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Why am i craving blood? Serious questoin?
im craving blood. I got a steak today rare, bloody, but it wasnt enough since they still lightly cooked it. I feel like opening a pack of meat and eating it like that. no this isnt a joke and im not a spammer or troll, i just seroiusly want blood and and so close to eating raw bloody meat. why?
Additional Details
Love your picture rhino lol but this really is a serious question.

Maybe you are pregnet... When pregnet women get pregnet they start craving weird things like rocks and blood... I'm not even kidding i know a guy who is married and his wife is pregnet and he woke up one night and his wife was carving a rock and eating the chips... But i think it might be because of lack of iron.. I'm not saying that you are pregnet because you are a guy but you should try taking an iron pill... If you still need blood try eating blood pudding... I hate it but then again i dont like eating blood because im not a WEIRD-O!!!

You are a wacko

because your going mentally insane!!!

mayu kousaka
dont eat me vampire!!!!!!!!!!! i love my life dont take it away from meeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because you are a victim of Twilight

Wow, I really don't know what to say...

Evil Magistrate
You are just thirsty and severely influenced by the series "Tru Blood." That is all.

Jesse X
acording to ur pic u must
be an emo vampire lol.

idk why ur craving blood.
u like the taste? I always have
mines well done.
go to ur doctor to find out why or
this just might be a personal thing.
we are all different between things
we like and things we dont.

Elmo Love You
thats scary. forget the thought

lol maybe you just like the taste
everyone likes difrent foods.. so yea o.o..

sabrina :]
either you've been watching/reading too many things about vampires, or you're going through a stage or something...i was sorta like that for a day, when i had teeth pulled i just instead of putting the gauze stuff in my mouth i kept tasting and swallowing the blood..curiosity i guess.or maybe i dont know, it's not like blood really tastes that bad it's just not good for you in mass quantities.

hm, is it maybe a "juicy" thing? Maybe its not the blood.. any ways, don't eat the raw meat you can get a disease that is capable of killing. Just go make some red punch, or eat some think salt water...? Good luck with your un normal condition

you may be anemic. ppl with iron deficiency sometimes crave ice or clay. have your hemoglobin and hematocrit checked at your next appointment and take some over the counter Iron about once to three times a day- FeoSol brand is good or the generic equivalent.

You are a vampire.

I've heard of what u're talking about on the Tyra Show when she had someone on who called himself a ,modern vampre or whatver-its an actual condition/disorder/disease-it's a health/medical condition, it's not mental- i think it means ur lacking something in nutrients or something wrong with you healthwise-

i can't remember the name of the disorder though

become a vegetarian or eat blood maybe its ur head ;?

wow no comments...maybe your hormones are whacked up at the moment.

Dude, that's awesome! If you actually decide to eat raw meat, be sure to record it and post it on youtube.

Iron Deficiency.

Get some Iron tablets from the Vitamin section of your supermarket. Hoefully the cravings will subside once your irol levels are up.

Are you feeling tired? That's another sign of an iron deficiency.


It's called a bloodlust.
I get it too.
I've yet to figure out how to satisfy it.
No, I'm not joking, this is an entirely serious answer.
I've figured out that human blood is a lot less appetizing, seeing as though it's very metallic - animal blood'll work.
I suggest eating a steak, but sort of cooked.
Cooked enough to where y'won't get sick.
Think it's called...medium rare. I think...

lack of iron lol.

you should stay away from raw meats, if you want you can have a med. rare cooked or rare cooked stake if u want. but other than that drop by a drug store or a vitamin store and pick up some iron drops or pills. Just take them with a meal and you should stop the blood cravings.

Heather W
Iron deficiency!

You have become anemic. There isn't enough Iron in your system so you are craving things with large amounts of Iron. I was anemic once, and even though I hate meat, my parents made me eat an entire steak. Just eat foods with large amounts of iron (steak, liver, seafood, beans, ect.)

Hope I helped!! :)

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