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I know it isn't anything to worry much about, but ...

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Your Highness
Why am I shaking..? ?
It feels like...when you get really scared, like a really scary event just occured, and then afterwards you're really weak and shaky....it feels just like that.

What is going on??

Toni C
your in love:)

I get like that because I'm anemic, and sometimes after I get shaky I will pass out..if you think it has anything to do with that maybe you should start taking like iron pills or eat more meat and stuff.

your horny

you could have a sleeping disorder, tremor, or low blood sugar you should try this website it might help you maybe.

I dunno, but I have the same thing. I hear that it might be low blood sugar, but i'm not diabetic... idk

Sugar overload

could be caffeine withdraw, could be because your not eating or sleeping properly or it could be your nerves. Try to relax, take a bath or shower, get something to eat and try having a soda...see if any of that help.

latino h
maybe there's something bothering yoursubconsciouss?

It's called a Panic Attack, brought on by anxiety. I know this because I have lived with it for 15 years!

I know they are VERY scary, but read this closely ok?

A panic attack has NEVER killed anyone, and it will not hurt you! You are feeling SENSATIONS, and they can't hurt you.

I'm sorry you are going through this, but you are safe, I promise. I would suggest seeing a Doctor just to be sure, but I can almost guarantee it's anxiety. Once your doctor says that you have anxiety, you can live with it knowing that it won't kill you.

He/she may prescribe drugs, which I do not recommend as they are horrible to stop taking. Again, I know this part because I am 3 months into a 10 MONTH withdrawal process from Valium.

Good luck, and try to relax......I do know it's very hard but it can be done.

maybe your just not eating enough

its your neves that make you fell scared and you start shaking and teeth chattering there nothing wrong with you :)

William M
Many reasons

Mostly hormonal causes or anxiety causes are to blame.

Also sudden drops in ion or sugar concentrations in you body can do that.

you need to give more information for anyone to give you a real diagnosis

its winter time here in Alaska I recommend putting on a coat.

Have a hot tea

Olivia S
that is a fact.

Emma C
u need to eat more iron and protien. ur body probably has low blood sugar. that happens to me a lot and when i eat a snack it goes away.

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