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 I found a tick stuck on my head..............?
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Why are so many smokers under the false impression that they're healthy?
...just because they're not obese or overweight?

@[email protected] Lover
they cant face the fact that they are hurting themselves and no one else is there to blame

Maria B
I smoke and I know I'm not healthy. My lungs aren't healthy and I'm under weight. I'm not underweight because of the smoking though... I CAN taste food btw (that was funny). I know how to control my breathing when I run, which I can do for a while (considering the smoking). I have a fast metabolism, there's no family history of any diseases, and yes... it is denial.

no one ever died from weed

there really in denial

smokers are so addicted that some of them just trick themselves into thinking that smoking is not unhealthy.

Trust me they'll find out when they end up with lung cancer and their life continually flashes in their eyes. Or when they start coughing out tar.

Sparkling Daybreak
What makes you think that they feel or think they are completely healthy?!
Why do non-smokers who are not obese or overweight think they are healthy?
I mean really...where does this question come from?
There are so many different ways to be healthy and unhealthy; so who are you to say they are not, just off the fact that they smoke.

There lungs are going to be unhealthy - but your heart could be and you wouldn't even know it - do you see my point?!

Why does it bother you what they think about their bodies and health?

everyone has said it...as an ex-smoker I was floating on a river called de nial

it is possible for smokers to be healthy i smoke but i also exercise and i don't eat unhealthy food. you might as well ask why anyone thinks they are healthy almost everyone has at least one unhealthy habit

Can't touch this
Firstly they think they are really cool which is such a bad thing because they make other people think that it is cool!

some are peer pressured into doing it but I don't understand why they think it is the right thing to do! I don't know why they don't notice their horrible fingernails, smelly breath or yellow teeth!

I hate the smoke, and I don't know why people pay to kill themselves! And then there is second hand smoking, which is horrible! One of my friends is allergic to something in cigarette smoke so it is horrible for her. I HATE SMOKE!!!

Dee R
DENIEL its an addiction and its something they dont want to deal with. not all people die of lung cancer so they think if they are healthy their chances are slimmer than someone overweight. which of course is not true, anyone can get lung cancer or emphysema

I'm a smoker...I know it's really bad for you...but I'm super healthy. I just got a full physical and blood work done by my doc...and there is not one thing wrong with me...I'm actually really healthy...go figure! I'm not condoning smoking in any way, just saying that there are plenty of other reasons ppl are not healthy...alcohol, obesity, anorexia, etc...it's not just smokers who should get the bad wrap!

Because they live there life to the fullest! and dont spend all day day wondering what if this? What if that?

b/c they're dumb

b/c not ALL smokers are diseased

no its because deep down they know that there not but they really dont like to admit it because they cant quit

It is because on the outside they dont look unhealthy like an obese person. But inside them is very unhealthy.

Matt H
its denial.

because smoking makes them feel good so as far as THEY know they think they're healthy =]

Better question. Why would a smoker like Obama preach personal health responsibility and prevention?

They're in denial.

Alice In Wonderland
because their cigarettes make them feel better. so they feel healthy. even though they arent.

I believe they do know that they are in the danger of lung diseases but are too addictive and shy about it. Others truly do not know and since they're 'healthy' they are not worried. They best idea would to ask one him/herself...

They know they aren't healthy. They are just trying to
be tough.


Ryan B

As human beings we tend to always try to find excuses to do something wrong. I think it is our natural instinct of denial. They need to justify it to themselves otherwise they will feel guilt ridden.

Answer Fairy
Why do you care so much about other people's business?

cuz they don't give a damn

BC, they fail to see the consequences now, and don't realize it's a long term effect. Sad to say.

2 things,
1) Heavy denial
2) they havent yet acquired their smoking disease or ailment..(even if it be somethign as small as shortness of breath)

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