are some good cure for not being able to sleep ?

 Why does my feces smell bad?
This has been a problem all my life, whenever I go number 2 in the toilet, it smells pretty bad. I dont know why and im starting to think something is wrong with me, please tell me why my poop smells?...

 How do I get rid of a bubble but?
I am a very small breasted girl but have a J-Lo bubble butt. My shape looks weird and very uneven. I've tried working out but my butt only seems to get higher and more shapely. I want it to ...

 can you tell your brain that your not sick and not be sick?
can you tell your brain that your not sick and not be sick?...

 really embarressing question.....but here goes?
really consipated.....not pregnant.....just throu poor diet, however im in a prediciment now where im in agony, constipated....and worried if i did elimate stool id break a blood vessle in anus....!<...

Why do some people still think that only gays get HIV/AIDS...?
when it's obvious that this is a world wide problem with no visable end in sight?
Additional Details
To those on here who are giving answers along the lines of "cos it's mostly gays that have it", please do some reading and search out the facts. The majority of people with HIV/AIDS in the world are not gay and they are not intravenous drug users, they are straight men and women. I asked this question to make people think and to expose ignorance.

Dry Dreamer
Because the majority of people who get it are queer

In some countries in Africa, it is still not seen as a virus and is treated with herbs and such, this includes S. Africa. How many millions have to die in Africa before the stop pretending.

david b
because the majority of victims are fudge packers

In what state do you live?I grew up in boston and I live in fl.and Everybody I hang with don,t think that way,if they did I wouldn,t be hanging with them!Were ever you live,The poeple in your Town,City,State,Are not very educated!thats very sad!You and yourfriends need to try and teach the poeple differently that are in your life!Its never to late in life to learn!Good luck,Hollywood

Because people can be stupid!! And they think that it couldn't happen to them or anyone they know!! But, it can and does happen all the time.

Alfred E. Newman
most people in the UK with aids are gay,hence we seem to think its a gay problem.

Just stupid! You are right!

ignorance dear ignorance....

I understood that HIV and AIDs originated in the gay community.

Because they are ignorant and uninformed.

ignarance is amiss!!

Its not only gays that get hiv/aids. drug users who share needles can get it.
its all over the world & people need to stop treating it as a 'gay' thing

Elle J Morgan
Cos they are ignorant and are narrow minded

steph j
Ignorance, pure and simple.


Not everybody has been given the facts. I think that some people are
really stupid and should be given a good kick up the backside. I have some guy friends and they don't have AIDS or HIV they are happy and don't cheat, in fact I think they have it better than most. I mean who is to say the person stood next you isn't a carrier, they could be and you could have a quickie and get AIDS (oh but you are not guy) so you can't have AIDS come on people get a backbone get the facts and lay off guy people they are human to.

michael m
ignorance and avoidance, deadly combination

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